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EeeK! (Freebies).

Today is the day I have things to do, places to visit, people to see and I’m so excited that even though it’s just visiting the supermarket, dropping shopping off etc it’s just nice to be able to walk outside with the sun on your face.

Mouse is the shop I got this outfit from and much more.

I know the pants are the “Stay at home club” can’t remember if the sneakers were as well but I do remember the top is a Group Gift…anyhow there is quite a selection to pick and chose from inc lucky boards.

The Group is free to join and once you do that click on the gift boards and select “Buy” and don’t worry you don’t get any money taken.

PS.  Hint, one of the Group Gifts is a fat pack of old gifts, thinking about it I think the top I’m wearing came from that pack.  You’re suposed to unpack it the usual way ie wear and click on the icon but it just sends you the fat pack of gifts and not the actual gift.  Easy to resolve, just rezz each item and unpack it that way and you get the item and not just the fatpack resent to you.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

All that glistens is FREE.(Cosmopolitan Event FREEBIES).

Faith got Tres Chic and I got Cosmopolitan.  Yet another WOW as each, or most, of the stands has a small crate on it with sparkly gold inside and when unpacked you DO strike Gold as the gifts are generous and top-notch.

Such a great mix of clothing, decor and accessories, in the end, I had to stop unpacking as each time I unpacked something it was a case of “Yes, this is the one” and then I’d unpack the next thing and it was “Yes, this is also the one” so I decided to just go with this bikini and dress and leave the rest for you to check out.

Although the editing has enhanced the colour of the dress it’s a KEEPER!  Actually of what little I did unpack I’ve already relabelled some as I will be keeping them as well.

This event only opened it’s doors yesterday and as you can imagine it’s packed so I’d wait a little while.  Unlike Faith, I did treat myself a little thing for my home and I’m looking forward to returning to checking out the demo platform, it wouldn’t let me TP there this time which I will blame on the lag.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Gimme Cake! (Lots and Lots and Lots of FREEBIES).

There are two events celebrating their SL birthdays, one of which is packed to the rafters so I’m going to either leave that till it’s calmed down or Faith might like to do a post on it.  The second Birthday event is the “eBento, 3rd anniversary” and almost every stall has a delicious looking cake which is what you click on for your gift.

Again we seem to be spoilt as although I’ve only scraped the surface of what I grabbed I can see plenty of quality gifts inc hair, shoes, clothes, tattoos and of course this bag.  It comes with a lovely wearing pose, 16 prims rezzed as decor.

So I will leave you with just this brief example of whats on offer and hope you will have just as nice a day as me unpacking and sorting out the goodies you can use.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Thats new. (Freebie@S@bbia).

I think this is the first time one of the S@bbia group gifts comes sleeveless and since you only get the one fit I was going to assume it may not be a good fit but I was wrong.

Again just a lovely simple dress with the S@bbia charm.  The “old” gift is still out, I’ve noticed that Jury Gothy seems to put out 2 gifts now which is super of her.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Guess where I’ve been? (Group Gifts 20Ld & Dollarbies & Great Service).

I finally managed to squeeeeeze into the Blueberry shop and it was so worth it, not so I could spend my FREE Credits but because there is a New Group Gift and it has to be said that the “old” Group Gifts are either still top quality or pretty new so if you’ve not visited for a while make sure to check them out.

Just like fur in SL, a “Puffer” look is so hard to do but this puffer jacket is the best I’ve found and to find that not only does it cost the token Group joining price of 20Lds you get a “Megapack” for both the jacket and the tied t-shirt layered under it.  Want more? You also get that t-shirt as a separate wearable…honestly how good is that.

BTW The Gift Card is STILL available.  If you pay the 20Lds joining fee then check out the group notices and scroll down to the “Blueberry 8th Birthday” note as that is the one that contains the gift card.  Do not activate it until you can get into the shop as once it has been activated you have 2 weeks to use it or lose it.  A good way to beat the lag is to check out the outfits in the Marketplace shop and select what you’d like to buy and then TP to the shop as of course you can’t use credit on the MP.

BTW Did you know that upstairs at Blueberry there are Gacha’s?  I didn’t till someone mentioned it in a post but the other thing they mentioned is that it’s best to use them when the shop is quiet…and the shop is hardly ever quiet lol.

PS. There are also a small number of Dollarbies in the Marketplace shop.

WOW Talk about great customer service!!!!! So I was lucky to be able to get into the Blueberry shop to treat myself to something and something went wrong, not sure why but it doesn’t matter because I dropped a note to one of the Customer Service people and not only did I get an instant response, she was actually inworld though so I may have had to wait a bit otherwise, but not only did she resolve the problem she did it so well I ended up with a SH*T EATING grin on my face!

Blueberry. (Inworld)

Blueberry. (Marketplace).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Aww Hell NO! (Freebies).

There I was slowly and surely working my way through the FaMESHed event when the notice came through that the Gacha Gardens is now open for business and you know me when I get a sniff of freebies I’m off.

I wast going to save doing a post about it till tomorrow but as soon as I put this wearable floating cloud on I knew I just had to do it right now.

Another freebie and it’s “copy” & “Editable” so that’s why there is a nice pile of petals next to the pot.

I didn’t get around the whole event as it’s only just started and so I will have plenty of time to do the rest as I think there is another event for me to visit and then I really do need to sit down and sort through all the amazing gifts which have been given out over the past few days.

Are we being spoiled rotten with so many shops/people/designers etc making our SL just a bit nicer to take our minds off the sad bits of our RL.

The Gacha Garden.




Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Well Hidden by Wellmade. (Freebie(s)).

Can you see me? OK I’m not that well hidden but I did have fun taking this picture.

What you can’t see is that this bodysuit with a thick hood comes in just camo patterns. They are really top quality texturing/patterns but most of you know camo is one of my least fav patterns.  So I will leave this outfit as a nice surprise and show you the “The stay at home club” gift instead.

Just a nice simple dress, you get a small hud which gives you 2 colour options for the top part and 2 pattern version for the dress part.  I prefer the blue as you can see the lines and wrinkles better.

Forgot to mention that you do get quite a few camo patterns in the hud and as for the hat it’s obviously one of the other Mina baseball cap style hat/hairs.  This one doesn’t come in just a camo pattern I only chose it as it was a pretty good match to the other outfit I was wearing.

PS.  Lots of other Group Gifts in the Wellmade shop but well blogged not just by us but many other blogs so if you don’t like what you see still check the shop out.