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Be a VIP. (Freebie(s)).

I love it when I see a stylish shop with stylish gifts and then the VIP group turns out to be free.

I almost missed the group gifts in the Rowne shop as they’re tucked away, turn right and they’re on the back of the “events” board, and there are actually quite a few gifts there. Some bold red dresses, a skirt, glasses etc and in the picture I’m wearing this smart high fashion two-piece, the bag and although you can’t see them I am wearing a simple pair of court shoes from this shop as they with the hud you get with them make for a great pair of goto shoes, I already owned them which is how I went over to Rownes.

Sorry, the headdress isn’t a freebie, I will check it out and if it is then you know I will do an update.


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Hot as Heck! (Hunt prize, mention of freebie(s)).

I knew I had to have this new hunt prize from American Bazzar as soon as I saw it as both in RL and SL I’m a sucker for a wrap over dress. This one has such a quality soft velvet texture to it.

It’s been a while since I last visited the American Bazzar shop so the Lucky Boards where a nice suprise and an even nicer suprise was I won two items almost straight away as the letters/number changes every 5 mins. You may spot me wearing the blouse in a post at some stage and if I do I will mention where I got it from as I do try to not do posts just on lucky board wins.

If you don’t want to wait to win from a lucky board then check out the group gifts. The blue sheer dress has been blogged before and if you missed it you really don’t want to miss it again as its so classy and yet if you zoom closely you will see the hint of whats under there.

The group is free to join and there are a few more quality gifts out as well even some “sloganed” t-shirts which I’d wear.

UPDATE: Ooooo check out the link to the “Flair for Events” blog and look at the list of shops involved in this hunt. Thats my very cold, snowy and boring monday sorted.

American Bazzar.

Flair for Events Blog. (Landmarks & Hints).

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Feeling hot, hot, hot. (Freebies).

Short n sweet.

This is just one of the gorgeous freebies from Una and now I’ve logged in to grab the LM I’m sure that there are new gifts as I don’t remember this or the dress I picked up at the same time which means hopefully some surprises for you all.

PS. Just thought I’d add that this and the other gifts seem to come with a colour hud as well which is always a nice extra.

UNA. (On the wall to your left as you go in).

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I double dare you! (Freebie(sssss)).

In this picture the only freebie is that really pretty headdress, which I don’t ever remember seeing and it also gives me an excuse to show off another one of the Mina shades in the new Pamela hair style.

So what happened is I came across a folder STUFFED with the older DRD gifts. I’d actually started to delete some of them and thats when I came across this “Vagabond Flower Crown” and I decided to stop and do a quick post.

Even though I’ve started to delete some things I still have 162 items left to work my way through and so I know that most of it is decor, fun stuff, creepy stuff, stuff for your homes but there are a few items to be worn such as this pretty headdress and some excellent helmets so for those of you who don’t live/rent in SL there are still some quality suprises.

Chances are most of you already have picked up these older gifts when they first came out but it never hurts to get them again and make sure you haven’t missed one along the way or deleted something which you now like and want to keep.

That is the sign for you to click and there are the newer group gifts on the stands, I think there are 4 of those.

DRD. (Death Row Design).

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Getting Salty. (Freebie(s)Limited time!).

This OTT top/sweater sums up how my monday is going so far, and it’s not even 11am!

This OTT sweater is from Salt & Pepper. The group is free but for a limited time of I think 3 days and today is day 1. As you can imagine the shop is busy so I TP’d, grabbed and TP’d out. I think there maybe other, older group gifts so I will return at a later date when it’s quietened down.

As for the sweater you get a hud of 4 plain and 4 sloganed versions.

Salt & Pepper.

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A poke and a prod! (500Ld Credit for 25Ld).

A timely reminder popped up from Amui that their generous gift card is still out for us till the 31st.

I would have sworn I already had got this credit esp as it turns out I already had some credit in my account with this shop. You do need to pay 25Ld to join the Amui group then pay the board 1Ld, refunded, and the gift card is sent to you.

As someone who doesn’t need more clothes, I appreciate when it’s a gift card which if you rezz/wear it and then take it back into your invent it then becomes transferrable so that means someone else will gain a very nice gift off you.

Make sure to run around the whole shop as there is a bit of everything, jewellry, shoes, wedding gowns, costumes, casual wear etc. I could easily have picked up a number of items to show you but since I wanted to pass on the credit I didn’t.

There are also group gifts, lucky boards and outside is a discount shop where I picked up a 10Ld skirt I’m more than happy with.


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Fun and Photo Ops. (Freebie(sss).

I’ve never heard of the alpha.tribe shop and sim but I suspect it’s been active for a long time.

When you TP over you get a folder sent to you which has details about the sim and shop. If you don’t want to have a wander around the sim first then use either the TP at the LM or use the LM in the note and go straight to the shop. There you will find a christmas tree with gifts still out for us and in the shop is a whole wall of group gifts.

The designs are so unique, different and maybe not for everyone but it was so nice just to try new stuff and look closely you can see I even used the applier given to change the skin to match the outfit.

There was so much to choose from and I was going to show you a couple of the more daily wearable ones and then I thought “sod it”. This isn’t even the most outlandish looks and I totally recommend you try the hats on.

I must admit on a very cold and boring monday morning it was a nice break from the humdrum to walk around the whole sim then unpack and work my way through the stuff I picked up.

PS. Lots of male/unisexed items as well.

alpha.tribe (Sim & Shop).

alpha.tribe (Marketplace shop).