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The Dream.(Freebie & a Mina).

Just a fun summery piccie here because in RL I’m freezing my T*Ts off.

First, the freebie and again reg readers will know by now if it’s sporty clothing I snag it.  I don’t know how many sets of shorts n tops I have but I don’t care so there.  This freebie and there was at least 2 other, this is the one I preferred, are to be found at the Bliss shop.  The Bliss group is VIP but still free and so are the other 2 groups you have to join to get the other  2 free outfits.  Going by memory lots of sizes and with the 2 outfits, I opened both came with Huds and in this case I decided I rather liked the shorts not matching the top but you can choose your own preference.

It was the hair that got me back in-world because as soon as I saw a picture of it I just had to have it even though my SLing time was up.

This hair is extremely reminiscent of a very recent hair but Mina has given it that windswept look to it.  As someone who is trying to get a bit of movement or life into her pictures I love clothes and hair which have that extra bit of folding or suggestion of movement to them but even though this hair has all that it’s still totally wearable as just normal mooching around in SL hair.

The hair comes from the Shiny Shabby event and I have to be honest it’s not the best place for freebies but then again it’s been so long since I was last there you never know and since it’s on till the 15th it should have calmed down so I might just amble on over there.


OK if you have 50Lds you must join the !g0 Group NOW before the place becomes a heaving cesspit of grasping, greedy AV’s and Moi tomorrow.

Gocha Merlin, the owner of !gO not only has a damned fine and unique clothing range, it’s where I often chose to spend my Lindens, the group gifts are monthly and there is often also a new outfit with a colour which has been reduced for just the group members it along with Sn@tch are the 2 groups I have been a member of for an SL lifetime.  What Gocha Merlin also has is one of the BEST advent calenders going in SL and because this is a clothes shop it means CLOTHES in the unique !gO style.  Because as with most calendars only 1 box a day is opened but sadly for those who can’t get in-world once the day is over you can’t get it anymore.  So you really need to try to pop over every day to make sure you don’t miss out.

PS. Now I can’t remember if it’s now gone from a 24 day Calendar to a 12 day one but it does no harm to join now, go grab the GG and get yourself ready for the rampaging horde.


Shiny Shabby


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Updated “Spendy”.

Just thought I’d show off my new “spendy” item which finally completes my Ballerina look.

It may shock you that I spent more Lindens cos I’m a Cheap B* but to me it’s totally worth the 255Ld price tag because it’s just what I wanted.

I found this on the Marketplace but logged inworld as the shop I got it from,!gO, is one of the shops I have been a group member of for an SL lifetime and so I was hoping I had enough group credit to buy it but I didn’t but again when it’s something that brightens your SL and RL day then it’s really just a few pennies worth of joy.

You do get more than the 2 sizes of skirt, I’m wearing the larger size but the smaller one isn’t much smaller and you also get a leotard to be worn with the skirts or on its own but I do have to say much to my surprise considering the high standards and uniqueness of the !gO range it wasn’t very good.  The shoulders/arms have that thick “basic” look to them so unlike !gO but I was really so pleased with the skirt and it can be worn over anything so I am more than happy.

There is also a whole range of colours to choose from and I would have loved to buy the other colours as well but then I got all mean and slammed my SL wallet firmly shut.

PS The picture was taken in the sim setting I was on but you can see the lovely mesh detailing but always try the demo and the MP link is for the demo.

!gO(Marketplace for the Demo)


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I have “yumyum” hair.(freebies n cheapy).

I finally did it and left some of my groups to free up some space and I also decided to check out some of my paid to join groups to see if there are any new GG’s out for me and scored for both the Free and the Paid For groups.

First a vanity shot as I have 2 left feet in RL so in SL I love nothing better to see my AV dance.

OK, first the not so free but at 50Lds to join the !gO group for this dress it’s worth it.

I am really bad at visiting all the groups/shops which I have a paid for membership to grab any new GG’s and so goodness knows how many I’ve missed from the !gO shop but this simple shift dress is gorgeous and as always with the !gO gifts it’s shop quality.

To me !gO is the “Joe Brown” type of clothing, google it, and I love that style.  Unique clothing you will not find anywhere else in SL and even better this stuff doesn’t age because as it gets older it just becomes classic !gO pieces.

I’m not a 100% sure as it has been that long but sometimes a new design is set out and one of the colours is reduced for group members as well.  Anyhow if you have 50Lds to spare then this is a group/shop to join.  To find the Group gift walk straight ahead in the entrance in front of you and it’s to the left above a reception table BUT also where you land is a signpost and you can TP from there to the Discount section and just a quick glance around was enough for me to see a LOT of super stuff at really good bargains and I also spotted that they come with demos so I can guarantee you WILL end up grabbing a load of them to try before you buy.

Freebies now.  (Barbery) Yum Yum is a shop I’ve actually bought hair from as it’s super cute, young, unique etc all the things I love.  There are 2 free hairs both short and cute, the other one I’ve already blogged but a long time ago and so I’m just showing you this one and you can surprise yourself with the other one when you go to the shop.

You only get the 1 shade. if my memory serves me right the other freebie has a choice of 3 light shades but I could be wrong.  The hud also has a simple slider so if you put it on don’t freak if it’s too small or big as you simply slide the slider till it fits.  Yup I got tempted as in the reception area is the hairs which are available at events and there is an adorable wind blown one so I had to TP over to that event and bam it’s mine now.  Thats why I don’t visit some shops as I always get tempted lol.

A nice little extra in the shop Yum Yum shop is some nice cool wearable drinks and spoons.

Even though they come with pretty good holding poses you know me and of course I had to rezz them and they make seriously good decor items and even with all the detailing they’re still just 1 prim.

PS The shop is called Yum yum and the group invite is next to the gifts in the entrance but the group name is “Double Paradox” just in case you get confused as to why you’re getting sent a group invite for a different name.



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I always love to get something Eastery to wear and I found this glorious outfit by !Go for just $99L. Standard sizes only but I found a perfect fit to go over my Slink Physique body.  In the box is the outfit, the ruffle and the ears – dead cute. Teleport to the discount & group gift area to find it. Lots of other colours/patterns to choose from!

I turned around and boooom – I was staring at a vast pile of group gifts, some are free some are $1L. This outfit “ragwitch” comprises of two parts, the top and the overall. Standard sizes only, but I got a good fit from them. Totally adore the little plushie toy in the pocket!


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Easter freebie & dollarbie

Easter Freebies & Dollarbies

I was mooching around on the market place earlier and came across two items I thought you might like. The tied tee & jeans are just $1L from Gaall, I’m wearing them over my Slink physique mesh body and its a perfect fit – five sizes included. The basket is free from !Go, hold pose and you can actually hear the white rabbits watch tick ! Shout out for my Wedge sneakers, got these at the recently opened cart sale – $10L and you get a HUD with four patterns for the shoe & laces – steal!

Gaall outfit

Basket !Go

The Wash Cart Sale

Argrace hair Koyomi

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Vogueing MAD!

I always say “save to spend” and as much as I would like to say to you this is free this sadly is most definitely a “SPEND”.  As it happens I popped into !gO to check something out (Bargain Gacha Event) and checked any credit I may have, which I did, so I decided to have a wander around and as soon as I spotted this fantasy outfit it was going to be MINE!


To me this is what Second Life is all about, it’s being something you could never be in RL, even if that is a big boobed/butt sl*t or a little furrie or even slimmer and fitter than the real you.  As a history buff the era of the Sun King is something I would love to experience, as long as I was rich Royalty and not a poor serf!  So the chance to put on a big hipped, high hair outfit and go sauntering was worth the relatively few Lindens this look cost.


A “bum” shot just for fun.  You can’t get this outfit in the !gO shop as it’s only available at the I<3 Role Play event and at this event it is discounted by 25% but it still costs 366Lds so by my maths, which is rubbish, I think that means when it’s in the mainshop it will be around the 400Lds mark so grab it while it’s cheaper.

To me this is well worth every Lindens for some amazing texturing and just pure feminine indulgence.  I have played with the pictures a bit and damn it has been a lovely morning preening and posing and just sauntering around SL looking gorgeous, but rest assured this outfit doesn’t need any help to look glorious.  Actually my only annoyance was you have a rack of different colour choices in the gowns and I struggled as to which one to buy because I wanted them ALL!  So I played safe with the champagne one.

Another sorry here because the amazing hair/hat combo doesn’t come with the dress and you will have to pay more Lindens for it but again check this out.


At 185Lds it’s actually a pretty good bargain because you get not just 4 hair colour options but also the 4 hair/ hat combinations plus a wearable hat on it’s own, which of course means you can wear that hat with another hair you may have in your invent and if that wasn’t enough you actually get a Hud for the hat which allows you to change the colour of the brim, roses and ribbons.  Don’t worry demo for the dress and hat are available for you to try for yourself.


!gO is a group you must pay to join but if I remember correctly because !g0 is a group I have been a member of for several years but I do believe it’s at a sheer token price of 50Lds but if it has gone up it’s still worth it (I’ve had a chance to check and yes it’s still just a one off fee of 50Lds to join).  There isn’t a New GG out at this moment but there is always a shop quality gift set out and often a New Item for sale has one specific colour reduced in price for !g0 groupies.  Remmeber to wear your tag as well to earn your credits which is what paid for my hat at least.

!gO has unique designs and texturing, you won’t find anything here in other shops and the pricing for uniquness is a really fair price again add to that the great GG’s and discounts and although Christmas is well over the Christmas Advent Calendar is an event in itself with the damned generous and quality items for us !gO’s


As it happens when I went back to !g0 to LM grabbed I remembered it was the Bargain Gacha event that I was going to check out so I’m giving you the LM for that.  Lots of pirate items and I was very pleased to win myself a stunning peasant outfit.

PS This is a new LM for this event so use mine and not an old one and since I can’t give you the direct LM to the !gO stand just grab the map or follow the sign post to the end and turn left and you will find it.

We ❤ Role Play


Bargain Gacha

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Lazy and busy and FREEBIES.

WOW it’s SNOWING in RL, ok very wet snow which will have gone in about half an hour once it stops but at this moment I’m snuggled up in front of the fire with some Christmas music playing in the background and outside my window pretty snow is falling.  The small things in RL are always the best things.

OK a lazy post because I took a day off work yesterday to do my big Christmas shop and today once I click “Publish” I have to do some RL catch up work, no work no pay no pay no cat food!


Sadly yesterday I was so short of time not only didn’t I get time to do the FLF I didn’t even have time to log in and grab the !gO Advent Calender gift!  So the first thing I did when I logged in today was rush over to !gO and snag todays Advent Calender gift which is this absolutely gorgeous woolie. So if you haven’t joined the 50Ld group which gets you not just some amazing gifts but also a regular monthly GG and a slashed priced item in the New Releases they DO IT!  Pretty please and remember Men there is still a big pile of pressies waiting for you as well.

The completely Free Freebies I’m not showing you cos it’s a surprise.  I finally managed to squeeze my tiny AV ass into The Arcade and of course I went a bit crazy and now have a whole load of things I don’t really need or want, look out for a later post when I will be setting them out for people to pop over to our sim to snag some Freebies off us, BUT I snagged ALL of the gifts under the tree in the middle of the event as well.  I know a lot of us now wait for the Arcade  goodies to hit the Yardsales but now that the Arcade has finally calmed down it’s time to go there grab some quality freebies and also treat yourself to a gamble on one of the arcades and just have a pleasant time.

Special mention for the hair.  Not only because it’s a Mina’s but equally it’s at an Shopping event which should have been up and running for many Christmases.  I’m talking about the Christmas on 34th Street Event. the special thing about this event is that everything is TRANS! so finally you can gift buy without having to drop the shop owner a note or drag your loved one to the shop and then send them the money so they can buy the gift! Poor Faith rarely gets a pressie off me and she’s so good at buying me a pressie I even know she has one in her home for me (but I can’t peek at it until Christmas day)  but this year I might finally find something for her from this event which I can buy and tuck it away under her tree.  I may even buy her this Mina hair!  PS this hair is called Nell and I have another one which I’ve not shown you yet, sorry sorry sorry I seem to be saying sorry so much recently but RL always takes president LOL.  The other hair which I cannot for the life of me remember what it’s called but I do remember it is very similar with a perfectly fitted knitted cap but the colour huds offer different shades and unlike Nell which has a bit of length and movement to it the other knitted hat hair was shorter and straighter.  I must get some simple head shots done because I’ve got 3 of them because Mina Nakamura had been burning the midnight oil again to get out so many new hairs I can hardly keep up but I will also put the link to her mainshop as she usually has the pictures and LM givers for all the events where she is showcasing her new hairs and you can try the demos on in her shop and if you like what you see then pop over to see them for yourself and not have to wait for me to pull my lazy finger out of my ass.

Just a reminder that although the 34th Street Event isn’t a Gacha sale event trans items are of course non copy.  I’ve had a brief look at whats on sale and make sure you’re purchasing the item you want ie some of the non trans items are cheaper than the trans items.


The Arcade (Check under the Christmas Tree)

Christmas on 34th Street

Mina Mainshop