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Poison Skinny striped Jeans NEW! coldLogic shirt GOS shoes new!_003

I thought Id show another of the newly released mesh jeans by Poison, havent stopped wearing these striped ones for two solid days ! Brill fit and of course two versions of cuff style…these are the plain ones (the other is a rolled up cuff). I teamed it up with a self striped shirt from coldLogic “clark”, this is my go-to item in my inventory, so handy and classic. Ohhhhh, did you eyeball my newwwww shooz yet huh? huh?! Yes, I returned to GOS and snapped up the latest release “Angelina”, can a girl resist? Gospel Voom, shame on you…luring us poor innocents in with your almost edible footwear *wink*…Anyyyywayyyy, as I mentioned previously, the Gos Boutique group is just 50L to join at the moment, wear the tag and when you buy any of the new range, you’ll receive a refund , I got 79L back on these babies…good deal ! (Theres heaps more scrummy colours in these) I’m still “breaking in” this new hair I bought from Analog Dog, you know how when you come back from the salon and,everyone does a double take? “Ohhhh, you’ve had your hair done” kinda deal? Thats how I feel with this new-to-me style, it’s not the sort of thing I usually wear, but but but I thought it was sooper pretty and HAD to buy it ! This style is called “trouble clef” , go try some demos SO much fun (ok I admit it, I bought two hair-do’s there, but whatever !)

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place


Analog dog


GOS Blog

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Hello cleavage

coldLogic petit NEW!

Funny old world isn’t it? Only two days ago I was enlightening Player to the alternative slang for breasts. (Think puppies,baps,the girls etc) and coldLogic go and make a release all about showing them off hurrrah! A whole wardrobe full of baptasticness…this is “petit” in the blue tone. Heaps of dots which I lurve, I slung on some olddddd fishy-strawberry leggins (not sure if they are even still for sale) and took a chance to strut my stuff in my new *ohmaiiii* NEW shoes…by GOS and called “Marilyn”. (If like me you havent explored the new skin tone matching system by GOS, you really should, its marvelous for people like me who really can’t get skin tones matched properly!)

coldLogic NEW! Simon dress

There is also this retro feel dress called “Simon”, ooodles of patterns and colours to choose from so dash over to the store (or market place) and check them out. Its got a reallllllllly low cleavage boosting top half, even my tiny girls looked *enhanced* in this, you also get a choice of belts in the pack.

coldLogic NEW! Babin dress - Gos Boutique Grace sandals

Last up for today is this flirty little frock called “babin”, there is also a plain non patterned version but the delicate swirls and flowers on this made my heart scrunch with happiness. I was hard pressed to choose which colour to show, but my pink addiction won and here it is ! You could really glam this up with a big floppy hat maybe or heaps of jewelry, but I enjoyed its simple charm as is…just added another of my GOS purchases into the equation *grin*, yes ok ok ok, so I bought two pairssss ! These are called Grace and graceful they are. Brilliant style for the warmer weather, and with that new skin matching system a real breeze to fit and get a perfect skin tone.  Get yourself over to the coldLogic store and take a gander at the lovelies, thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic blog

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

GOS  (btw, if you join the new Boutique group at GOS, its just 50L at the moment and you get a cash back on each purchase ! My shoes were 795L and I received a rebate of 79L on each pair.)

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Quality Street

coldLogic Bradley in cocoa, tate in brown

I’m dancing along Quality Street…didnt the famous tin of chocs have an advert …like that? I’m sure it did…or colour me hallucinating pre-lunch gallon of coffee ! I headed over to Mayfair London to share the new range from coldLogic ! Here I am, mooching around the posh homes, trying to look like I live here …fitting in pretty well in my swish new togs…Im wearing the tate combo jacket & shirt along with bradley pencil skirt…plenty of colour choices in these two…Im the Miss average and seem to fit the medium size just perfectly with no shape tweaking…of course I slammed a pair of my essential Jane piggies tights on…gotta keep those legs snuggly !

coldLogic pratt in camel

Next is a closed jacket with a plain shirt underneath, called pratt and this is the glorious camel shade which I tailoring means this would really look effortlessly smart, especially with the self pinstriped new skirt called bradley that I teamed it up with…

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_004

Plaids figure in this new release hurrah! You really cant have winter without plaids can you? Its The Law ! This shirt and jacket combo is called meek, and theres lotsa scrummy shades for you to choose from…classic shape….and rather sleek…Id really love to own something like this in real life..I feel thats where coldLogic score so high…their making the items I want to own in both lives…(My bank balance salutes you coldLogic !)

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_007

If you’re into stripes, like Iam…youre in for a treat with the next combo… abdo is a jacket over a stripey shirt…theres some really juicy colours in this range,prepare your eyeballs ! The turquoise and orange are especially mouthwatering…however, I plumped for the traditional Winter red…super glossy and fun ! This release has some buys you really must grab…the two skirts are sooooo handy…one plain one pinstriped…easy to wear and great looking pieces.

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_001

Ohhhh, it’s the 1st of December…which officially means I can begin to show reindeer’s & snow yay! Here I am snuggling up to Rudolph and wearing my favourite item from this coldLogic release, the taylor sweater in the divine champagne shade…so glam…tied belt  and a cowl neck , slipped over the new page skirt in charcoal…work or play this outfit is terrific ! I havent tried the top with pants yet, but I know its gonna look brilliant !

coldLogic soto in blush, page in cranberry

If you prefer your sweaters a little more chunky looking…try soto…its striped fabric looks slightly more snuggly….this is the blush colour over the cranberry toned page skirt…come on Rudolph, chow down!  Plenty more to dribble over at the main store, plus free demos and the full colour ranges … Thank you coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic on the market place

coldLogic blog

Jane (for those addictive piggies wooly tights!)

Gos (boots worn throughout)

Argrace (hat/hair)

Skin: Curio (please come back soon Gala)

Makeup by MOCK (rumour makeover)

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The title of this post may seem a little odd but Gos is the name of the maker of these boots and if you don’t own at least 1  pair of Gos shoe, boots, sandals (even wellies) you don’t know what you’re missing.  In SL just like RL there is a couple of designer shoe makers that we would love to own at least 1 pair and Gos is one of them.  Such a well-known shoe designer that when you wear Gos people know it’s Gos and they will also know you don’t mind paying to look good.  Because not the cheapest in SL but unlike some equally pricy shops you can pay a lot of money and then cringe at the poor quality when you buy Gos you get your moneys worth in the fit and texturing.


OK I’ll stop drooling now (and saying Gos).  First thing I did when I got in world today was to send Faith a note to tell her to “back off the Gos boots Biatch! they’re mine” because all the money from the sale of these boots are going to a British Charity called the PDSA  (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals).  Gospel Voom’s poor Pussycat Archie had a nasty accident and a big SL fund-raising sale was held and now Archie is fit and well but Gospel Voom started to think about all those beloved pets owned by people who cannot afford vet fees and so he’s got an offer on at the moment and ALL the proceeds from the sale of this boot will go to the PDSA.  You have a choice of the full length boots for 595 or the ankle boots for 495 and remember in RL terms this really is only small change really.  But of course everyone is cutting back and if you only have a few spare Lindens then you can donate them.  Everything adds up in the end.

Personal note.  I wanted to do this because I too have faced a MASSIVE vet bill for a simple stomach problem in one of my cats and that too got me thinking about all those pets whose owners cannot afford treatment how awful is that.  So now when I go to my local Co-oP they have a food donation bin for the local cat and dog shelter and I always pop a box of cat food in there, a pound or two to your shopping bill isn’t that much.  So if you have  a local Co-oP check it out.  I also have literally just rummaged through my jewelry box for all that QVC rubbish that I got suckered into buying and I never wear because I’ve found a local small animal shelter that happily accepts jewellery and resells it.  So you  know even if you don’t have much to spare it’s amazing how much even a small amount can help out.
PS Gos does do other things like glasses and hats and err coffee makers but I’m a woman and I just drool over the shoes.


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Posh Totty

I do so enjoy the Second Life London themed sims, my home town! Today I scooted over to one of my fav areas…Knightsbridge… to take a couple of photos. Of course I parked on the yellow lines ! Darn it, then couldn’t find my keys in the to-die-for bag Id bought earlier from Indyra..yumyumyum..isnt it deeeeelicious? I was surprised when I got it, as it actually is three with an arm hold, shoulder hold and a simple hold…great poses ! My fab peplum dress is by  .::PiNK CHERRY::….this comes in three colour ways..two being a more floral option…but my current love affair with all things black & white..meant I was always going to wear this one. Sharp styling..crisp capped sleeves…at the back of the skirt there is  a lovely detail of a zip…and YES, that belt is part of the outfit – I know right!! I totally will wear it with everything ! reassuringly scrumptious boots are of course from GOS ! (Isnt it greeeaaatt how you can change not only the texture but the colours of various parts on these babies?)

Had a quick change inside my mock – Georgian house and off to a cocktail party! I slipped into this  dress by Stars Fashion…its on special promotion for a week…only 99L ! Layers of gauzy mesh make it sooper pretty..simple & elegant.



Stars Fashion offer

Indy & Co. (If you’re going to grab the bag, it’s actually cheaper on the market place store for some reason)

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Archie Appeal

Oh noes…Poor Archie has been in the wars…and needs a whole heap of veterinary treatment…who’s Archie huh? Welll he is a rather handsome furry chap belonging to Gospel Voom of GOS . Here is all the info about Archie from the Seraphim  blog –

“Archie” is the cat of Gospel Voom, creator of Gos. He was hit by a car last Saturday night and miraculously survived and found his way home, but he was in bad shape. He is being treated for his massive head and facial injuries, and as you can imagine, the surgeries and veterinary costs have already been and will continue to be astronomical – into the 5 digits!

Truth District and several talented friends from across the grid have come together in support by volunteering their creations as donations to help pay for these expenses. Most of the items are 100% donation, and the entire Gos store (on the Truth District sim) is 50% off. Anyone that has ever had a pet knows how they are more than just an animal, but are instead a member of the family. If you feel so inclined to help this cause, head on over to Truth District today.

Sooo because I love & adore kitties…I wanted to pop some cash into the pot and buy up some goodies at the same time…in the photo above I’m wearing something I’ve wanted for soooooo long, it’s the shoes..pimp up your pumps….quite a few versions to choose from (these are the classic platforms) They have 15 colours and 6 bow accents in the menu ! For the duration of this event they are just 248L *faints*…

I also picked up the pimp up your pumps in the point platform version, also 248L. Nifty thing is you can add all types of bow to the front and back via the touch controlled menu…totally versatile and I ❤ them big time ….don’t forget….the discount is only at the Gos store on the Truth Sim ! Outside the Gos store is a little market set up, where friends have stalls selling donation items for Archies Appeal…

I nabbed these cute mesh shirts from it is in grey…butttt…you get a whopping big pack of them…

In alllll these fab colours ! Just 100L will get you these..I call that a real bargain all helps Archie on his road to recovery yay! If you’re not looking for clothes or footwear don’t fret, there’s heaps on offer, poses, landscaping items all drop on by and take a peek.

The Archie Appeal Truth District

Poses by: Bent (the behind pack also on sale at the appeal) What next for stool and dressing screen, pinwheel pose by Adorkable

Dress photo one & two by coldLogic (who also have a fantabulous big fat sale on at the moment!)

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Love in Venice

Ahh..Venice..a place for romance…masked balls…looking effortlessly chic whilst sipping black-as-coal espresso by the canal. Never been there myself..but if I did..Id like to think I could give the locals a run for their money and look stylishly slick. Yes Id slink around wearing something like this from coldLogic..the “vergara” mesh dress..sleek enough for evening wear..but…depending on what you wear it wear also. I have to say, mazza pants apart (blow torched off my legs last week btw) this new line of dresses are simply my favourite..the low dip back really falls beautifully..the wrinkles and crinkles look so real…even the way they kinda “pull” a bit across your tummy, as if you’d scoffed just one too many pastries…Im wearing the linen version, the top part is thick satin..the lower half nubbly linen..a really nice contrast. (Three other colour variations, black & white, marine & strawberry) 350L singles orrrrr 900 for a quantum pack of all four. Incase you’re wondering about the name…”vergara”, I don’t know for sure..but..I think it’s after Sofia Vergara, the actress…looks like something shed adore to wear !

As a Venice afternoon turns to half light…make sure you’re seen leaning against the rails of a picturesque bridge..smouldering and sultry…layer on the lippy..tilt your hat…and vogue Iam trying to do just that in one of the other new releases from coldLogic “owens” (pricing the same as the vergara)..this time with a striped effect across the halter top and pinstripe detailing on the body..snazzy! It seems a lot more vampish somehow with the stripes…I chose the earth tone to show you..three other colours also available – summer, lilac & watermelon…these shades will take you from spring to summer easily! Was tempted to add a stole or bolero but..I so wanted you to see how perfectly the halter fits around your neck..thats a hard thing to get right with mesh..also the low back…both working well with a number of pre-made no modify shapes I own…all of the items do come in squooodles of size options and there’s demos for you at the inworld store and the market place..two other new dresses also out..go see ! Thanks coldLogic team xx

owens & vergara dress’s : coldLogic main store        market place store

Hat, photo one: Gos        market place store

Hat,photo 2: Couture Chapeau   market place store