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How long is “soon” ?

Jane - New polka puff dress

You know, when people say “see you soon”, how long is that? Could be a couple of hours, few days maybe – well in this case Janie Marlowe of Jane meant two years ! Yes indeedy its been two longggg years since we’ve had something new from Jane. I’m so pleased to announce that Jane is back, with new pretties and everything ! So on with the show, what can you expect? Plenty of girly stuff, flouncy hemlines, polka dots and halter necks – plus of course some brilliant workhorses for your wardrobe that you will turn to time and again. I’ve had the giddy pleasure of  taking a peek and strutting about in as much as my hot little paws could stuff onto my body. This dress above is “polka puff”, thrilling dots spilling about a flared skirt and big bold stripes at the hemline – so summery. The fabric is  kinda washed out cotton, real shabby feel to it, single colours or a greedy pack. Ohhhh check out the packaging the pieces come in, handy-dandy lunch box, the HUD’s are also new and they will save you so much inventory space – hurrah!

Jane - New Corona top - lass shorts

Also new for this re-opening are the sizes included – you get the usual standard mesh ones but also sizes for the following : freya, isis, lara and Slink physique. This makes my heart smile truly, I’m wearing the Slink physique size and it just fits, perfectly. No messing about, no faffing with the alpha HUD (depending on your shape you may have to utilise your body alpha HUD a little)…gotta love that. Above is the “corona” top and “lass” shorts. This darling little top is my absolute favourite (so far), the pattern is a little bohemian so would lend to all sorts of jeans,trousers,skirts etc and the shorts are divine , super easy to wear! Nice range of colours , also a plain version of the top in store if you’re not into patterns. Again, single colours or a greedy pack with HUD available, demos are free.

Jane NEW! Vivienne

Now for something a  little more dressy. This is “Vivienne” a really lushhhh looking velvet halter neck dress. Plush and rich, a little racy – with an optional ruffle across the bust line. Classic number to keep in your wardrobe, it will take you anywhere. My unusual evening bag is by Shey, I’ve got a bit addicted to their range of $25L bags, they also come with a massive HUD of oodles of colours – brilliant deal. More later today as unpacking continues and welcome back Janie ❤

All jewellery by Secret Love

All clothing by Jane

Jane mainstore



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A Grand Day Out (Gromit)

Oh some greeaaaat news ! Prism Furniture has moved to a new sim and has a funky new store…which is reopening (its open now yippeee) …on Sunday the 16th of September there is also a HUGE 50% off sale to celebrate! So if you’ve had your eye on anything…Sunday would be a fantastic time to go grab it and save a lotta pennies . I had a little wander yesterday and sneaked back today also…I really love this beach house and furniture…its outside so don’t miss it – keep on the look out for some weekend deals also, lotsa signage up by the main entrance to inform you of whats on…thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture

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With a Bang for your buck…coldLogic is open !

*pompoms shake* coldLogic has opened its doors…and I for one really just couldn’t wait ! I was extremely honoured to receive some review packs, and after sampling the goodies…my sweaty paws couldn’t wait to get more. Onto the garb…above I’m showing off the Kelley jacket…tres fitted piece that will look great over pants, or as I have with winter tights and boots…I just really couldn’t get over the realistic “pulling” of the fabric over my body…as I moved, so it did too…I noticed that they have not only released this in block colours, but also a couple of patterned and ohmaiii houndstooth ! (which I lazily ordered up on the market place while typing this ) 400L a tone or a quantum pack of six shades for 1600L..

Ahhh and onto my most eagerly awaited area, seperates…so versatile. I wanted to experiment with mesh & non mesh…fool around a little …I’m in hog heaven. I choose the “hache” sweater/top in the gorgeous dusky pink shade…over the “buckley” skirt in cocoa..both just 200L each (or quantum packs of fives tones 650L for the skirt – 800L for 6 tones in the sweater) The skirt has layers of tiny delicate ruffles – mesh style ones ! It’s quite incredible when you watch yourself , the pieces are kind of fluid and almost appear stretchy…as I leaned back..the top pulled up and exposed my midriff…just like it should ! Im not sure who in the collaboration of designers that make up this brand  designed the cowl neckline on these but whoaaa..its like silky..and sits so well on your chest..these are my type of clothes…fresh…but classic shapes…easy to wear ..

Now where would I be without a bit of hippie chic hmm? Wellll for me, is. But the beauty of these pieces is, it’s all going to depend on how you wear them as to how they end up looking. I slung on some kitten heels, grabbed my shopping basket…and headed out. However, I also tried it on with some of my copious collection of stoles (lace,fur,flufffy) and it became apparent..this is one handy dress. Flats or heels, casual or dressy…it will work for you. This is called marsh…350L per single tone, quantum pack of four tones for 900L (Gawd the packs are alarmingly good value huh?)

Last up from me *sighhhh* is this sassy little number “lin”. The fabric reminds me of those Sunray pleated skirts ..has a soft lustre to it that you know if you run your hand along its folds..would feel satiny…darling fluted hem and a totally adorable piped edge halter neck. I just can’t stop looking at how the material draws over the body…especially over the bust area…SO realistic ! Lin is 350L for a single tone or 700L for three..steal!

I’ve tried a lot of mesh these past weeks…some good…some not so great…but this is the new bar..all of the range comes in great colourways…and in each item you will be given a whole host of sizes, so you can be sure to get that dreamed of perfect fit ! I varied in sizing depending on which style I wore..for example in the lin dress I needed  a medium…in the sweater extra small….in the Kelley jacket small, so be sure to try them all on, check around the arm holes, neckline, make sure you’re wearing the right size! (There are demos provided check them out)

Congratulations to the coldLogic team  !

coldLogic: inworld store

coldLogic: market place store

coldLogic: web site

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A Grand Opening !

B&T are having a Grand Opening today! Babylee Timeless, one half of the B&T team, the other being Mister Tommi Vantelli have some great special offers to celebrate. Above I’m wearing the beautiful black dress that’s out for just 10L…(it also comes with some net leggings) and Tommi was kind enough to send his opening promotion the black glitter boots, also only 10L….


Close up of that gorjuss frock..the skirt is especially lovely..sorta tutu inspired and flips up at the back…thanks Babylee & Tommi xx

Anddd the news keeps on getting even better…Gelsi Ansome, designer of Schwarz is back! Schwarz is located right alongside B&T and also has an opening promotion of this sweet Halloween outfit. Lush black sheen pants and a funky sweater with skeleton applique on the front and reverse. I snapped up the skin (Nanami Special Skin “Snowflake”) for just 10L whilst I was there too! Love those delicious kissable lips…

Dont forget to join the group while you’re there and grab up a few gifties that are out for members..I collected this awesome outfit…just adore the brightly patterned pants & semi sheer blouse…thanks Gelsi !

Grand Opening : B&T

Skin,Halloween outfit & group gift: Schwarz


Truth District…

So the big day dawned and The Truth District has opened..and what an opening! As soon as the sim doors were flung was jammmmm packedddd! If you’re thinking of going..go bald..with no AO…no shoes…wear as little as possible…its lag city and you just cant mooove. (One thing always sure to make me chuckle is someone saying “o.O its sooo laggy” as they waft by with an ARC of over 3000,a million face & body lights on,and a resizer script in each prim of their wardrobe) However, I braved the lag fest just for youuuu ,possibly motivated also by the fact that Curio were giving away a SKIN as their opening gifty hoooorah!

Theres a plethora of very generous gifts to celebrate the opening of this new shopping district..Obviously Im wearing the Curio skin gift “airhead”, subtle tone and absolutely gorgeous…The shirt in Photo one is from -[AddiCt]-, above im wearing the trousers and one of the shirts from the Whippet & Buck gift..plusssss GOS is handing out a pair of my fav sandals in peach *squeeee* (you can buy thee cutest little ribbons of colour to add to these sandals at the main GOS store)

Head over..all gifts are going to be out for you to grab until the 5th of July…if you can stop gawking at the stores..its actually a seriously beautifully landscaped & built sim !

Go get crowded: Truth District


Welcome back Jill !

Oh mai stars ..I still can’t quite believe it..Jill Lemon,designer @ *+*JILL*+* is back hurrrah!!!! When Jill decided to close her store last year, I was forlorne..I loved her clothes..I adored her bags & baskets..and her random wearables !!! (don’t know what Id do without my wearable dj set)  I was soooooo excited to hear that she’s back…and the store is OPEN ..I popped over (wild horses wouldn’t have stopped me) and my heart went all pittypatter as I walked in..instantly snapped up this to-die-for stripey black skirt (100L) and then feeling rather chuffed twirled aroundddd to find group & opening giftsss! The ruffly girly shirt is the grand opening gift…two lengths for the blouse are included ,plusss..the beady necklace comes in..wait for it…six styles *faints*,long,short,choker,both together..its pretty fabulous. For group members there is also a very chic leather look bracelet (tan,black & white)..I suggest you join the group to keep up to the minute ! Ohhh and there are two lucky boards, I stalked them for about 50 minutes as one of them has theeee most delicious basket in white in it..(I’m wearing the black version I bought before the store closed),beautiful animation in it..arm or hand hold..see if you get lucky!

Welcome back Jill,we missed you !

Go get the gear: *+*JILL*+*


How about coffee & Culture?

I’ve been confined to bed for a couple of days (yayaya poor me huh) and it was super exciting upon my return to Second Life to find an invite to a gallery opening for today! Lola Lykin has opened her “Muse Gallery & Coffee Shop” this afternoon…and I went along to find out all about it.  I was thrilled to see a gallery opening, so many seem to be closing lately, which is a great shame…havent been to a gallery in Second Life yet? I suggest you pop along to this one, its friendly,welcoming and has beautiful areas to relax in..a bar to prop up…and of course..the art.

My best friend Giasone Catteneo came along with me, of course we found the chill area irresistible after we had perused the prettiness and flopped for a few…Lola has displayed some of her favourite erotic pieces, photos & drawings,very varied. There were two I just fell in love with and so wanted to take home..see if you can find the ballerina sketch…its just gorgeous.

Caught up with Lola before I left by the bar (naturally !)…she tells me that the collection will change occasionally…I shall certainly visit again. Thanks Lola for the invitation !

Go get arty: The Muse Gallery & coffee shop