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Trompe Loeil & Global Domination

Trompe Loeil Global Domination - bench passport gift

Whenever I hear the words “Global Domination”, I think of all those baddies in the James Bond films… you knowwww, the ones who sit at a desk with a big fury white kittycat on their laps? You got it ! Sooo when I heard about this new event beginning soon’ish…I was fascinated and had to find out more. What I’ve gleaned so far is this….You need to buy a  “passport” to play…its not a hunt as such…more of a game…all over the grid. You will have to find clues, solve puzzles and more ! Sounds like fun huh? Well, not only will it be FUN…there are goodies up for grabs IF you complete the tasks. Also, if you’re one of the first three people to complete the event..theres seriously a HUGE win for you. Anywayyyyy one of my fav stores is in it Trompe Loeil, and if you buy your passport from there you get a gifty hurrrah! I’m plonked on said gift above, its pretty snazzy , has some neato poses in it for girls & guys, plusss some rather fabuloso texture changing on the fabric…ohmailawd its only THREE prims *faint*. If you buy your passport before the event begins it will only set you back 300L….afterwards I believe its going to be 400L…anywayyyyy Im rambling on and I expect you just want the details so you can get on with it ! All info below for details of start dates and kiosks to buy your passport…enjoy ❤

Trompe Loeil

Global Domination Blog with all the info