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Roll with me (Freebies n cheapies)

house intrepid

Sorry not free but at a mere 60Lds CHEAP! and the quality is outstanding. OMG I’m so on a roll with finding the goodies although having said that since this house and the other items all come from the same shop as my last post it was hardly a hardship.


The house is a  simple layout of 2 rooms and they positively glow, there is a lovely luminosity to the internal windows.  Windows all around with an especially large picture one in one of the rooms, each window also comes with a menu of 6(or maybe 7 can’t remember) texture changes.  Comes in an easy to rezz rezzer.  As far as I could tell there wasn’t any demos set out at the shop so I decided that since everything else in his shop was top notch then surely his buildings would be as well and this surely is.  There are other builds but not at this low price but more than reasonably priced and when I grab the LM again I’m going to have a closer look at them because I’m always on the look out for bargain and brilliant builds.intrpbox

Fun Freebies. Just outside of his shop is a whole load of freebie decor items and that includes the box I’m sat in.  2 fun poses.  The table and chair set from the previous post can also be found here if you didn’t grab it from the Japan Fair but you do have to join the group but that’s FREE to join.


Some of the other freebies which are so sweet. A whole mix of some shelving, ladder, blackboards, planters etc and not forgetting the cute crates you can sit in or simply use as a decor item.

RH Design House

RH Design House at the Japan Fair

Japan Blog


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I was mooching around with my remaining 33Lds and then I remembered “Poor Cow” that’s not her real name but it’s what I call her because she is my Alt.  Long forgotten, rarely used and is only one notch above noobish in appearance.  But what she did have was LINDENS! not many but enough so I could indulge in the great Home and Expo hunt going on.   At the same time the lovely Pet(petunia908.pinklady) owner of Persnickity sent everyone in her group the note with all the LMs and hints for the hunt so I was ready willing and……..completely useless.  Not that I couldn’t find anything but in that I was so temped by what was there I went and spent all my money on stuff  WHAAA I’m  poor again.

ExpoThe books, tickets and wine glass was the first and only hunt item I picked up.  Your looking for a blue box and each one costs 10Lds and if this is an example of the quality items then your going to need a much bigger home to put it all in.

And then I saw these too items and being an avid (and pretty useless crafter) I had to grab them.

QuiltThe last quilt I made was several years ago and I still use it but thats the one and only. Doesn’t mean to say I’ve not constantly thought of doing another but until then check these out.  Look esp at the stool I am on, lovely details and of course the texturing in both items are top quality.  Sadly the 150Lds each was enough to drain me almost dry but not only are these stunning pieces they’re just 1PRIM!  If you have only enough for 1 item I would say you must get the stool as the poses in it are damned good which makes all the difference.

How freaky is that because I decided to brave the expo again and just randomly TP to one of the clues and it turned out to be non other than Persnickity (the lady who send the hint note out to her Group).  She has a cute, very reasonably priced, home set up and stuff with goodies.  Unbelievably I actually found the hunt item as well which is this…

DandeIt made me groan.  I’m in the UK and with the rain we have here a Dandelion is just about all that thrives here.  Maybe I should just dig a few up and pot them.

This is the official site for the hunt and you can get the full list there or if you want an inworld copy just drop me a note and I’m more than happy to send you one.

Official Hunt Hint Site

Home Expo

Quilt and Stool


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Hint Hint.

Zoom in on the little Sailor out fit I’m wearing it should give you a hint as to what my next post will be but I just had to get these FLF offers in (Fifty Linden Fridays) as they’re just too good to miss and a extremely low primmed decor item.

Bloom BlackThe chair is and the abacus is not a FLF offer. A 2 primmed chair with a retro pattern some great single and couple poses (poses I have used are the actual single poses) what more do you want in a chair?  But now check out the abacus, 2 PRIMS! all that attention to detail and so low primmed and at 125Lds cheap.  Both come from the same place Zigana.

Bloom Black UseNom Nom Nom 3 prims, 50Lds and you get not just the tray but dark or light wood coloured tray, with or without steam and separate cups.  Be aware that this is Mesh. Comes from LISP.  I bought the tea set but if tea is not your thing then a very similar but chocolate set is on offer.


And last but not least and I wish I had more time to show you the texturing but again FLF are only out for a limited time and I wanted to get this posted quickly but this is this so low prim, so well textured features and a  flf from Vespertine.  Inside you have plenty of texturing and decor which means it is more than a plain box and of course you can see the big windows, door and the balcony and this is all for 50Lds and only 15 Prims.


LISP Bazaar