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Faith is such a Dog(Lover that is, lol)!

NO freebies in this post.

I’ve been waiting for the “Rally to the rescue” event to start and it’s started.  I personally am not a dog person, they like to lick their nuts too much and drool.  But if I see a cat anywhere I cannot resist them, I am that woman stood in the middle of the street trying to convince a cat to come over for a tickle..even though I have 2 of them at home I cannot walk past a cat!

When we lost one of our precious moggies we decided to adopt and if you have the time, patience and a never-ending supply of Dreamies, then taking in an older cat can be unbelievably rewarding and the scars do fade over time.

This post isn’t about my Pussy addiction, insert dirty snigger here, but for stinky ball licking mutts.  A pretty standard event ie stalls and a selection of whats for sale either the full amount or part of the sale money is donated.  Some of the more well-known shops are involved in this event and so there was plenty of temptation but in the end, I just threw some money into the tip jar, or rather at the Doggie and TPed home feeling smug.

So pop over check it out, even if it’s just a few Lindens think about donating, trust me it will make you feel smug as well.

PS.  As I’m typing I’m trapped under my old moggy, my bladder is bursting and my stomach is screaming for food and yet all I can think is it’s OK to pee myself and I should be on a diet in any case…I’m such a lost cause.

Ghost Bullies Rally to the Rescue