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Going out while staying in.

I do look at people’s profiles and in Nicasio Ansar profile it says that you’re welcome to visit their sim, hang out and take pictures so I did exactly that.

All pictures have been taken just in the sims windlight setting and apart from a nice frame I’ve not edited them.

You, of course, can change the windlight setting and edit them however you want.

There are some bigger builds, cafes and a street and of course their very English pub.

I’m not sure if all of this is spread over just the one sim or a couple of sims but in the end I took too many pictures as everywhere you looked there was a place for you to sit and chat, or just contemplate things as they are.

PS.  I’ve put the link to his shop, I actually remember visiting it before and there are freebies but they’re piercings and I don’t really wear them plus I don’t think they’d fit my shape but check those and the shop out.


Mirage NA