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Be kind.(Freebie).

Aw, I broke my specs! and yes I am sat here typing away wearing glasses with the arm taped back on with a sticky plaster, can you get nerdier than that?  The funny thing is I have glasses, somewhere, that cost a fortune from an optician but FFS the ones from Poundland are BETTER!  If you’ve never tried off the shelf reading glasses you really should.

Anyhow just a quick un, mainly because I forgot the exact info and I can’t log in yet to get em, so a new Group Gift from Gizza.


Comes as separates so woo hoo for that and as you can see the jumper is a system layer which does comes with Appliers and I’m sureish(sic) that SLink and Omega were there BUT no matter what as I first wore this with one of my own jumpers on top as I’m not a great fan of this version and it looked super cute but then decided to show it as it is because a lot of people would prefer it like this.  Anyhow the choice is yours.

A bit of an icing on the cake is I do believe there is a matching men’s version so you SL couples can dress alike.

PS. Because I had a mesh jumper on but decided to take it off I forgot to reattach the cute bow to the front of the jumper.

PPS. Remember the Gizza gifts, and there is a whole shed load of them, are NOT in the shop but are actually outside where you rezz.  Ooodles of  gifts for men and women but all have been blogged before but make sure to check em all out just in case you’ve missed a cute gift.


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Everyone’s gone to the Arcade (New Mina & Freebie)

Because everyone’s gone to the arcade event it means FaMESHed has finally calmed down enough to be able to move.  If you remember my last post there was some Gifts set out and also the loaf of bread on the Apple Fall stand waiting to be grabbed but what I really went for was the New Mina hair called Valerie and her she is.


She’s a bit hidden behind my book but I just wanted to show you the Free outfit first.  It came from Gizza and I thought that I’d shown you EVERY free Group Gift from here but I can’t ever remember showing you this.  I actually slob around my home in linen style slacks like these as they’re so much nice than joggies, but mine are chocolate brown not this dusky pink.  The top is also inc in this freebie.  A very nice, simple and relaxed outfit but if this doesn’t tickle your fancy there is a really BIG collection of Freebies set outside just at the LM for Gizza.  Outfits for both men and women, mesh and non-mesh.


Sometimes I don’t know how to describe a Mina hair because basically the pictures show them off to their best in any case and you can see, esp in my Nams skin n prim setting, exactly how they look in SL.

The demo of Valerie is in the main shop for you to try on but at the moment you can only get it at the FaMESHed event and of course if you want to go straight there then there is also a Demo out for you to try.on first, and of course, the demo will also be set out at the FaMESHed as well.  Hair and skin are the main 2 things you MUST try on before you buy because what looks amazing on one AV can look like complete pants on another plus you may just like that hair but then try on another and simply LOVE that one. You also need to try out all the colour palette options as  I often stick to the browns which is my RL colour but Mina has a whole palette of colours with the BEST red shades I’ve found in SL.   Each colour pack also comes with a 5 shade option as standard and each shade is different from the others, so I am wearing the mid brown from my pack of 5 and that means I have 2 lighter browns and 2 darker options.  You will know what I mean if you try them on.

Normality is resuming in approx 17 hours as my OH is back at work, woo hoo, and although it’s been a great couple of weeks with him off and our being away or just hanging around the house but I for one am grateful that he doesn’t work from home cos I would KILL HIM.

Gizza Creations

Mina Mainshop


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DON’T PANIC! I’m still here…OK panic a little bit if you really want to but I come with FREEBIES!

See even Faith with her over stuffed invent, and it’s BIGGER than mine, still couldn’t resist trying her hand at the New Mina Gacha hair and if you  missed it she’s mentioned in her post that she will be more than happy to pass it on.  I think it’s because it’s the brown shades and Faith a 100% Blondie in SL and RL.  So drop her a NOTE, not a IM but a NOTE lol and I’m pretty sure that as soon as she returns she will send this lovely gift onto the first one she opens.

First the Freebie and you will be relieved to know you won’t have to unpack every freebie you grab from The Gacha Garden because it didn’t  come from there and by “it” I mean this cute shorts/top/jacket combo.  All linked so you can’t wear them as separates.  Excellent top quality outfit for FREE and there is a matching outfit for men as well.

You will find not just the freebies but a really nice friendly greeter when you land at Gizza so say “Hello” to her before you grab this and any other of the pretty large selection of men/women, mesh and non mesh outfits just waiting for you outside.


Yes I finally went to The Gacha garden event and yes I went Gacha crazy.  Even though there is a massive amount of Gifts set out in and around the Gacha’s there was also too much temptation and I spent ALL of my Lindens and I’ve not even had a chance to start unpacking both paid and free stuff! I need to attend GA(Gacha Addicts).  But at least my financial ruin will be your gain once I get stuff sorted into my keep and donate pile.

OK the Non Free but since the Mina hair is at a bargain price of 100Lds a try then it’s a super bargain.  Obviously you will have to take a chance on the colour pack you get but I’ve not found  a colour I didn’t like.  The front of this hair is a tight to the scalp hair band, the texture is reminiscent of a jersey type fabric with a fine texture not a knit as is the case with her winter hats etc  You also get in the Colour Hud a choice of whatever colour pack you won plus a 6 colour option for the hair band.


I’ve turned around to show you the back as well because it’s not just the wide hair band but also this very loose and textured low bun on the back which makes it stand out.  You will also be able to see that the scarf ends are showing slightly lower than the hair.  I should have changed the colour to make it stand out a bit more.

Never ever buy a hair, skin or a shape without trying it on.  I’ve been burnt too many times buying before trying so as always I will put the Link to Mina’s main shop because although The Gacha Garden was pretty quiet when I went you might just want to try not just this one but the other, full priced but brand new Mina hair, in lag free measure.  You will also find that there is another recent hair which has that great bun but not the scarf so if you like that but are not sure then make sure to check Mina’s out and try both before you decide.

PS I’ve just spotted next to the board in the entrance way where you can snag the Demos and LM’s for the 2 New Mina’s there is also a Discounted item set out for The Mix and suprisingly enough I wore the very same hair 2 posts ago, the “I come with roses” post.  So time to scroll back check out that post for the hair and of course Faiths post as she is also showing you some of the Freebies she did unpack.

Mina Main Shop

The Gacha Garden


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Hop with me (Freebie).

XXXCinnie2I spotted this excellent Freebie, trust me I bin all the cr*ppy ones LOL, and decided since I’d already done 2 posts today and this one isn’t a rush job I would save it for tomorrow which is now today lol.


As I was SL mooching I stumbled upon this intriguing tunnel and of course being a Wabbit I had to hop down it.


And this is where I ended up at, actually it’s a RP/Shopping sim and by the time I took the pictures I had to log out I’m hoping (or should that be Hopping?) it’s going to be an interesting sim to have a wander around.  I’ll put the link to the tunnel entrance because it’s a weird and very interesting looking RP in the fact that on the surface it looks like a normal and beautifully decor shopping sim but I think that is just surface of what is really a society of Vampires, Werewolves,  the Possessed etc and perfect for Faith, Witches!  I’ve put the link to the “Tethers End” blog so you can read more about it.  I think this is a very new RP sim, I could be very wrong about that, but if you have ever thought about giving Role Playing a go then getting in at the beginning can be a great way of learning the ropes.

OK enough Wabbiting on, it’s only going to get worse the nearer to Easter we get, the jumper is an excellent GG from Gizza, Giz Seorn who is the owner is pretty damned generous not only from the fact that her Group is free to join but there is a really BIG selection of Group gifts set out for us.  You may  have seen a lot of them in previous posts so I certainly won’t repeat them but this off the shoulder/shirt combo is Marches gift.

PS all the Gizza gifts are outside just by when you land inworld but I have a feeling there is a bit of a sale going on inside but I could be wrong however if there is a sale going on make sure to go inside as there is some great stuff and if you can get it at a cheaper price it’s not to be missed.


Tethers End Urban Supernatural RP sim (Entrance).

Tethers End Blog for more info

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Classy Lady Classy Home (Freebie and I wish it was free).


I’m so sorry I wish this rental home was free but class like this doesn’t come cheap.  So basically I was looking for a background to take a picture of my new Free outfit and since it was so classy I decided to pop over to Neva which I know is packed with some great streets, landscaping, shops and homes.  As I was wandering around looking for the perfect background I stumbled upon a vacancy and in all the years I’ve visited this sim this is the first time I’ve spotted a vacancy because I have a feeling that they rarely come up.  So it gave me free rein to have a good look around and it was fun.  I didn’t rent for a couple of reasons and the main one being our sim is looking particularly stunning now we’ve stripped it right back and packed it full of snow the other being the price tag.  Cost 2500Lds  a week but for that you get a house which is top class, a landscaped sim which is top class and 600 prims which allows you to create your dream home in SL.  I will take more piccies when I return inworld to show you the house and the outside a bit more and like this top picture I will use the Sim Windlight setting.


So of course I changed the windlight settings back to Nam so you can see the quality of this freebie.  A one piece of a jacket and silky short dress.  It’s so good such a lovely find and of course FREE which is even better and that pearl necklace is the icing on the cake! I love logging off SL knowing I have something to show you of this quality the next time I get inworld.


This comes from Gizza Design and like another shop I know the Freebies/GG’s are actually outside.  I’m not sure where my LM will rezz you but I’m going to try to get one for inside of the shop as this is a big shop packed with some stunningly good quality clothing.  Although heavy on the Autumn/Winter clothes this shop is so big it has everything from bikini’s to woolies.  Sadly just like I’ve had to do with Ebay I basically stopped looking after a while, there are so many tempting thing and I have so little SL and RL money to splash out on myself LOL.

PS of course the hair is a Mina and the skin is PumeC I’m always pointing this out because again I just think these hairs and the skins are some of the best in SL.

This is another sim which is lit and landscaped so well all you need to do is point your camera and press click.


More piccies of the Neva rental.  This is the back of the house and you can clearly see the dock and also you have neighbours to the side and across the water but every house is a quality build and if it wasn’t for the fact my draw distance was playing up I would have taken a picture over the water and the other homes.  with 600 Prims you could decorate your home beautiful and still have prims to rezz a boat!


This is the front of the house.  This particular home is in front of a nightclub but this like all of the Neva builds is a beautiful classy club.  I don’t know how many sims are owned and under the “Neva” label but there are quite a few of them.  I’ve lived in places where you get no visitors and I’ve lived in places where you constantly have to turf out what me and Faith used to call “Free Sh*ggers” this sim offers you peace and quite but you do get a lot of visitors to the sim and I can only imagine that most visitors like me are the respectful sort who come here for a bit of shopping and picture-taking so if you don’t want to live in solitude then this is perfect for you.

What you can’t see is that in front of your home is a canal there is a whole system of canals, I have to wonder if you lived here and had rezzing rights if you could rezz a little row-boat in the canal and travel around this and the other Neva sims on your boat only LOL.

OK the rental board is actually inside of the garden and I’m pretty sure the LM will take you directly to it and of course this house and it’s situation may not like this 100% but if you drop the Neva management a note I’m pretty sure they will give you a list of any other home that maybe up for rent.

PS I went back to Gizza and this is the second time there was a RL human AV who was waiting to greet you and how do I know that they were RL greeters and not just “Bots”? because when I thanked them for the greeting they replied, this is such a lovely touch and you know if you do get met with a greeter in any shop, and it’s rare to have a RL person doing it, just say “Thanks” it’s nice for you to recognise that someone is doing their job.

Neva Rental

Gizza Creations

Gizza Outlet


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Glad Rags (Freebie)

Free mesh dress

Want to feel and look like a fashion Diva, but you are broke? Well join me ! I popped over to Gizza today and collected a wardrobe of clothes for freeee. Group is free to join and the gifts are all outside the store, just touch the photo to collect it – you must be wearing the group tag . A couple of the gifts are mesh, like the dress above – isn’t it stunning? A lot of the gifts are sculpted but still are great good-looking clothes. Take you guy friends along because there are gifts for them too !


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In my mind, it’s still Christmas

If you’re like me and haven’t paid a visit to GizzA of late, you really should. I decided to head down there last night to see what’s what and saw a range of new group gifts. One in particular called out to me and so I snapped it up.

It was their Christmas gift and it is a superb suit. The details on it are fantastic, the shading around the chest of the coat gives it a great look and I especially liked the look of the shirt cuffs, the way they came out from underneath the jacket sleeves and just kind of…hung, brilliant.

The contrast between the red of the coat and tie to the rest of the suit is amazing and the tie itself, check it out, it looks fantastic. I had no trouble fitting any of the attachments either.

If you’re not a GizzA group member, it’s definitely worth giving up one of your slots to it because, as you can see, there are some awesome gifts to be had as well as the amazing clothes on sale down there. Go check it out.

Get the gear here: GizzA