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Goth it up


The Goth style is right on trend currently and Circa has released this terrific set called “Nocturne”. I’m actually showing just a small portion of it, the whole range is mahoosive! Head over to the main store to scope it all out, you will not be disappointed. Gorgeous animations inside and the textures are sumptuous and lush.


I really love this couch, perfect for lounging infront of the rather ritzy fire. My outfit by Stars Fashion is on offer at the moment, its called “Emmie” and comprises of shorts, jacket,top and boots – not only that but also a Hud with heaps more colours! $99L for the pack for a limited time.(includes fits for mesh bodies, standard bodies and various boot fits)


Stars Fashion

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Decisions – 21 Shoe

21 Shoe - Eclectica (not for mesh feet)

Ugh I can’t abide having to make a choice ! 21 Shoe is almost upon us and Tiffy Vella has ,made it extremely difficult for me this morning *shakes fist*. You see Eclectica – that’s Tiffy’s store – has these yummmy goth boots out as the offer (two for one) and I really really couldn’t decide which pair to wear for the photo . Soooo here I am surrounded by ALL of them – voila. (These are an exclusive version, specially retextured for 21Shoe. They will be available for sale on the 21st June, 2015, and then nevermore.)

21 Shoe Eclectica NEW!!

Materials enabled and suitable for standard feet, here’s the info:

“First, remove all mesh feet and shoe bases, then just add each boot and it will attach to your lower leg. Add the alpha foot hider to make your feet disappear, and you are done. If you wish to move them up or down your leg, you may do so as they are unrigged. The shine and texture in these pieces is enhanced with material mapping, to help them look a little aged and battered. The alpha is full perms, and the texture is included to allow you to reupload it combined with other alphas if you want to save on layers worn.”

Remember lovelies, that this months round is for 48 hours and begins on the 21st June.


21 Shoe Blog

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Live life Luxuriously

CIRCA Illusions vanity set coldLogic karr in smoke NEW!

Cmon girls, its time for some luxury. Pamper yourselves, indulge in a little style and recliiiiine. I just adore this set from [CIRCA]. Its got such a glamorous feel too it. An oversized big hollywood looking mirror to hang on your wall and a sleek against-the-wall table to place your perfume and cosmetics on. Add in a retro looking boudoir chair and you’re good to get chic. The chair, apart from looking just sooo fabulous has ooodles of great poses in it, for primping and perfuming, hair brushing PLUS some to lounge and relax – and yes the boys have a few also ! Contained in the box are all manner of props to wear to complete the poses, I especially liked the delightful perfume bottle, it’s just so beautiful .

[CIRCA] - Constantine Gothic FurnitureDecor (B&W)

If you’re into the black & white & grey themes you might like to take a look at this set also. The Constantine Gothic range is surely going to be a big hit. It comprises of a bench with stacks of poses. Plenty of gothic looking iron candles to place around, and one of my favourite styles of table with drawers that actually slide open. There is also a wall sconce , two pieces of very decorative wall art and crystal clear vases of flowers in white and black (and lots more ). The wardrobe box is so so pretty with its strand of pearls across the front. Ohhhh almost forgot to add, both the rug, bench and drapes have texture change in them, such a glorious array of patterns and colours for you to play with ! Thanks Cherelle ❤

[CIRCA] Mainstore

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Be a Cheeky Devil !

I have one of theeee bestest Halloween costumes you can get..and guess whut? Its SF Designs Monday Mania item hooohahhhh….thats right, just 25L for today and only from the Monday Mania board (there is also a guys version that Steve was too wussy to wear *eye roll* – same price 25L)..full length glossy red devil suit…there is a scalp cap (that I’m wearing) but you can also just wear your own hair…horns…saucy little tail, cape and trident to swishhhhhhhhh around ! My skin is a group gift, also from SF Design…you get three colours with options also …I chose blue, sooper goth makeup, just perfect for your finishing Halloweeny touches …thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

Oh psssssst – I was hunting for a scarey Halloween ride this morning with my bestie Dra…and we found this Scared To Death Haunted House , its sooper frightening and a really long ride around a haunted house , go see..its free to do and heaps of fun !

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Goth Girl

So yeah, Goth isn’t really my thing..but once in a while something comes along that takes my this new release from CandyMetal “Little Goth” prims to mess about alpha layers required..just good old-fashioned layers of gothness…theres a coupla options for colours..but as my fetish for black & white is still going strong..I opted for ….you’ve got it..Black & White !

Big shout out to “erratic” who did this ginormous pack of shredded tights and thigh highs for just 50L last week…I keep finding ways to wear them…and of darling GOS slouch boots yumm….




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Halloween is coming up fast..everywhere I go in Second Life I see people hauling out their pumpkins and cauldrons..keeping up with the trend is ArisAris…two fabbo releases to get you dressed in style for the events. Lady Sinister above is amazing…its mesh…and you can wear it as I have above…or without the long skirt for a knee length version…it comes with the cobwebs that attached to your chest and shoulder…plus the creepy skeleton hands belt ! My skin is by CandyMetal and is a group gift…”Autumn”…beautifully shaded lips and a creamy skin tone made it the perfect choice to wear with this gown…

If you’re into something a little more kookie for Halloween, try this ..also from ArisAris…and called “Curcubita”…balloon shaped strapless dress with a great pumpkin theme going on across it…and a sweet mesh pair of socks…you also get the coolest pair of pumpkin earings ! Both of these outfits are only 99L each…thanks Ariadna ❤


ArisAris on the market place


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Jolbey and Japser get your Goth on

Jolbey and Japser a new-to-me store..I headed over to take a gander and was sooper deelighted with what I saw..and lucky enough that Jodie Jasper  one half of the design team allowed me to show you some of their gear! Above I’m wearing the delicious pinstripe actual prims to fiddle around with on these and they look perfect, really lovely detailing on them..underneath I slipped on the fantastique noir winter tights..if you get nothing else get will wear and wear and wear them during the colder season ! The low cut waistcoat is so chic..and fits neatly over the cropped white shirt..beautiful cuffs on the shirt (it comes in a few other colours also) I’ve stomped about in this outfit most of the day…love it !

Couldnt prize me outta those shorts ! So I tried on the Midnight long jacket…fabbo belt with this and it just fitted straight outta the box hurrah we love that ! I wore the pinstripe corset underneath..comes with two versions , one showing a sooper cute pocket watch on the fabric..steampunk!

Info: Shirt 95L per colour, fat pack of five 395L – Winter tights 90L (4 tones to choose from) Corset & shorts 180L (various shades available) Midnight jacket 240L each colour orrrr a fat pack of all four shades for just 640L !

o.O almost forgot ! While you’re there mooching..dont forget to snap up the two gifts! To-die-for teal bolero and a matching gothic dress…the look is completed with a miniture top hat…isnt that glorious! thanks Jodie & Jasmin xx

All outfits & clothing: J&J

Poses: & hate me eat me