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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses and Freebie(s).

Sorry I couldn’t take a full-length shot of this dress which is a shame because the mesh overskirt is ankle length and it does makes it a most unique dress but the picture I took was just complete rubbish! So I binned it and here I am from the knees up lol.

This is a NEW Gift in the EK shop but it’s for one of the bigger Freebie Groups.  There are Group Gifts for the EK shop and it does cost but only 25Lds and at a glance, it’s mainly jewellery, really pretty jewellery as well so you may be tempted.

There is also a “The Stay At Home Club” gift which has already been blogged and if you missed that post then you’re in for a nice surprise.

This dress has also given me the opportunity to show off one of Mina’s grey shades of hair.  I rarely wear the black-white and all the shades between only because when I see grey it immediately makes me think that something isn’t fully rezzed lol.  I think however that you can see from this picture that the greys are shaded so well you know this is the colour it’s supposed to be.

BTW You get a hud for the mesh overskirt, I think it’s about 12 different colours so you can add some colour.

UPDATE: Oooooh, so when I logged back inworld I still had this dress on and I still had the hud open so I decided to click on the eye icon on the hud to see what happens and what happened was the mesh overskirt disappears and you’re left with just the grey underdress.  So you can wear it as you see now or just as a simple knee-length shift dress.

EK Mainshop

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I’m Going Grey

Sometimes you just get lucky. I was standing in the studio, taking a breather after my last post when a group gift from Sacred Skins fell on me like a gift from Above because you should know by now how much I love my Sacred skin (since I’m almost always wearing it!)

The gift is this awesome skin which is a preview of their 2nd in the Touch of Grey line. As you can see this is a more mature look with the grey hairbase and beard, it’s sensational. I hope that I look that good once the grey starts coming in (won’t be long now, I’m sure). Generous body and arm hair and a super physique, this is such a well made skin, hard to believe that it is a group gift.

The Sacred Skins group will cost you L$100 to join but it’s more than worth it, so head on down there and sign up and take a look around while you’re there as there is much more awesomeness to behold.

Sacred Skins