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A quick cup of coco. (Freebies).

I’ve just read the notice and I had to quickly run and snatch the new gift from Coco before Faith gets her mitts on it.

The cardie is the brand new giftie, as usual, it’s shop quality and plenty of fits.  There is also a pair of exc looking strappy orange shoes so I’ve grabbed those as well.

While you’re there pick up the rest of my outfit.  This is one of my ALL TIME fav freebies for its quality, fit, style etc.  Anyhow chances are since this is up with all of the old group gifts you probably already have it or if its new to you then you’re in for a treat.

If the LM takes you to the right place then turn to your left for the newer GG’s and go straight ahead for the old GG’s.

Coco Design.


Indie Rose…

Ohhhh I lurve the beginning of each month, all the amazing designers making vast amounts of lulliness and sending us gifts to try their creations ! I don’t think I have ever bought  “blind” from a store that doesn’t either give a demo or a gift , or maybe takes part in a hunt. I like to know what they make *suits me*, and thennn I’ll go back and buy heaps more! Anywayyy, onto what this post is about..its Indie Rose ! I only found this store during a hunt in August, probably wouldn’t have found it on my own…I’m so glad I did ! While I was at the store I thought long and hard about joining the group, I believe at the time it was approx 300L (my memory is bad, if I’m wrong I’m sowwy) I went away still undecided but after trying on the hunt gifts, seeing how beautifully made they were, I raced back and joined up straight away! Since then I’ve been treated to a gorgeous dress and now this month another! This month we were gifted two outfits..a capri & racer back tank, PLUS theeee most pritty the pics for a closer view..(Im trialing the imprudence viewer, and sometimes the textures seem to go squiffy, sorry)

September Group Gift Indie Rose
September group gift Indie Rose

The store is chockablock with goodness, shabby chic,cute & funky…its a breath of fresh air! Head over, join up..mooch and soak in the deliciousness of it all ..

Indie Rose

Credits: Pose, jewelry,bag,hairband pic 1 all at chuculet,jewelry pic 2 dark mouse, hair by truth