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On a Wing and a Prayer

If you guys like your jewelery, I’ve got some great new group gifts to show you from Gabriel and +grasp+. First up is the Angel’s Heart necklace from Gabriel. This is a super piece, the details are fantastic and the use of angel’s wings to make a heart shape is lovely. You get two versions of this necklace, one is wearing the full heart like I have above, or you can just choose to wear one half of the heart, whatever you fancy. You also get a female version of the necklace in the pack that is transferable, how awesome is that?

After I grabbed that necklace I sped down to +grasp+ to pick this  Silver Lilly Ring up from their group gift boards. Another work of amazing detail, you have to zoom right on in and check this out close up when you get it; it looks fantastic in its dark metal. It slips right on as well, no minute fiddling around like I’ve had to do with rings I’ve had in the past. As with the Gabriel necklace, there is also a female version of this in the gift so it’s definitely suited for all comers.

So there you go guys, a couple of cool little items to spruce up your wardrobe that will cost you nothing, although the +grasp+ group does carry a tiny, tiny L$50 join fee. While you there, check out the other wonderful group gifts both stores have to offer and enjoy.

Get the gear here:
Necklace: Gabriel
Ring: +grasp+

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Grasp This

The +grasp+ group has reached the lofty heights of 10,000 members and if you’re quick, you can join in the celebrations by catching the last couple of days of the 40% off sale they are having (sorry I was a little late on the uptake).

There are some brilliant items to be snapped up here at amazing prices. +grasp+ has a great range of grungey clothing for both guys and girls. I picked up a couple of bits and pieces while I was there, of course. In the above picture you can see the Cargo Jacket which I just had to have. I was ever so tempted to get it in the camo colour but in the end I went with brown and it rocks. There are some amazing details on the attachments and they all fit so easily. Honestly, I had to do very little editing to get this jacket just right for me.

The other item I picked up is one of the über cool Ripped Shirts in black and grey. I love the rough look of this and once again I was tossing up which colour and design to get as they all looked great. It comes on all layers and features well-fitting sculpted sleeves to top it all off.

The 40% off sale at +grasp+ concludes on the 31st of this month so you should definitely run on down while the savings are hot. The sale does not include their new releases however. You should also take a look at the group gifts while you’re down there and pick some of them up, but the group does carry a L$50 joining fee (that’s well worth it, trust me). Congrats +grasp+!

Get the gear here: +grasp+