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Goddess In Green


Wow factor times 10.  I took a number of snaps to try to show you the fullness of the skirt but this one of me floating up through the blue tree is my favourite. As you will be able to see in the second photo the skirt is massive and it billows around you like a cloud.  The bodice, part of the skirt and shoulder decorations are made from leaves.  I loved walking along the rocky beach with it flowing behind me.  Quite an impact dress.


This wonderful, non mesh, dress comes from Vero Mondero and is a  special gift. It comes from a smaller satellite shop of theirs situated on a brand new, to me, shopping sim.  This sim is packed with top quality and well-known shops and designers and lucky for us if you join the Avenue Group you can get this show stopper and quite  a few other gifts that have been placed out.  I may blog some of them later but make sure when you have some spare time on your hand get over there and just have  a wander and treat yourself.

This smaller Vero Mondero shop seems to contain all Mesh clothes however the much bigger Vero Mondero main store is packed with goodies and mainly non mesh which can be a plus.   A great selection of mens clothes, swim wear, casual clothes and of course the full length ball gowns that seems to be their speciality.  It is nice to see that there is a lot for men to see as well and that dept isn’t just an after thought.

Special mention has to go to 2 departments that are somewhat related, the Wedding Department and the Maternity Department.  Beautifully crafted special dresses which just give the appearance of being “one of a kind” to pretty sweet or glamorous gowns that have been crafted to create the baby bump that some people love.

Not the cheapest of shops but a big smile came to my face when I saw what the group gift is, a very Voguish dress but that they also have a discounted section for men and women and there is a lovely selection of full length glam for all to indulge in.

Vero Modero

Vero Modero Main shop

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Splash of Colour

The Retro Glam Acapulco Collection 2

Ahhh just what I needed…a splash of colour in Winter…Zinnias has released this just in time to warm the cockles of my heart on a windy icy day. The Retro Glam Acapulco Collection is just so juicy but not in a Summer type of fashion (although this collection would be useful all year round) I was really pleased to see the curly lounge chair..I have this in a zesty blue….the gorgeous tone is now a more green verdigris shade…slightly shabby chic…and a stylish shape. The poses are just tremendous…totally loving the phone one, it even gives you a phone to wear !

The Retro Glam Acapulco Collection 1

Also part of this set is the pillow pile…to-die-for shades and some awesome animations again, I’m having a mug of coffee and waiting for the phone to ring…such a darling little telephone table, with a stunning candelabra, adore the little sprays of gems that dangle from the arms…all these tiny details that really add such a lot of charm to a piece.

The Retro Glam Acapulco Collection 3

I managed to lure Player to come take a few minutes out of his day, he snapped up a cigarette from the table and struck a pose…and this is what makes these pieces so good…beautifully made..expertly executed , stylish and very very good animations, all this and also low prim…I really love the peeling paint effect on the realistic and sweet…of course…the drapes that go with this collection are a wonderful shade of pink and instantly won a place in my heart! (and in my SL home) Go take a wander around the store…bet you can’t resist ! Thanks Zinnia ❤



Zinnias on the market place