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She’s Let It SNOW!

A couple of nights ago in RL we had SNOW sadly that was at 2.30 am and it lasted for about half an hour but I have hope in my heart it will snow again soon but until then we have finally got around to changing our sim settings and I’m having so much FUN!  Then as I was rezzing winter stuff a  notice came out from !gO and I had to go or should that be “I go” or is that just too bad a pun? right over and grab the discounted one.


I LOVE this style of clothing very Joe Browns/Hobo Chic etc and yes I even own a piece of flannel clothing and I’m sat here snuggled up on my settee wearing my red flannel shirt LOL.  You get 3 parts to this look and a BIG colour option.  You get a coat only, a coat with the skirt attached and the scarf is a separate.  The coat colour can’t be changed and at this moment the green shade is at a discounted price and lucky for me green is one of my fav colours but there is a whole rack of other coat colours and all of them are gorgeous.


The scarf is gorgeous and comes with a colour Hud with 6 natural pastel colour options and so wearable with so many other items.


The skirt comes with a Hud choice of 12 textures and I think they’re all excellent, this bottom one is a dusty pastelly pink with white polka dots.  This outfit called Collette only cost me 165Lds instead of the regular 322.  Gocha Merlin has a whole range of clothing in this style out and so if this outfit doesn’t grab still come over, !gO has some of the most unique,wearable, quality clothing in SL it’s the one shop I have a hard time leaving without buying from.

!gO is the only paid for group that I’ve been a member of for absolutely years and years and it’s one shop I avoid going to because I always end up buying something and still come away wishing I’d bought more!!  The joining price hasn’t changed in all the years I’ve been in this group and for only 50Lds you get the regular shop quality Group Gift.

But remember !gO has quality freebies out, they may be old but damn some of it is still such good quality I still have them in my invent and wear them but this is a LM you may want to keep to hand onto any noobs or bargain hunters you may meet along the way.  The Freebies are on the washing line in the courtyard you rezz in.


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Picnic(Group Gift).

Although this is a Group Gift it’s not a Free Group.  It does seem a while since !gO has had a new Group Gift out but it was worth the wait, and the 50Lds joining fee.


I’m glad I rechecked the folder this outfit called Picnic Overall  came in because I almost missed the scarf and because they come as separates it means you gain a lovely accessory for other outfits as well.


As alway though the Group Gifts from !gO are shop quality items and so this has all the quality texturing, crinkling, wrinkling and shaping that you get with !gO clothing.

!gO also has some of the BEST Freebies out not only do I pass the LM onto any Newbie I find but I still have every Freebie I’ve gotten from here.  I’ve had to log out of SL before I could check but they’re probably in the same place, outside the main shop on a washing line.  I will recheck that they’re their next time I manage to get inworld.

PS talk a walk through the shop and out the back as there are oodles of Gachas with bargain prices.  Again I had to return to RL before I could check them out fully but they seem to be a permanent fixture now and I know from my previous visits that there are real bargains to be had.



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Flirty skirty (Freebie sorta).

I’ve just been rummaging through my Groups to see if there are any goodies I’ve missed and Voila, !gO has a new Group Gift out for us.


This is a cute and flirty little number, I love the way the shorts flare and the top shows off a bit of side boobs.


If you’re on a limited budget then there is still some of the best Dollarbies hanging up on the washing line outside the shop and a greenhouse with Gacha’s in it.  I have 2 of my fav dresses from that line and they’re still there with some old Group Gifts and although most are mesh there is still a couple of non mesh items.

I’ve been a !gO group member for so long I can’t remember how much it is to cost to join but it’s certainly less than a 100Lds and 50Lds is the figure that sticks in my mind and there is always a monthly Group Gift set out for us. Gocha Merlin also sets out an outfit which is slashed to half price the trick is you have to find it as it’s usually hanging with the other full priced items but I’ll be kind and give you a hint, Pirouette for me. Check out the marketplace for not only the Dollarbies but all the demos are there for you to try on.

This is one of the groups that if you do have some Lindens to spare you should join as they have never failed to put a smile on my face.


!gO Marketplace

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Be a Tarte.


Gratuitous scenic shot.  In the summer I laid out throws and blankets on the ground and draped some over a line to create a lovely summer hidy hole and I’ve found something similar from Tarte.  Called Blanket Fort. A thickly knitted blanket with small light globes.  Poses for singles, friends and snuggles not too many but all are sweet and simple.  Click and join Tartes group because although they’re not clear the lights in front are bottles with lights in them and only 2 prims and Group Gifts. I’m being rather quick with this post because Tarte is having a 50% sale, woo hoo, but it’s limited to this weekend only so I popped over and snagged the full length mirror I had wanted and rezzed this from my invent.  The tent is reduced to 125 and the mirror is now just a 100Lds.


Just a bit clearer and closer so you can see the lights and texturing a bit better and also the group gift bottles.


But I was also sneaky and got the new !gO group gift before Faith.  Both of us have been long-term group members and it’s not free but every month there is a great free GG and often a slashed price on another item in store so this is one of the paid groups that payback really well in the quality of the gifts.  LOL Almost forgot to say what it is in case it’s not obvious, it’s this top.  A crunchy knitted hoodie.  The back is longer than the front, a hood and ties down the front.

I’m hoping the !gO LM takes you straight to some of the best mesh and non mesh free/dollarbies I know so before you go inside !gO grab the goodies off the washing line now OK get TPing now.



Tarte Blog

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Free Woolies (UPDATE)

Embrace the autumnal months in these AMAZING bargains.

Sadly the really brilliant full outfits have now all been withdrawn for some reason! Sometimes something is too good to be true however the !gO Dollarbie items are still there inworld and on the Marketplace and are still amazing quality.

Cornered2Reblogging !gO again.  They have some of the best freebies I know of, regular Group Gifts and discounts but their output of new and fresh designs is second to none in SL.  I do believe we have either blogged this jumper or one very similar to it before but it’s so worth doing again now that the seasons change is upon us.  A dark chocolate rich brown colour, long enough to be worn with just tights or with jeans.  Inworld the items are free but on the MP they cost a Linden so I’m inc the MP and inworld shop LM.

Cornered 3

Just popped inworld and they’re not free but are also Dollarbies.  Honestly at any price these are top class shop quality classics so for a single Ld!  You will find them and many other excellent Dollarbies on the washing line but make sure to also check out the greenhouse because there is some juicy reduced items in there and I’ve bought even more because how can you resist.

!gO Marketplace

!gO inworld

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It may be raining outside…(free stuff)

In SL it’s still Summer.  Didn’t think I needed yet another simple cotton summer style dress till I tried on the Demo from !gO and I had to have it.  Just sweet and young looking Summer Dress with a lot of adult clevage showing.  This is one that is hidden in with the other colours and is set out at half price of 111Lds and not the 222Lds that the others are priced at.  !gO’s is packed with “no fail” clothes and to me no fail means great texturing, great pricing, great fit and almost as important clothes which will last a long time in SL’s ever changing styles.

UrbaneaThe hair comes from from Mina.  Called Laura it is a simple swirled bun on top but the colour of this one is so reminiscent of an old fashioned chew we call Fruit Salad in the UK.  Check out my next post for a close up for the streaks.   As always Mina hair comes with a great selection of shades in a pack and an easy to use hud but it’s the colours that make her hair stand out, even the standard browns have strands of shading in them.  This was one of her hairs from the Hair Fair which has now closed down but I will give the LM for her main shop as it’s packed with equally as good goodies.

IGOThis is !gO’s latest GG which if I remember is not free to join but it’s one of the best, along with Sn@tch and Mock they never forget their client base and the monthly GG are shop quality goodies. If you don’t want to join the group (foolish) then if you check out the racks with these crochet tops on it then you will fine the grey one is one of the half priced offers.

IGO2The texturing is so REALISTIC! but don’t take my word for it check out the demos available.  Once you’ve grabbed your goodies then walk outside and check out the washing line and greenhouse.  !g0 has some of the best freebies available and I should know because some of my fave dresses came off that line and I still have them and still wear them.



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Bigger Can Be Better

So far this is the BIGGEST scrunchiest, snuggliest jumper I have found. Almost missed the fact this is a Group Gift and I was just about to buy the one on special offer so I’m so relieved to have rechecked the notice.  So if you’re a !igO! group member make sure to pop along and grab not only this but the other equally as excellent group gift which is another scrunchy long line knitted jumper over a shirt.

Now if I remember correctly you have to pay to join the group but it’s been so worthwhile.  This is one of the paid for groups where you get more than your moneys worth however check out the greenhouse and washing line just outside the main door.  Some excellent Dollaribes and one of my favourite dresses came off that washing line and since it’s still there I’ve added the link to my Flickr so you can check it out.  The top I am wearing above is mesh and from the washing line as well.  Lovely frill at the bottom and a slit up the back with tie details.  So cute and yes a single Linden.

And then I spotted these and couldn’t resist.  Baggy saggy mesh dungarees’ with a serious amount of cheeky side boob flashing but of course you can wear it with a Tshirt.  Lovely thick braces and pockets.  But check out the “mini stockings”.  With this outfit they look sweet and cute but in fact they’re stocking so you have a garter layer.

Couldn’t help it I had to take a closer shot of them so you can see how cute changes to sexy.  66Lds and you get 3 colours in a pack!

And then I saw this excellent mesh “vest with hood” which I hope you can see is a lovely draping well textured knitted vest/cardie and there is a little hood at the back and  check out the pink mini stockings from my pack of 3.
I might be mistaken but since my last visit here they seem to have increased their stock with so much more and as always the texturing and fit are perfect.  An excellent selection of menswear as well.  And mixed in all of this some real quirkieness.  Baby buggies (strollers) and whole baby room sets that even I as a hardened non baby lover cooed over.