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Gather your candy canes

Yusss! Another Chrismassy hunt has begun…This ones called The Candy Cane Hunt and is a massssive grid wide one…its runs from Nov 21st until Christmas Day..so take a breath and plunge in..I was lucky enough that Carmella Ruby let me review her gifty…so I havent actually got my huntin goggles on yet..anyhowwww onto the goodies *squeee*, as usual with Ruby Skins you get a ginormous bundle of items cause Ruby is mighty generous that way ❤. …so think BIG when you find and open your pressie…there is a shape…a gorjus skin…bikini…eyes, cheeky little santa hat, face light oh AND…those red bootie shooz I’m wearing *dribble*..thanks Ruby xx Ohhhh almost forgot…and Steve will prolly blog this tomorrow…theres also a gift for the guys hurrah!

Candy Cane Hunt gift: Ruby Skins

Candy Cane : Web site with info