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A wardrobe full

BDR FREE! Outfit - dress - shoes & hat

I’ve got ooodles of dresses to show you…first up is this complete outfit from B:D:R, it’s this months group gift and the group is currently free to join. you get a fahbulous maxi dress with halter neck, matching toned shoes and the great big floppy hat…really lovely, go grab it up !

BDR outfit with shoes,hat & mesh maxi dress - Gloam Affair skin sale - 100L !

I must mention a skin retirement sale by Glam Affair also…I was in hog heaven ! They are having a sim refurbishment and some of the older skins have been reduced to just 100L each *faint*….if you havent been able to afford a Glam Affair skin before, nows your chance to get your paws on a  few at this small price. I’m wearing Jadis in medium tan, which is a lovely soft skin tone, uhm…if I blogged all I bought we’d be here for a longggg time. Not sure when then sale ends so dash!

CandyMetal NEW! Eclectica NEW!

CandyMetal also have a bundle of pretties released… there are 3 packs of this stylish little frock, all differently patterned and coloured. Sweet mini dress with perfect details, it’s also Lola ready if you’re into that – but looks gorgeous without if you’re not. I’m also wearing the newly released “Lotus” set by Eclectica, last post I showed this I had selected the dark heavier looking setting and metal…this time I’ve gone with the silver tone, it seems daintier and lighter, a great set for a summer look !




Glam Affair Skin Sale

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I couldnt resist ! Ive blown my October Budget already and its only the 8th …hubbidy hubba whats a girl to do..I SO rarely buy skin…and as my favourite skin maker Gala Phoenix is sadly not able to be in Second Life and create currently..I had an itch that needed scratching..soooo there I was at Collabor88 and saw this skin by Glam Affair “Ginny”…such a lovely tone..beautiful face…I pontificated for about 20 minutes…and then WHAM, it was in the bag and I was poorer. BUT ! Only 188L poorer…such a great price, how can you not buy it? Decided after braving the crowds at collabor88 I needed a rest on my new “fly to the sky” bench from Cheeky Pea..what a  steal, Fifty Linden Friday *squeee*, couples,  singles and friends poses galore…slid into something a lot more comfy from coldLogic…the “nevin” top in lush copper…and the kime pants in cocoa…snugggly and sleek !

Ohhhh did you manage to go grab the clawtooth pack of hair for 50L? Well here it is…sooooo glam ! Called “Glamazon”, this is the wheat shade, but you get two others also…keep an eye on clawtooth..they always have great offers and stunning new hair…this offer may have ended by now…but go take a peek, bet you don’t come away empty handed ! Musnt forget to tell you about the new crema lipcolours from MOCK…gawd…sooper delishhhh and so wearabubble…Im wearing the one called smolder…not heavy or clownish…but a delicate slick of colour to transform your lips…love it.



MOCK Cosmetics

Cheeky Pea



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Glamour never cost so little

Glam of my most favourite places to go and cheer myself up when I’m broke – has new items!! I always dash straight over there to take a gawp…this time I avoided the elbowing going down by the skin dept. and scooted over to the clothes…snapped up this ensemble called Bologna. Great satin shine flared skirt & double layered tee…naturally, just 10L (everrrrything is 10L)

Then I spied this outfit called Oslo…fantastic denim one piece (it also has a purple sort of shrug thing with it, but I didn’t much like it) You get two types of pants,one wearable with prim cuffs,the other just straight with no cuffs required..Ive teamed up with a denim jacket from Poison and some black flats from In Her shoes (freeee-all shoes are free there woot) only 10L. The hair I’m wearing above is also from Glam affair,it’s called Katy, various shades available, a pack of 3 tones is only..youve guessed it..10L ! There is oceans of gear in this place..evening wear,casual,skins,hair and yes guys a whole dept.just for you.

Go get glam: Glam affair


Modavia gives you Glamour

Ohhh Glam Affair have set this scrummy skin out as a gift, its at the Modavia store and is called “Monica”. Rather refreshing to wear a paler tone now and again…such delicate lips & adorable eye makeup. You also get some panties and tattoo layers of pubic hair , and another version of the same skin..quite the fabulous gifty huh??!!

Go get Glam: Modavia


All glammed up for an affair

Glam Affair Janess top,Inverness pants 10L each

Girls & guys come out to play, get your butts over to Glam Affair today! (ooo that rythmes) Yesss indeedy they have heaps of newness, and most everything is not only top-notch but also just 10L ! I’m a pink freak so the above cobbled together outfit was right up my alley..the pants come with optional prim cuffs or wear plain (I edited mine to sit inside my boots) Isn the bustier top devine? Its come in an array of colours , as do the pants,each only 10l.

Glam Affair A&A Mine dress 10L

I couldn’t resist the acid green of this outfit, comes complete with gloves,tights & belt, other shades also available, 10L

Glam Affair Aventura dress 10L

YES! more could I pass this by? Delicate colouring..fantastic details…

Glam Affair Bayonne dress 10L

Just adored this little number, other colours available..just perfect for the milder weather 10L

Theres squoooodles of gear to see, when you land head over to the main building and go upstairs. One side is for guys (all 10L also) and the other side for girls. Theres plenty there from evening wear, to casual, hairs AND skins..took a look at a few while I was wandering..look verrrry pretty !

Go getooodles: Glam Affair

For the curious: bag & jewelery all by chuculet (very inexpensive 1-10L) Hair by Curio,poses by Marukin & olive juice