Blogging SL

We have to be so QUICK! (Cheapies).

I have to be quick because I’ve left this house rezzed and it is so primmy Faith may pass out if she gets inworld and does a prim check and you have to be quick because the sale Go*Diva is having at this moment could be over any day now although common sense says that tomorrow would probably be the day it ends so you will have plenty of time to snag a whole load of 10Lds bargains.


No close up in this picture as this mesh outfit doesn’t cover much up, not my normal style but even I occasionally like to flash some flesh but best of all from what I can tell and certainly from the 4 outfits I bought they seem to come with ALL of the Appliers so yes I am wearing my SLink Mesh Body.  Don’t panic if you don’t have a mesh body because they also come with the system layers.


The 1 outfit I’m not showing you was actually a really pretty floral bra and pantie set so although this is a range for those who like to show some skin these pretty little sets will appeal to everyone and again only 10Lds.


Now I’m rushing back inworld to de-rezz that house and LM grab….PS if you already have the Go*Diva LM in your invent don’t use it use mine as the discounts are in the skybox.