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Refusing to smile. (Freebie n Cheapie).

RL is still pretty wet n miserable, I hoovered the stairs, ate some of the pea pods off my plants, checked my eBay listings, texted a friend and then came back inworld and scored!

OK firstly the non Free but at 30Lds a bargain.


I actually spotted this dress as soon as I entered B&C Design shop but I went and grabbed the Freebies first.  Then I double backed and decided to price check this dress and at 30Lds I snapped it up.  As well as always being on the lookout for freebies I’m also looking for new or different textures and this certainly has an unusual texture its bright and bold without being garish.  I think this was cheap because it was maybe a previous Valentine offer, there is 2 other same styled dress but with different textures to choose from as well.

Now for a couple of the Freebies.


This has that t-shirt sort of texturing and although I’m not showing you the back it has some nice detailing on the strap but I would recommend you don’t forget to wear panties or a bikini because although from the front it looks dress length behind it flashes a lot of bottom LOL.  As it happens you couldn’t go wrong in picking up the next freebie.


A sweet and simple system layer bikini, it does come with a sarong style bottom which is prim rather than mesh and tbh counteract against the sweetness of the bikini.

There are some other Freebie items but I’ll leave them as a surprise.  I don’t think the LM will take you directly to the GG’s so when you rezz it’s the entrance on the right you want to go in and the 30Ld offer is in the first part of the shop and the GG’s are in the next room at the back.  It’s ok it’s not a vast shop and half of it is for babies and stuff and the other half is women’s fashions so it’s not hard to work out which is which.

Bye for now cos I’m back on the Freebie Hunt.

B&C Designs