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I made a mistake. (20Ld Group Gifts).

Both of the skirts are items I’ve shown you before however the top is new, to me at least.

This skirt comes with a hud of 3 simple patterns and 4 shades with a slight satin sheen. I forgot to count how many colours you get in the hud for the top but it’s a lot more.

The “mistake” I made was a simple one in that I should have kept the top on when modelling this other skirt as although it’s not specifically designed to go with these skirts it’s good enough and if I’d worn it you’d have seen a nice tasselled detail on the back.

This is the skirt I’d really wanted to show you. It’s a two-layered floaty skirt with a hud that allows you to change everything from the thin hem to the waistband.

From the wall of group gifts, I’d also picked up some quality shoes and this backdrop. The backdrop also comes with a hud and there were some pastel shades which really make it stand out.

At only 20Lds to join the group you get a lot for that small amount.


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I’m just meandering. (Only Mention of Freebie(s)).

The LM will take you to a platform and on one side is a TP to the Voluptas Virtualis shop and the other side takes you to the Aisling shop.

In the Voluptas Virtualis shop there are freebies, no group needed, the main gift is a cropped top and panties set. Nice and plain almost sporty unlike the fuzzy socks lol. There are other gifts which I do believe are eyes and jewellery.

Since I can’t really model the outfit for you I decided to head on back to the platform and go to the Aisling shop. Ignore the cat, he’s a random Gacha prize from the Aisling shop which I have had for a long time.

Next to where you TP into the shop is a whole load of freebies, no group needed, and some of these freebies have been around for many, many years and this floral headdress is actually one of them. It’s stood the test of time as have many of the other gifts. I think this floral crown and a pair of mens shoes are the only free clothing the rest is items of decor. Pretty RP/Gor/Medival but don’t let that put you off. There are things there which will suit any home/garden.

Special mention to the bags and spilled gems. I used to have them out on my land a long time ago and now I’ve been reminded of them I must dig them out.

Voluptas Virtualis & Aisling

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It’s different.(Freebie).

I did a lot of random TPing today and ended up at a shop called Hollyhocks.

It’s not a big shop and there is some appliers/flexi outfits which aren’t showing their ages well. A few more mesh items in a “little house on the praire” style, some bathing suits which were lovely in their modesty and over the desk is 3 free for all gifts inc this outfit.

I have googled this style of outfit which to me has a very Indian feel to it but I won’t say much more as I will just be showing off my ignorance of Indian fashions. Not a keeper for me but it’s just nice to show you something new.

LOTS of fits and the pants/top are seperates.


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“Sexy, Fashionable, Gorgeous Me” (4Ld Gift & Freebie & Mention of Freebies).

Sometimes I get a notice about a special offer/gift etc and I’m not interested in it but it acts as a prompt to check the shop out and thats how I ended up at the “Blackbirdlacestore”and joining the “Sexy, Fashionable, Gorgeous Me” group which cost me 4Lds and for that I get this “double denim” look.

It’s not a personal “keeper” for me but it actually I see how someone else could love it. It’s just the pant suit and for some reason it just made me feel a little bit “Yee Haw” lol. So I dusted off my cowboy hat, which shockingly is not a Mina and although I do own cowboy boots I thought these pink ankle boots would be better.

When you TP to the Blackbirdstore (sic) turn left and on that wall is a whole load of outfits for different groups a mix of free & cheap so check them out as well as the special off outfits that got me over to this shop in the first place.

UPDATE: When I went back to LM grab I spotted on a different wall the Blackbirdlacestore Group Gifts, Free to join, and this very interesting dress was one of the gifts.

It was just too good to not grab it and return to the same place I took the last photo.

BTW This is my Lelutka head and SLink body. I’m not wearing a scrap of make up, in RL as well lol, and this is why I’m so reluctant to change my mesh head/skin cos don’t I look gorgeous.

BTW If you like the look of something in one of my pictures and you want to know where it comes from just drop me a note I don’t mind at all. Sadly I can’t guarantee it’s a freebie but often if an item is a freebie I do try to remember to mention it.


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Sweet as Sugar.(Mention Of Teegle Freebies & Lots of rambling).

Scroll down to the end for info on the freebies so you don’t have to suffer my insane horse rambling.

I’ve lost my horse! She’s managed to wander off sim which does happen occasionally and normally I get a message telling me that it’s happened and the horse is automatically booted back to me. All I need to do is just rerezz her out of my invent but this time I got the message and she’s not in my invent so I’ve searched our sim and nope she’s gone. “Sods Law” is that she may turn up our of the blue but I thought it’s a great time to test the Teegle replacement system.

In the Teegle mainshop are 3 caspervends and you just chose the right one and one click opens a web page which has your purchases listed and 1 click later I had my replacement.

So this is my Sugar, her full name and title if you want to buy the same model is “Sugar Cookie, The Painted American Model”. I’ve not even changed her coat as I love her as she is but one day I may change her to a dappled grey, alternative skins do have to be purchase seperately.

These horses are so freaking realistic right down to the way their nostrils flare as they whinney as they are Animesh horses.

So easy to ride and a simple riding hud. I just let mine wander and as I’m working in and around my home I can hear her clopping/snorting and neighing away in the background. As someone who has always dreamed of owning a horse this is as good as it’s going to get and it’s pretty good.

I picked one of the more realistic horses but there are many of different shapes and styles from fantasy to naturalistic. On the right hand side of the shop is I believe the Animal AV’s. So if you want to BE the horse and not just the horse rider then thats the side you enter, it’s the left hand for the rezzable Horses.

BTW if you’re wondering the non-copy version is only 1500Lds which compaired to the copy version of 6000Ld is a pretty big price difference. I also spotted if you wanted to upgrade from non-copy to copy then it’s about the 40004500Ld price and then I spotted a FOAL!!

OMG There is a FREAKING gorgeous little foal! The realism in its gangly movement is just outstanding! I had a brief glance at the details and it looks like you can “Mother it” to your existing horse and thats when I knew I had to get out before I spent money I don’t have, 1500Lds but that is definately on my “Buy” list for next year.


As for the FREEBIES you will find under the Christmas tree is a LOT of boxes of random horsie stuff. I’ve not even started unpacking them so I’m not sure whats in most of them but half the fun is the suprise.

Teegle Mainshop. (Left for the Horses, Right for the AV Horses).

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OH NOES! (Go NOW!!!, 500Ld Free Credit).UPDATE cos I need to moan.

Drat, the Apple Blossom shop has a very generous 500Ld shop credit for us and the Group is FREE to join.

I’m am so late getting this info out to you my only excuse is I just found out about it plus the shop is so busy I struggled to get things to rezz which is why I didn’t spot on the board that the cut off date for this offer is NOW/TODAY!

So log in now and you will find the poster, and group gifts on the back of the wall behind the reception desk…or just follow all the pink fluffy clouds.


This is only 1 of the Group Gifts I’d managed to grab from Apple Blossom when I decided to take a break from SL as it was way too busy plus either SL or our Sim was being a bit borky so I logged out and after a cup of coffee and a slice of Christmas cake I decided to log in and yet again try to work on my Legacy Perky bod.

Can you see the problem? Yup that neckline! I have tried it all!!! I’ve made my neck, smaller, bigger, longer, shorter, longer and thicker, shorter and thicker, longer and thinner……you get my point. Spent more money on buying the same Pumec skin applier for the Legacy body to match my head..nope and don’t even get me started on the neck blenders…makes it even worse.

OH and I even tried BOM skins..nope. I don’t mind the waste of money, ok I do a bit, it’s the fact that I actually LOVE this body/shape esp those very perky little boobies. I like it so much I’d actually stop wearing my SLink and you know how much I LOVE my SLink body.

I’m sorta annoyed as this is the new update which inc even perkier perkies so I held my breath in the hopes I would finally get that seamless look and nope.

Apple Blossom.

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Red hot and Spicy.(Freebies).

This bold red leather outfit was last years winter gift from a shop called Spicy Secrets.

The only winter/Christmassy thing about this leather look is that light smattering of gold stars other than that it’s a very sexy biker chick look. I’m pretty sure last time I showed it to you I was posing with a bike, a scooter to be exact and not a big manly looking thing.

Since thats the old gift I have shown you previously I’m pleased to show you something new.

You get a hud of colours and I chose this pinky purple one which although I have edited the photo a little bit it is a most interesting colour. I can’t remember how many colours are in the hud just that you had some other equally as interesting shades as well as another bold red and a classic black and all with that light metallic sheen.

There are a lot more gifts in the Spicy Secrets shop for you to check out.

Spicy Secrets.