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Read the sign.


Thats right applaud me please, ok shrinks big head down.  I spotted this dress on one of my Flickr groups and loved it so much and I have to confess loved it even more because I thought it was a freebie, which it is in a way.  Comes from a shop I’ve blogged before I will do again and again and again called !Soul.  Everything in !Soul is priced between 60-90Lds and more often than not you get not only the outfit but also an accessory such as shoes, bags etc. However this isn’t free and doesn’t come with the shoes I’m wearing but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with extras.


This is actually her group gift but it costs 60Lds to join the group and I think it’s a damned good bargain because not only so you get the standard mesh sizes but 2 choices of bright and normal in the texturing.  Both pictures were taken in the same settings and I think you can see that in the top picture the fabric is brighter than the bottom. Because I took these photos late last night and I was so sleepy I didn’t slap on the Lola Tangos but Woo Hoo for us booby lovers not only does it come with the Lola Tango Applier but also the Lush Applier.

PS I’ve been extra cheeky and wore one of my emm nipples so if you don’t want to flash the nips then you don’t really  unless you’re rude like me and slap on a nipple clothing layer.


!Soul Marketplace