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Welcome to my studio.(Freebies).

Since we now have prims to spare and in my new big ass prim home I had a spare room I decided to make myself a studio to work in so when I’m in a rush or I want to take close-ups instead of rezzing my handy plain pose cube I will now use my studio.  Although I will admit that I will have to tweak it a bit and maybe remove the lights behind me etc I’m more than happy with the setup.


Now for the freebies and I have to admit I’m really surprised at how good they were.  I had actually only picked the Free shoes up but at the last moment I decided to grab just a couple of the hairs and I’m so glad I did.


Look at the way the hair is feathered at the brow, looks pretty natural.


I only picked up 2 of the hairs but there are more in different styles.


There is a certain “wiggieness” to some of the shades you get in the colour Hud that seems to come with each hair, but that’s actually part of the appeal, looking like Barbie sometimes is fun.


It’s funny because all I was going to show you were the shoes and now I’m only showing you one pair.  There are more than the 2 I’m showing you, I’m wearing another gift pair in the top picture, and there is a long strappy pair of boots and even more.  Looks like each pair of shoes/boots come with a colour hud as well, the icing on the cake.

If you go to check out all of the gifts, just in the entrance next to the Christmas tree, make sure to look behind the bottom row as there is another row of gifts slightly hidden behind.

PS A mix of mesh feet and sizes, sorry as always ran out of SL time and so I can’t tell you exactly but again lovely freebies.

PPS this dress is an old item I’ve blogged and it’s still up for free on the Marketplace comes with a colour sliding hud which means you have oodles of colour choices.  The shop is called Malaga and apart from this gift everything in the shop is only 55Lds



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Lazy Sunday, Lazy Post and a REMINDER!

I received another notice off PumeC that the group tis still free to join so if you haven’t already JUMP TO IT esp when this notice also inc the fact that there are NEW gifties out for us you might want to now.

However, I TPed straight over and OMHAI it’s so busy I was in lag HELL with all the other GB’s(Greedy B*tches) like me trying to grab it lol that I could barely move and so I decided to just LM grab and run and save it to treat myself later when hopefully it’s calmed down but again if you haven’t joined yet while it’s still free I wouldn’t leave it too long. I also spotted a “salesroom” which again I didn’t stand a chance of checking out but again I sure will be.

PS The sims where Sly Puma(otybis)s has her shop are always beautifully landscaped and if you like to snap more than just bargains then this is a brill place to take snaps or just hang out.

Have a great day and once I’ve had lunch I’m going to brave the PumeC shop again and see if I can see what the goodies are.