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Landscaping made cheap ‘n’ easy.(25Ld Tue).

I finally managed to work my way through the 25Ld Tues list even though it’s now Thur and yes sadly some of them are now gone as those sellers have decided that their offer will only be available for just 24 hours but fortunately Dysfunctionality (DDD)  looks like they’re keeping their 25Ld offer up for the whole week and I was lucky to snag this grass (and in the previous weeks lots and lots of shrubs).

Although I’ve rezzed it where there is already grass this is nice and dense texturing not the gapping you can get with low primmed grasses.

So I will be slapping these flowers down all around our sim.

You get 2 versions in the pack and I think that’s simply a case of bright and not so bright, check the board for the details.  Not only is this a lovely dense patch of flowers if you click on it you get a pop up hud which gives you not just 4 different textures, the only one I’m not showing you is the very white wintery one BUT also you can change the actual shape of the patch with the hud so you can have it round, half round, roundish and square.  Anyhow there is a patch of it set up in front of the 25Ld board for you to try for yourself.  When you land at the shop just follow the signs on the ground which will take you right to where the offer is.

If you’ve not been to Dysfunctionality before you are missing a treat I have bought so much from here esp the Veggies for making your own little vegtable plot.  There is much more than plants here but for me this is the first stop when making a garden in SL.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

A Simple Sunday.(Group Reminder).

I’ve had such a good and productive morning cleaning in RL I’m just about ready to get cracking in SL.  So I came inworld with the intention of doing nothing but sorting out our sim to a Spring setting but as always I got tempted.  Actually, it’s OK because it turned out to be perfect timing as the gift is this stunning tree one of many that are regularly sent out as a Group Gift from Hayabusa Designs and as always it’s a low primmed, menu-driven tree.


Yup, I’ve gone a bit into “God mode” at the moment and I’m playing with the sim wind light setting.  I’ve just noticed I must add “remove snow from my house” to my to-do list.


Now I’m seeing the sim in this setting I’m not 100% sure about this setting either

Breath a sigh of relief as I am keeping this short n sweet.  The Gifts are sent out to you but not through the group, I think this is to stop people from being greedy and snagging copy after copy as it may come with a full menu but only non-copy.  So you won’t be able to join the group and take a copy from the group history but you might still get it sent out to you when you join or you might just have to wait for the next freebie to be sent out.

I’ve put the MP shop first as there is some bargains there plus you can see more of what Hayabusa has to offer but you must visit the inworld shop to see how amazing these landscaping plants are.

PS Be careful though as the more bargain priced items in the MP are sometimes the older more primmy stock or you only get a non-copy version.

Hayabusa Marketplace

Hayabusa Inworld


Oh Sakura…sakura…

You know how sometimes…someone does something so nice for you…and it just totally makes you smile and your heart feels all glittery? Wellll…the other day…I popped over to Zigana at its new location because there was an item that I had been meaning to buy and hadn’t had a chance..I arrived and wandered about for a bit,enjoying the new place,exploring..etc..and the thing I had wanted to buy..was no where to be seen *frown*..Soo I sent a note to the creator Nalena Fairey and asked if I could get this item..she said it was olddd and maybe…she might not sell it anymore…I was sad,it would be such a perfect “thing” to complete my SL home and I had just the place for it..all saved and waiting…

and then…a box arrived…*gasp* and it was there…in my hands…I was stunned at the generosity…and broke into a big big BIG smile of I placed that “thing” and stood back to admire it…and gaze upon its perfect it looked..but…you know..what made it so much more …was the sweetness of the gesture behind its arrival in my home…thank you Nalena x

If you’re looking for some pretties for your home…go to Zigana…enjoy the area thats been created around the is truly stunning,wander inside and see the flowers & grasses. I have just bought the patches of lillies for my garden, they look superb!..and the rugs that I can’t seem to stop buying ! If you look verrrrry hard you might find a few gifts also …

Go get pretties: Zigana