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Indulge Me (& a freebie).

Normally we like to take pictures that show off the item we’re blogging in as clear and natural lighting as we can and then we have this.  Super fun to take and an absolute stunning look.


This is yet another Mina hair which I wasn’t going to blog I was going to ask Baylen to do it.  It comes from the We ❤ to Roleplay event going on at the moment and although this is a very uni sexed hair do’s from Mina I just thought it would nice to see Baylen in a completely new way.  Then I found this dress and instantly I knew I had to show you not only the hair but another shade of the amazing PumeC Elvin range.  This is the light grey shade and you’ve seen the dark grey and once I find the perfect outfit you will see the white shade.


The dress I’m wearing  is a freebie from Topazia and I made a bit of a boo boo because I put on the full length sheath dress and completely missed out that it’s actually a wedding dress with shoes and an OTT hat included but since I’ve concentrated on the hair and skin you will have to take my word for it that as a sheath dress it’s super sexy.


So I popped back to Topazia to LM grab and decided that I would grab this other free dress from there and since that ethereal piano was hiding on the top floor I quickly changed my hair and Vogue’d for the camera. There is quite a few freebies here so even if you don’t like what I’ve shown you, or not as in the first case, you might find something else on the wall of GGs.

Nathalia Topazshop’s is packed with some seriously high fashioned gowns and dresses with bold and bright colours and texturing.  I’m not sure if it’s my comp but I just couldn’t see any demos and yet most of the stock appears to be mesh.  I’m popping back again to recheck that because there are some simply stunning gowns here and I really would like to try them on.  I’ve spotted that there is a Marketplace shop and a whole load of demos are available there but I cannot help but thing that the shop has more in it so try on a demo from the MP to see the detail and then come here to treat yourself.

PS and yes that is another Mina hair in the bottom picture.  I really do own more than just Mina hair but I just seem to find the right hair for the right look and it turns out to be a Mina!

We<3 Role Play


Topazia Marketplace



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Easy Peasy OOPS Corrected the LM!!


Have to confess that I’ve had this furniture for quite a while and I’ve not had anywhere to put it until I picked up an excellent low prim and FREE skyhome.  As soon as I rezzed the Seorn Appartment  from The Designer Warehouse I knew I’d found the perfect setting for my EoD furniture.

Clean11This is unashamedly  men’s  furnishings from the beige retro look to the manly poses in the furniture but that to me doesn’t put me off.  I like its clean cut look and it’s retro style. Normally I like to pose next to furnishing to give some sort of size indicator but this furniture is definitely over sized and that is deliberate.  These pieces are big and bold but not the ugly badly lazy over sized stuff that you can pick up for a few lindens.


Hopefully you can see though that this desk is not over sized.  I have a slightly smaller than average AV and I don’t think I look dwarfed by the desk at all.    This is statement furniture dare I say Lazy Mans furniture because it took me 5 mins to rezz and arrange and I had a fully furnished stylish living room so even if you don’t think you have the time or the vision to make a place look great just get it from EoD.

Clean Piano

Comparison shot. Normally I would never compare the quality of one item against another but since the shop where I got the piano on the left from has long gone from SL I feel ok to do it this time.  The left hand one was state of the art, expensive and top class but compare it to the modern-day version from E0D and guess which one got binned.


If you were lucky enough to get yourself the amazing Billiard/Snooker table then this the same great quality. Plus you don’t just get this you get a brown version as well and both come with lid up or lid down options.  The books, wine etc decorations are included but you can remove them if you want and I wish I had because you can get a great stet of candlesticks from EoD as well which would also look great. Menu inc 10 sitting, 3 activities, 14 couple and 12 adult poses.

Don’t panic because EoD is in the Four Walls Hunt and still has The Great Outdoor Hunt item out (your looking for a tree in a box and a tree stump) and I know since I have both items they’re worth the few lindens they cost.


A free home for all.  Picked this up at The Designer Warehouse for nowt, nothing, nada I also picked up some great stuff so even if your not after a new home still get yourself over there slap the Free Group Board and start collecting because they have a lot of free treats out for us. This home which as you can see has a large picture window also has 2 skylight windows and great texturing/lighting  and it’s only 4 PRIMS! I had to check that a couple of times because how low primmed is that! and totally mesh.  So pop over grab the freebies but make note of the great designer offers which are on and when PayDay comes you can go back and treat yourself yet again.

EoD (End of Days Design)

EoD Marketplace

The Designer Warehouse.

Big Fat OOPS because I gave out my home LM instead of The Designer Warehouse one.  Thats what happens when you post after struggling through a cold.  I hope those who TPed to my home didn’t panic.   I actually keep my home open for anyone to wander through so I wouldn’t have minded but then again I did post the wrong LM.  SO get yourself to the right one now and again make sure you join the group and grab those goodies.