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My Rare Gacha Prize. (Gachaland & Mention of FREEBIES).

I’ve not changed my outfit from this mornings post so I decided to just change the colour and pattern on the skirt.

When I’d logged off I was at the latest round of the Gimmie Gacha event so when I logged back in I continued walking around and grabbing all the Gifts.  I will say I always look at the Gacha’s as well and there were three there I was seriously tempted by and then I came across the “Since 1975” stall and I just had to try my luck and I won the RARE!  TBH I would have been happy with most of the weirds heads but this saxophone is definitely something that makes me stand out in a crowd lol. I think this Gacha cost 70Lds.

It’s a well-known event and we all recognise the purple gift boxes, I’ve not unpacked any as yet so I can’t tell you what’s in them but I just wanted to do a quick post to show off my new look.

Gachaland, Gimmie Gacha.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Gimmie, more, Gacha.(Freebie(s)).

The Gachaland event is open and that means FREEBIES, as well as a lot of temptation esp as a couple of the clothing Gacha’s which actually had signs up saying the not only had Legacy fits but Legacy Perkie fits…woo hoo…I still resisted though and once I’d ran around grabbing the freebies TP’d home to quickly unpack.

Actually, I was/am RL clock watching as I need to be doing something else in about 10mins so this is very much a rush job.

At a glance I didn’t see any clothing in among the gifts, I did see hair though, so I decided for the sake of time to unpack what turned out to be a furniture pack and inc in that pack is this dish of CHOCOLATE!  I want chocolate, I need chocolate, I will be a nicer person if I had chocolate but sadly shopping for chocolate is not considered to be essential so no chocolate for meeee!