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Meet Brenda.

Meet Brenda.

ShapeIf you look at past posts (Nah don’t bother) you will find that in all the time I’ve been blogging which has been a long time now the ONLY shape I have ever promoted is from Anna Shapes. The shape I had worn till I got sent my first Anna Shape was  the same I had gotten as almost a Noob but I had tweaked and nipped and tucked it into what I considered to be perfection.  Of course I have tried on many a free and even expensive shapes and basically hated them and then Analy Amat sent me a review copy and I’ve worn it 100% since then.

Now ignore the skin it’s the shape to be looking at.  Smallish boobies, small waist, slightly flared hips, long legs, perfectly proportioned.  So good that even though these are mod I’ve never had to change one even the slightest.  A perfect fit for Mesh Clothing (you need the S, XS, or sometimes M fit).

Face useExtreme close up.  Again shape of the features and not the skin texturing.  However you could recreate this look for only 160Lds!!!!! Because Anna’s maybe a high end shape/skin shop but fortunately for us poor people she regularly offers a shape at discounted events so this shape can be picked up from The Designer Circle and of course my skin is another 80Lds offer from Essenses but discounted at the Fusion discounted shop.

Make sure to check out her shop because loads of demos available but also for a few lindens she has some gifties out (o,1,5Lds).

Designer Circle (the discount store)

Anna’s Shop

The Dressing Room Fusion (Essenses Skin)