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Time for a break.(Freebie).

Doh, not only did I forget to prim check I didn’t even pick up a copy of this simple but quality gift from Apple Fall!  You know Apple Fall is known not only for its stunning designs but also more than reasonable prims so I think a build like this will be very low primmed.

This is the New York Apartment which is easy to understand when you look out of the window.  To get this you have to use the TP just outside of the mainshop doorway and TP to the demo and you will see the large price tag on the wall but it’s been set to ZERO Lindens.

There is also a Golden Apple Hunt going on at Apple Fall, you have to get the Hud, just at the LM, and wear it as you search for the apples.  When you have the full set you can score a super prize….I’m guessing that last bit as I still only have 5 of them so far but it’s time to return to RL.

PS. I promise next post will be wearables.

Apple Fall.

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T*t’s & A**(Dollarbie).

WOW get yer hands on my booty!

Of course, I’ve heard of eBODY  but as everyone will know I wear a SLink body/hands/feet etc (but no mesh head as yet and I don’t even like the SLink one!).  I will confess and say that this super sexy curvacious shape is pretty darn close to my RL size, just with bigger boobs!  I adore my RL curves, I go to the gym and eat well and have embraced my RL curves but for a long time SL curves were just so bad and I’d thrown all my Lindens on the standard size  I just went with the flow but if this shape had been around then I would have loved it.

This Dollarbie from eBODY is only for the curvey size and you get the hands and feet, preattached, and a limited skin Hud.  You get the 3 feet options, flat, med and high.  I’m wearing one of the lighter skins but that’s just the body as my face colour is the PumeC skin I was wearing and it was a close enough fit to make me happy.   I don’t  have any clothes to fit this shape but the bra n panties come with it which saved my blushes.  OK lets be a bit cheeky, get a skinny assed body for the clothes and these curves for SL playtime..wink wink.

I wish more people did love the curvy, but very natural, shape and that would mean more and more clothes for that shape but sadly it’s still a smaller market compared to the slimmer versions.  Of course, e-body does other shapes but if they wanted to tempt you in the shop this is a brilliant way to do it because esp if you’ve never worn or owned a mesh body once you’ve gone mesh you never go back.

UPDATE cos I’m back in-world and of course, now the message has gone out about this great offer eBODY is a little bit BUSY!  I also read the note that came with this freebies and this is the interesting bit…

“eBODY CLASSIC: fully compatible with mesh clothes (fitted mesh and standard sizes), offering a beautiful body without having to renounce the clothes of your inventory.  eBODY CURVY: less compatible but more beauty and detailed, for the people love the curves like me.”

I don’t really know how much the full priced eBODY range costs but I’m pretty sure you will check it out when you get there.


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Princess Violet.(Freebies old n new).

This top from “Sexy Princess” is a keeper.


Love the drape, sexy with lots of skin showing but not slutty and when you turn around some real attention to detail.

slskinuse3The other GG is not a keeper for me BUT that’s not because it’s not quality.  It’s a staple SL design of a mini skirt with a belt, comes in all standard and mesh bod fits which is the same for the top but it’s simply a case of I already have a lot of this design so I simply don’t need another one. I was going to show it to you with this top but I knew the ttop would look so much better with casual jeans, shorts, bikini bottom etc.  A small shop of skimpy undies and I almost bought a sweet and yet slightly slutty little number till I realised it cost

Sexy Princess is a small shop of skimpy undies and I almost bought a sweet and yet slightly slutty little number till I realised it cost 180Lds not 80Lds and although well worth the price tag, since no one gets to see me in my skimpies it’s not worth me buying them, but if you like to dress sexy for yourself or someone else there is some nice stuff here.


As a side note, I’m also wearing a FREE skin from one of the only other skin shops I would buy skins from if I bought skins lol (Pink Fuel is also another skin shop but sadly doesn’t do many freebies but it might be an idea for me to check them out).  Lara Hurley is a free to join group and there is sill some free skins set out and some are for mesh heads but I do believe that on the whole, these skins don’t come with appliers as standard.  You could, of course, use the Hud that comes with every mesh body bit and get a nice match but appliers have made us lazy but I love the free skins I’ve gotten from there so much so I bought the appliers which are not only pretty reasonably priced but the appliers contain every skin shade in the Lara Hurley range.  The only word of caution is make sure you buy the applier pack to suit your mesh so I wear SLink and I bought the SLink Applier pack but if you use Maitreya then you need to buy that pack.  Again very reasonably priced or you can just use the hud you get with your mesh bits n bobs.

PS I forgot to take my eye shadow tatt off but the lipstick and teeth come with the skin.

Sexy Princess

Lara Hurley

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Oh Yeah! (Freebie).

Big fat French kiss to the lovely person who gave me the heads up about the new Jian Sub/Group gift, because of that and another freebie I had a lovely and so simple time in SL this morning.


Faith has left this poor bear in the snow all this time!


Although I should have stopped running and taken a better picture of my new undies to show you.  As I was trying the boot/slippers/uggs on a notice was sent out about new undies at DanemarkZ, so I and every bloddy else in the “SL offers and Free(SLO&F)” (sic) group TPed over, I’ve never seen so many Cheap B’s in one place at the same time which basically meant it was lag Hell!  So I just grabbed this and TPed home.  Will be going back later to check out the shop more in full when it’s calmed down but this is a simple pretty little undies set, bra n panties in tattoo layers and Omega Appliers.


OMG look at that face GO ON LOOK AT IT!  I have a Bengal and when you tickle his sweet spot, behind the ears you perves! he smiles just like this.  I have, to be honest, and if I had seen these in a notice I would have ignored them because I just thought “slipper” nah I have enough and chances are everyone else will have but “LOOK AT THEM!”  They wiggle their little tootsies, wag their tails, MEOW so cutely they make me melt but never fear you can actually mute the little sweethearts.  You can also stop the animation and also change the texture of each kittie.

The lovely person who sent me a note about them said they were sent out to her as a Sub and I’m subbed to Jian but didn’t get em so when I popped over I reslapped the sub board and yup not only these but other gifties were sent to me straight away.  All of them old ones BUT brilliant ones none the less, I still use the bar, the wreath is perfect for any time of year, the champange bottle/glasses are so realistic etc etc so get over and either slap the Sub board or reslap it if you’ve not been sent these goodies.


DanemarkZ (Turn right and it’s just outside the door where all the Gacha’s are.

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Pretty in pink, purple, cream etc (Freebie).

I’m so glad I hadn’t missed this amongst the many notices I get.  I will be honest and say I will be binning it straight away but that’s only because of a groaning invent and I’m not a Kawaii, pastel girl in SL or RL and not for lack of quality! Super quality and if Kawaii is your thing then a lovely gift.


The scarf in this picture doesn’t come with the outfit I just put it on because why not.  As it happens it’s a gift from Aimiable and it’s probably still there if you need a super wooly esp one that comes with a Hud which is the same for the actual outfit I’m showing you.


This is a linked top n bottom with a pretty big Hud for both skirt and top and a bigger mesh/mesh body size option as well.

This is the No Cabide GG but in the same place is a few other GG’s for other G’s…you know what I mean LOL.  All are free to join and grab but I think you will have seen them all already because from my quick trip over I think this is the newest gift and very pretty it is as well.

I’ve just checked and yes this scarf is still avaiable at Amiable, actually it will probably be there with all of the other group gifts forever because the quality is so good these will stand the test of time.  There is a selection of shoes, bags, hat, top, skirts etc which most people will have already but still worth a check to make sure you have them.

No Cabide