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Its Getting Hot In Here

New round of Tres Chic is on, Neve have this superb swimsuit called “lulu” – its super pretty and ever so chic ! Via the Hud you can pick & choose colours and patterns for almost every part of the piece – I went with DOTS – I love dots ! Mesh body fits including Legacy and free demo at the event.

In the latest round of Fameshed (which should have calmed down enough for you to get in!) Neve have this offering “bienvenidos” a cropped swim top and saucy little bikini briefs. All sorts of packs to decide upon which via their Huds can be fiddled with to your hearts content – you can really personalise this ! Fat pack available for ultimate flexibility. Mesh body fits including Legacy and a free demo at the event. Thanks Neve team ❤


Tres chic 

(Hair by Truth – old group gift)

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Ooops! (Freebie and other stuffs).

OH Dear, this is what happens when I play with our sims windlight setting…It is a fab setting however it’s not the sunny day it once was.  I was actually trying to see if I could have the sim windlight setting linked to the day/night timer so it changed to whatever SL time of day it is.  That ain’t happening.

OK, enough blab, look closely at this dress and it’s so well patterned you can actually see the unironed creases in it! A very nice, simple, easy to wear “Stay at Home Club” freebie from TRS Design.

This dress isn’t why I went to the TRS shop though, I went to check out the 50Ld offer of a denim dress plus the sale that is going on AND another 50Ld offer which gives you a 200Ld gift card/shop credit.  I didn’t buy either item but I did have a good look around which is how I noticed that the Gacha’s in the shop are all priced at 25Lds. Near to where you find this dress and the 50Ld offers is a couple of Gacha’s with a very simple plain knit dress which I almost bought but didn’t you may want to check that out as well as the other Freebies/Gifts/Lucky Chair on the wall.

TRS Design

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I kid you not! (Freebies & Credit).

I found these pants in one shop and then almost 2 mins later a notice came through for free credit for subscribers so I TPed to one of the shops involved and right there on the subscriber’s board is this top and it matches the pants perfectly.

The lacing on these pants really do stand out so to get them as a Freebie made me chuckle with glee.  They come from the PD (Pearl Design) shop and although that is a paid-for group these pants are set as a freebie, or at least you pay 1Ld and it’s returned to you.

For the top and credit, I went to the  Sweet Temptation shop.  You will see this subscribers board and near to it is an info board about the credit.  Basically, the 300Lds only applies to 1 shop so it’s up to you to visit all of the shops and check out to see which one has things in it you’d like to treat yourself to and sub slap the credit board in that shop.  The shops involved are Sweet Temptation, Gaall, Vaxer, Chic & Shoes.  I suspect they’re all actually on the same shopping sim but you can get the LMs from the info board.

Anyhow as soon as I log back in I’m going to have a nice leisurely walk around and find something for meeee.

PS. The balloon is from the shop in my last post, Muggleborn, and it’s one of the Freebie.  This wearable is so cute and when you walk you hold that position.  There is a blank version but the ones with slogans on are cheeky, I like the “Nope” one and so next time I’m pulling poses and some chancer IM’s me with a “Hi” I’m going to wear my “Nope” slogan lol. Oh, and you do get a rezzable version.

PS.  Slap the info board and it will give you the link to the shops involved with this giveaway but I suspect they’re all actually close by.

PF (Pearls Fashion)

Sweet Temptation(For the top & 300Ld Store Credit)

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Tick Tock(and some Freebies).

The Tick Tock is because I have such limited time in SL and RL but I just had to show you my new goodies I’m taking an early lunch just to get this done and the it’s back to the grindstone.minaurb

OK first the non free, Mina Nakamura has been working overtime and has so many new hairs out and again nice to see that she’s given as much attention to mens/unisexed hairs so plenty of new hairs but as always as soon as I put this hair on it was WOW.  Now OK a hair with 2 simple plaits whats new? the fact that they’re not fat and bulky mean they have a much more realistic thickness to them and of course you get the boobies sizing.  Actually the boobie sizing (thats what I call it not mina LOL) is more than just to accommodate the different boob sizes in SL it’s also a really good feature for those items of clothing which because of their bulk means you cannot wear long hair because it disappears into the mesh.

Just like Faith I too struggled to get into the Shiny Shabby event, which is a reflection on how popular it has become.  Simply give it a little time to calm down because it certainly is well worth the visit and I know from the previous events there are Freebies to be had.

Speaking of which check out my new shoes.


As I was unpacking them I realised that the delivery packaging would actually make really good items of decor esp for you shoe whores. Can you imagine having a room in your home with nothing but clothes and shoes in it?  At 1 prim for each box you can have a few of these set out on a shelf and even better each shoe you see is a gift from Livalle but just for SLink Frees & offers group, the group joiner is right under the shoes.

OH and Livalle also has a Wayward Hunt item out somewhere and I can’t for the life of me remember if I found it or not because I have so many items from this hunt it’s probably there but if not I’m comming back to find that hunt item.

PS I believe 2 are SLink High and 1 is a SLink Med feet.  Sorry but it’s getting harder and harder to find non SLink, esp free, shoes so if you’ve not indulged then maybe it’s time.

 Livalle (formally L.Warwick

Mina@Shiny Shabby

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The hair the suit the look!(and even some freebies).

I know I have shown you this skin before but as soon as I spotted this hair I just had to put it back on, more about that at the end of the post.


The hair called Dolce comes from Letutka and it wasn’t cheap(269Lds) but again when you find something that you know “you’re worth it” you just have to spend those Lindens.  A mix of mesh and prims tucked in there to add some movement.  Normally I would run away from hair like that but when it’s done as good as this then it’s not an issue.  I’ve put the link to the Marketplace shop and there but you need to pop into the inworld shop as there are some pretty decent freebies there.  The hair in the last picture is one of them and can be worn with or without the hat.  There are quite a few hairs there and some come with an enormous colour selection.

I don’t think the LM will take you to the hair department but there is a TP board if you need it.


As you can see the hair goes perfectly with this Group Gift skin from PumeC.  I have shown you this skin before but the hair is a perfect excuse to blab on again about PumeC.  You do have to pay to join this group, 99Lds to be exact but for that you get instantly 5 skin packs inc this one and of course each pack contains ALL of the Appliers and since there seems to be a real profusion of new Appliers out there if you check out the wall on the side of the stairs then all of the new ones are there just waiting to be picked up.

Slight confession I had to pop a face light on but it was a very light one, I underestimated how dark the house I was in was and so without the additional light the pictures were just too dark.


I wear almost 90% PumeC skins so I will post the link to my Flickr Account so you can check out my pictures.  It’s not that I don’t think other shops do really horrid skins in fact I still have some which were group gifts or hunt items from other skin shops but what I really love about  PumeC  is its skin quality, price quality, applier quality and on and on.


Letutka Marketplace


My Flickr

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I want to tell you all about Image Essentials  Kay Weston and her management  not only has a shop to buy all the props and poses you need to take some decent pictures but in true generosity she has a WHOLE sim set up with a massive amount of props/scenes/builds/studios/landscaping and all of that is OMG FREE to anyone to use.

The amount of time, money and imagination that goes into builds like this is staggering but to then leave it open to all and sundry is a reminder of what SL is all about.  However of course that doesn’t mean you cannot donate to the running of the sim and a gentle reminder is send out occasionally but no matter how large or small the donation just the fact that you have donated is much appreciated.  Then again you could also pop into her main shop Image Designs and treat yourself to a few poses.


Every time I visit there is something new and the Unicorn I’m battling with is certainly new to me.  I deliberately took this picture just using SL Windlight settings so even if you don’t have any sort of photo editing program you can still take brill pictures.


I rummaged through some of my previous images where I have either used Image Essentials Props or Poses to show you.  Nice to see that the men for once get quite a decent chance to take pictures as there are many male poses and props and even a full studio with just mens stuff (that’s never stopped me from using them as well). There are several studios from men and women to family poses.  Which leads nicely to the point that nudity isn’t frowned upon but only when it’s non sexual or porno, no one wants to see the danglies or the bazookas purlees!


Sometimes the simplest backgrounds can make the biggest impact. Although you do have to join the Image Essential Group to be able to activate the poses this is a great group.  People more than happy to offer help and advice but quiet enough so you don’t feel annoyed at all the chat.


As I’ve said not only does …use her own props n poses but is more than happy to stuff her sim with some of the best in SL and everyone should recognise who made this amazing pond. There are urban builds to enchanted woodlands.   The best thing about this place is no matter how busy it gets, and it is a popular location for many a photographer, you will be left alone! No one will IM you to ask what you’re doing no one will bother even camming you because this is a place for Pros as well as novices just to chill out and hopefully take some great pictures.


The “Dare” is that the Monthly Comp is now in place and you still have more than enough time to enter.  The details will be sent to you when you TP in and it’s basically very simple.  Kay has some new builds set out a lovely cottage and apple stand(shown) etc and all you have to do is using this area as a prop/background take your best shot. You can rezz any prop or pose you wish but again make sure you clean up.  Just to show you how user friendly this photo sim and Kay is check out the basic rules:  This simply means if you don’t have any sort of Photoshopping prog or skills so you won’t bother entering then you have a chance just using windling, facelights and skill to win not only some Shop Credit but also actual Lindens.

(must be a snapshot – saved to inventory when photo was taken and NOT edited))
(anything that is sent as a texture – a picture that was saved to harddrive
and then imported into SL and is classed as a texture regardless of whether
you have edited or not.)

Now I have rezzed and used my own poses sometimes so I know that you can BUT and I cannot stress this enough please clean up after yourself.  I don’t think this is a big issue at Image Essentials, of course I could be wrong however it must be so frustrating for any sim owner to have to keep on checking the prims because of people rezzing stuff and just not cleaning up after themselves.

To make it even easier I’m putting not only the link to the sim but also the one to join the group so you don’t even have to slap the group joiner board.

Image Essentials

Image Essentials Comp Area

Image Essentials Group Invite

Image Essentials Marketplace

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Patience Pays

I was getting messages through the Vita Boudoirs group calling out LC initials which surprised me as she doesn’t have a LC or LB in her shop but oh yes she does, at least for the moment. Since I had a massive amount of old notes to go through I plonked myself next to the LI (lucky Island) and waited.  Since there  was never less than a dozen other people stood there is didn’t take that long for me to grab a fun wearable tropical island, a bikini to match and a lovely summer head-dress.

Print1I’m not wearing the island in this photo I rezzed this one my land and then picked a pose out of my invent because I wanted you to get a good shot of the bikini and the pose that comes with this wearable didn’t do the fruityness of the bikini justice.  So when you wear it your sat sprawled on the deck chair soaking up the sun.  As it happens the island itself is approx 53 prims so if you live on a very wooded, grassy sim and you want a patch of sand and you have some free prims this would be a fun thing.  What you can’t see is that the island also sits in a puddle of water and a sharks fin circles around you which is why you get the sign warning you not to feed the shark.

The Tropical bikini is mesh and you get the corsage and hair flower as separates a nice addition to you accessories.

Print 2Squealed when I saw the budgie and then squealed some more when I realised there was 2 of them and they’re kissing!  This is the Summer head-dress which is just gorgeous.

I’ve blogged Vita’s Bouidor many a time and will do so again.  A Real Life designer who has brought her designs into SL so each piece is full of imagination and uniqueness. A selection of costumes, ethreal plants landscaping and gorgeous furniture all with that something that makes them different but it’s the clothes which will make you stand out from the rest.

Now if you don’t have the patience then you can actually see what items are in the LC and purchase them instead of waiting. If I remember the bikini is a 100Lds but the rest I’m not sure of but again since Vita has a lot of fans that LC changes pretty often you stand a good chance winning sooner than you think.


Boudoir Marketplace

Boudoir Blogg