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Free Fireworks

I love love love fireworks – I’ve got quite a few types in my inventory but I can never resist ! These are a group gift from Divias, group is free to join. You get a massive champagne bottle and a tiny one- both give a fantastic display when touched with lots of firework noises too ! Its always a good time to have a firework display ! If you use the teleporter just outside the winter area and head to he main store, there is a whole wall of free group gifts to take a gander at ❤

Free Fireworks

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Mooching on the MP.(Freebie).

It’s not often I do a free makeup but the eyeshadows I picked up from the MP need to be blogged.

Zibska will be known by all of us and not just for makeup range but also for their unique, bold and outlandish range of body ornaments/jewellery and headdresses etc.

I do wear makeup in SL but I find that when your eyelids are open the colour on some eyeshadows becomes less noticeable and then on the other hand when you blink the eyeshadow becomes stretched and isn’t good for any close up but I used my hud to keep my eyes closed and you can see not just the bright zingy colours but how “unstretched” the colouring is.

This is in the Zibska’s Marketplace shop but I do know that there is another set available in the inworld shop.  You get 12 of these zingy colours as well as all the main mesh noggings and tattoo layers.

PS.  Have you noticed the fringe, yes this is the same hair from my previous post and nope I haven’t changed the colour of the fringe it’s just one of those SL things that the sim I used in my previous post changed the colour of the fringe.

Zibska (Marketplace)

Zibska (Inworld)


ooOOoo pritty!

I stumbled upon this in the web store  of  Norimi Crystal designer & owner of  “GALLERIA” it’s so pink I HAD to get it..

GALLERIA free dress

I then followed the landmark to her inworld store and picked up this cute-as-a-button tshirt & jeans out as the group gift

GALLERIA group gift

 Take a wander the rear of the store I noticed a few really cool outfits (for guys also) plus a few lucky boards dotted about !

Taxi to go : Galleria

Note: the flats Im wearing are a gift at shiny things curently and I love them, the hair Im wearing with the pink dress was found on xstreet for just 10L ! here :


A milllion bubblez…er..well not quite..

BUT ! 2000 which is just awesomesauce ! To celebrate milo bubble has released a group gift for guys & girls..but being greedy I decided to grab both..I think the guys suit Salvatore looks great on us also ! click the pics for a closer view..

Bubblez 2000 member group gift Salvatori

This is the girly gift, salvatori and its a frothy concoction, tight bodice with a bubblez trade mark lacey collar…everything is resizable hurrah!

Bubblez 2000 member group gifty Salvatore

yummm…I know it looks hot on the guys but I couldn’t resist ! With the handy dandy resizers I fitted it easily to my shape..the details are just , as always FABULOUS!

Thanks milo bubble..and congratulations on reaching 2000 group members ! Go get Bubbly! : Bubblez

Fai x


Moon Dragon from Bubblez

Lord  Bubblez has been spoiling us again! They have a special group gift out until the 31st October, I suggest you run over and snap it up. It’s an oriental design, gorjus textures andddddd it comes with BOOTS anddddd a SKIN ! I know I bang on about the quality of the gear from this store but is just soooo good..take a look, click for a closer view

Bubblez moon dragon group gift

Heres the boots…uber yummi

Bubblez moon dragon boots group gift

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you as well Bubblez crew! When you join the group you are VERY spoiled with gifts instore..but also check upstairs for shoes plus some of the full priced outfits are just soooooo delicious…I love that the gifts are the same high quality of the regular priced items..this is a store to watch – oh and boys..youre not left out in the cold..theres PLENTY for you also !

go get pritty : Bubblez