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Chub Rub! (!g0 Easter Gift).

I have been waiting for !g0 to put out its new Group Gift (50Lds to join) and Woo Hoo today is the day.

Typically !g0, unique, bright, bold, countrified and a bit OTT.

You get 3 pieces to this look, sweater, dungarees but don’t be fooled as the third item an “addon” are not shorts but “thigh bands” which does make it look as though you’re wearing shorts but you ain’t!

I’ve teamed the jumper up with plainer jeans just so show you that it and the dungarees can be teamed up with different things.

An extra little bonus is the delivery box.

Super pretty and only 2 prims!



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Fast Free Finds

Freebie !Gift boxed set of two writing pens - animated to wear Joyus Living

I’m just off to my jazz dance class , but wanted to share a few things I found last night whilst browsing the market place ! Above is an absolutely beautiful pen set by Joyus Living. It arrives in this pretty vintage presentation box, two pens , both wearable, one is animated…but you can of course leave them out on a desk just for decor. Totally free !

Freebie ! [BLARABY]Ramadan Lantern with one wearable

Also  [BLARABY] is giving away these pretty & sparkly Ramadan Lantern’s. You get a set of three, one is wearable, one is really sparkly and the other is just huge ! Low prim so great for decorating  in or outside your home.

Freebie ! Marble planter with roses CJ Creations 1

Flower power from CJ Creations…a lovely marble planter in deep purrrple , containing some purple roses, low prim & doesnt get much better huh?!

Freebie  Barrel of daisies cactusrose windlow_001

Last up a free barrel of daisies from cactusrose windlow on the market place. Again low prim so you can scatter them about to your heart’s content. I think it rather charming, and have left mine on the porch of my cottage. Ok have to dashhhhhh!

Barrel of daisies

Planter of roses

Pen set


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Boxing Clever

gift boxes +sanctuaire+  free png

Oh I just had to share this before I leave for my vacation…+sanctuaire+ is giving a gift a day from under their Christmas Tree…I wandered over and todays gift is this set of mesh gift boxes. They are soooooper pretty and only 2 prims per box ! Twelve boxes all together, four different designs…and set as mod & trans so you can actually use them…even the little gift tags have messages on them…I adore ❤




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Free Pain

Meandering around SL like I do I came across this shop and I was stuck.  Stuck because I couldn’t for the life of me decide on which outfit to buy to showcase it’s serious sexy clothes but just as I decided to go away and come back another day my eyes fell upon a FREEBIE. For some strange reason it’s titled “Tiny Giftbox” which it most certainly isn’t because not only does it contain a great detailed (non mesh) corset with prim ruffles but also a great looking boa and an even better pair of black shoes with black rose details and each item on it’s own is shop quality. If this is the quality of the Freebie then I’d will be happy spending my Lindens there when I can work out which outfit I want.
OH I’ve just popped back to the shop and just at the front door is a sign is a special offer of 75Lds off anything (min purchase of 50Lds) so go BUY and fill out the notecard and wooo hoo I’m shopping now!

Close up on my PAIN! I love Cameo’s I also love A:S:S.  That’s the name of the shop 🙂 Honestly.  Ass is for the 3 sexes men, woman and who cares.  Mainly mens clothes with a fair selection of Unisexed clothes for people who care about how they look but also like to push their look that little bit more.  So you can pick up a great pair of jeans and a shirt or a mans full length kilt or if your really daring then a fur bolero for man or woman.

And then I saw this cameo and although the photo doesn’t do it justice it has a 166 prims worth of detail. The silver is cool and cold and the raised cameo has a depth and solid look to it and of course the wicked hooks that attach it to your chest.  Don’t worry if that’s not your thing the red layer comes in all clothes layers so you don’t have to wear it so it doesn’t look so “kinked”,  186 Lds and make sure you chose the right sex as most items come in Female or Male choices.

OK lets talk about men and make up and some men really really not only need it but look great with it and this is the place to get it.  Eye shadows, eye liners, lipstick for men and women and it’s GREAT.  My absolute favourite is the Drama Shadow.  A band of colour across the eyes and forehead.  Shaded and lovely colours and so dramatic.  Men be brave and go for it! 20Lds buys you a single colour and at a 100Lds for a fatpack of 20 colours and you might just love how it changes your whole look.

A small enclosed and private shopping mall and although there is an easy TP to use you only really need to use to get to the Skybox platform.  These sky homes are so good and so reasonably priced I have 9 of them in my Inventory. Priced from as little as 1Ld (Group Gift) to just a couple of hundred Lds.  Great attention to textures makes even the simplest of layouts look so much more.

Mon Cher (sexy underware)