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Turn around.(Dollarbie).

Just a quickie because RL is screaming.

A pretty and simple little summery dress which comes with a nice little colour hud.  Although I know the inworld shop pretty well this, as far as I can tell from the notice, is just a Marketplace offer for a single Ld.  So I snagged, ran, pose and voila.

Once I get back inworld I’m heading off to the M&M shop as it has been yonks since I was last there and from my memory it has a lot of GGs and cheapos and a massive wall of lucky boards (will admit they are rather dated wins though) but it will be nice to see whats new and whats not.

M&M (Marketplace)

M&M (Inworld, I think)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Happy Birthday collabor88 <3 (plus a freebie)

Aphrodite @ collabor88 NEW!

Sooo I finally got into collabor88’s 3rd birthday event – two days trying ! Theres a shedload of gear to see and BUY, and buy buy buy I did. Aphrodite has some gorrrgeous builds, all low prim and so magnificently made ! I really liked this floating fishermans house, its big enough to live in and cozy enough to want to stay inside and snuggle up. There are other homes, so go take a peek.

Aphrodite @ collabor88 NEW!!

It comes with a pier that has really lovely ropes to tie it in “place”, steps at the rear to attach a boat rope too or swim from and also a neat little table and chairs. The summer basket is another Aphrodite treat, lots of fruit and champers yay!

Aphrodite @ collabor88 - FREE fireplace with poses 4 prims

I used a free fireplace that I found in a box of Christmas gifts from Bazar, only 4 prims and has a few sweet poses (boxes inside the main door set to 0L and includes Xmas decorated versions also) – however the Aphrodite fireplace is SO nice you better take a look at that while you’re browsing ! When you arrive at collabor88, there is a teleporter to take you up too a platform where ALL the Aphrodite items are rezzed, so you can get a closer look and try out animations etc.

Aphrodite candles

Close up view of the Aphrodite candles I never got time to blog from a few months ago…these are just like the type I have in my RL home ! There is a vast array of colours and SL “smells”, these can be found at the main store location.

Aphrodite Blog (for info on all the collabor88 items and more!)

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite @ collabor88

Bazar store (for fireplace gift)