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With Love…again

Ohhh this hunt snuck up on me…didnt know a thing about it until today..so I sped off in search of the goodies for you! My first port of call was Gizza..I love their gear and the prize in this hunt was no exception…each gift will cost you just 10L and wowser..isnt this outfit worth that? It’s a fantastic sheath dress (glitch pants are mod so you can fiddle as I did ) with a floppy bow tied at the waist…you also get the hat which I just fell in lurve with..plus the bag! Can someone please invite me to their wedding so I can wear this? thank you! The skin I’m wearing is also in the hunt, it’s from Lara Hurley Skins, I especially like the sultry eyes and slight flush to the cheeks…beautiful.

One of my favourite shoe stores is in yay! Nardcotix has these stunning red satin heels for you…they come with a HUD to get your skin tone perfect and a choice of pedicure colours also…arent they just purrrfect for the season?

Zenith are very generous, and have placed out two sweaters for their gift…its got bobbles…and its snuggly..and woooly and I LOVE it ! I’m wearing the red version above…with the black leggings that are also in the box…(close up of that amazing Lara Hurley skin !)

You also receive it in a golden tone..all for 10L . I’m also showing the boots and bag that’s the gift from Purple Moon..I had real trouble with the boots (and I’m usually pretty good at boots !) They come with a selection of alpha sizes high,medium etc..and also have resize scripts..but I just couldn’t get them right..I will fiddle with them later. The bag is also part of the set…very cool and very keepable !

Web site with all participating stores & URL’s : With Love again Hunt

Zenith   Purple Moon   Gizza creations   Lara Hurley Skins   Nardcotix


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First Year Gizza

I paid a visit to GizzA tonight to have a look around to see if there was anything new and to my great joy I laid eyes on a couple of awesome group gifts that I snapped up quick smart.

The first of these is the super awesome “First Year Gift” suit you can see above. Basic black for the coat and pants but the design and detail on the collar, vest and cuffs are gorgeous and they really set off the rest of the suit. They are totally easy attachments to wear too, barely any adjusting at all was needed on my part. It also comes with a large, flouncy bouquet of flowers that you can wear on your chest but I decided to leave that off so you could better see more of the details (the flowers are really well done though). Perfect for those formal occasions.

Next I picked up the September gift which is this wicked casual set of white bermuda shorts and checked shirt. All the colours on this outfit and so fresh and bright, especially the shorts – the white is so, so crisp and the detail on them are brilliant. I’m loving the creases and button on those a lot. This set comes with cuffs for the shirt and shorts as well as the collar for the shirt and they are all script resizeable and look great.

The GizzA group is well worth joining as there are plenty of past group gifts that you can pick up as well as new ones regularly and they much some really great looking gear for both guys and girls.

Get the gear here: Gizza Creations

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Gizza Geezer

A while ago, Faeth blogged a store called GizzA Creations and mentioned that there were some group gifts for men and it went right over my head! I didn’t remember until someone mentioned them to me the other night so I went over and checked them out.

One word: brilliant! There is an absolute load of gifts to grab once you’ve joined the group and they are sweet indeed. I picked up a couple to show you all. The suit above is a Valentines gift and as you can see, it’s a gorgeous black suit. Classic black and white, it really looks wonderful. The cuffs and collar are resizeable via  a script and the white business shirt can be worn on its own and trust me, it looks just as awesome.

The second I picked up is their May gift which consists of a shirt and shorts in fantastic colours, lots of purple-y shades – I love purple! The texture on the shirt is rough and warm looking and is just so well done. This outfit comes with prim legs  for the shorts as well as a collar, cuffs and bottom part for the shirt and they are all able to be resized by a script too and give this outfit a great look once it’s all put together.

These two are just a taste of what’s on offer at GizzA Creations, there are lots more and the group is free to join but don’t just linger at the group gifts. Head on inside the store and gape at the huge amount of tremendous gear they have, something for all tastes.

Get the gear here: GizzA Creations

Credits: Skin and Facial Hair by Sacred | Hair by MADesigns |
Glasses by Mr Poet | Poses by Izumiya


GizzA Gifties Galore!

GizzA Creations: May Group Gift

I am a complete obsessor of group gifts…so when I saw a notice that GizzA Creations had a new May group gift available, I headed straight over there….and I could not have been more excited!  This flouncy dress is absolutely perfect for summer!  The bright colors just scream tropical dream and the frilly along the bustline is gorgeous!

GizzA Creations: Purple Moon *Group Gift*

Glancing about,  I was so pleasantly surprised to see how awesomely generous the designer was!  There are a bunch of group gifts available for both men and women!  I scooped up some lulliness that I just adore!  This Purple Moon dress is perfect for a night out on the town.  It comes with the option of this long empire waist gown or a mini skirt prim!  Need accessories to match?  No need to look further!  The necklace and bracelet are included!

GizzA Creations: Gold Gown *Group Gift*

I just can’t get enough gowns!  I have no idea where I’m going to wear them all to, but I just can’t resist!  The quality of the designer’s work is just phenomenal!  I absolutely adore this Gold Gown…from the low neckline to the detailing of the textures!  The ruffle textures in the skirt give the dress the illusion that it is fuller than it actually is! So perfect, I know what I’m wearing next time I’m heading out!

GizzA Creations: Leather Outfits *Group Gift*

And for us girls out there who just cannot resist leather….this outfit is perfect for you!  It comes with the leather pants, the textures of which are awesome!  Really gives them the feel of being worn in.  A smexy lil lace bra is included to go right underneath the to-die-for leather jacket!  With little to no editing needed, the jacket fits beautifully! The outfit also comes with a leather belt that hugs your hips like a dream.  I am sooo super happy that I picked up all of the group gifts!

Combat boots are by Together, Inc. and can be found here on marketplace for 299L:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Together-Inc-Combat-Boots-female/470337

Make sure you join the group to indulge in this awesome giftiness!  And don’t forget to check out the rest of the store….it’s HUGE and has loads of fabulous clothing!

Giftiness found here: GizzA Creations