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Found it!!! (37Ld Gotta Getcha).

Faith also spotted that Mina was doing some sort of promo and fortunately this time on my LM grabbing visit I spotted it.

Only 37 LINDENS!! That’s all!

TBH even at the full price of only 75Ld the Gacha’s at Mina’s are cheap and a great way for you to get quality hair for a bargain price.  I will say that as a yard sale addict I have only once seen a Mina Gacha prize up for resale so people really must be happy with whatever shade they win.

As for the hairstyle, the difference in the styling is pretty minor just how high or low the headband and you can wear it with or without that “braid” which in the UK we really call it a “plait”. It’s nicer with the plait showing as it just has a subtle hippy chic feel to it.

The event is a brand new one called “Gotta Getcha” and I had seen it on the Seraphim blog and I’d even scrolled down the pictures and yet somehow managed to scroll past this Mina Offer.

The reason I don’t blog many of the BIG events until they’ve calmed down, is that if you don’t then you should follow the Seraphim blog.  They don’t really do “freebies” what they do is have the most comprehensive and up to date list of events and even more than that PICTURES and LM’s! The amount of time and work that the people behind this blog have to put into getting all of this together cannot be underestimated and I for one am truly grateful for their hard work.  So make sure to bookmark their blog and check it out regularly.

PS.  BTW I just pointed and clicked at the picture in Mina’s shop because these offers are only out till the 28th so plenty of time to get it but I didn’t want to be any later getting this info out to you.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog.

Seraphim Blog Gotta Getcha Pictures.