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Ballroom or Bordello?

Spent a little time looking through my notices and came across one for the Genre event which is new to me.  The premiss is ” Genre is a new monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL” and even better nothing is priced over 100Lds.

urb100glassThis is The Annex’s offering of a completely sumptuous mesh dress with a very Victorian/steam punk inspired look.  Red Damask is the name with rich draped blood red Damask over a satin black underskirt. The low-cut top allows a lot of cleavage and the straps on the arm flex really well.  The main body of the skirt is non rigged  which means it doesn’t flow as much as a unrigged mesh and in fact I saw the demo of this on someone else and my first thought was it’s a sculpted skirt but it’s not, that still didn’t put me off trying the demo for myself and especially since it’s on special off of only 100Lds I was so pleased with it happily snapped it up but definitely try the demo first.   It’s so regal and, going to say it again, sumptuous.  Almost forgot to say gloves and veiled hat are also included.

The hair is another offer from Curio Obscura at Genre .and it’s from one of my fav quirky shops in SL.  I chose the “Victorina Ladylike” style but the is another equally as stylised hair option.  A very stylish thick look, piled high with thick ringlets.  Certainly a unique look.

GlassThen I turned off the light and walked “through the looking glass” and WOAH…..

urb100You enter a wonderland.  A large ballroom stuffed with all the weird and wonderful things we love about Alice in Wonderland.   I’ve already missed last Saturdays  ball but there is another one this Saturday so I have made a note of the time and I’m hoping to get there myself.  This is a massive build over many sims (yes I’ve forgotten how many).  I frequent it and never get bored because behind every door is  a stunning room or display.  The heart of all the sims is The Red Rose Theatre  a palace that would equal Versailles in opulence.  Open to all, you don’t have to be dressed up to the nines but this is a place to put on your full length gowns or best suit and tie and just go OTT.  Even if you’re not into dressing up you’re still more than welcome.  This isn’t a “naughty” place and you won’t find certain pose balls but what you will find it many areas to just sit and relax from the formal to the casual, pools and stables and plenty of gardens to wander.

A nice touch is that most of the furnishings are for sale but instead of having to TP to the shop you can just click and buy the item as it’s placed out in the palace AND WOW I’ve just seen in their blog that they now have whole suites for rent as soon as I rezz inworld I’m off for a mooch around for myself.

The Rose Theater and Art Gallery

The Rose Theater Blog


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pink cherry peqe la petite mortepng

I don’t always get time to look at everything that comes through for review, I really wish I did *sigh*. I’m pretty sure I miss some terrific stuff but anyway…today I was actually in SL and awake (hurrah!) when this package came from la petite morte. A new skin ! Its called peony and is so so delicate and pretty I had to share with you. Various tones available & makeups go see it at the Genre event now ! My darling little wrap is from pesca and was at The Chapter Four event, hopefully you can find it in their mainstore now cause its luverly ! I’m wearing it here without the alpha, its brill for over dress,t-shirt or even alone. Jumpsuit is from Pink Cherry, fabbo design that will take you from day too night, ooodles of colours and patterns, take a peek !


Pink Cherry

la petite morte


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A Few of my favourite things

Paris LUXE & Eclectica

Summery clothing is being released thick and fast this week…Iam embracing my inner sun goddess and prancing about in most of it. LUXE Paris has released a whole heap of  warm weather deliciousness, my absolute favourite is the outfit I’m wearing above…

LUXE Mesh LAquabella Set & Eclectica Eclectica 'Rhapsody' (in Blue)-at Genre

Its called ” L’Aquabella” and comprises of a ruffly layered skirt and strappy, flared hemline camisole top. It’s in such a beautiful soft blue, the skirt having bands of beige gold…Im not sure how the gauzy effect on some of the skirt ruffles is achieved but I SO love it !


My jewelry is also new, it’s from Eclectica and is currently on sale for the ‘Genre’ event,  during its Art Deco month (On now, until July 12th). It will be exclusive to there during that time, and only after then will be available at Eclectica stores. Art Deco is actually my favourite period in collecting china, and I spent quite a lot of time at antique fairs searching for new pieces…sooo I can certainly vouch for the authenticity of this sets shape and styling. Just beautiful, if you ever look at other items from that’ll notice these shape influences all over them ! All my jewelry and sun glasses in the post are from Eclectica, if you adore jewelry in general and something a little more unusual overall…head over to the mainstore and have a mooch, its brilliant! Thanks Tiffy ❤

LUXE Rose au Jardin Mesh Dress, Lingerie & Bikini

Moving on…a handy set ” Rose au Jardin”, you receive the stunning rose printed mesh dress as above but also two sets of lingerie/ tankini’s…very useful as a beach cover-up or as a fresh daytime dress. I especially like the slashed style cuffs on this…verrrrry pretty.

Paris LUXE Limette pants & shirt NEW!

Something completely different…and rather dramatic is the “Limette” set…bright lime greens. Legging style pants and a mesh tied top. SO right for heels, barefeet..strolling beaches or out and about…really liked this ensemble, easy to wear and so eye-catching!

LUXE Pineapple shift dress NEW!

Last up for today from moi… is this shift dress “Pineapple”, vintage print in muted blues and golds, it has a really nice floaty belt, unusual touch for mesh and I think it adds a little something to the appeal. There is also a rather pretty gold bangle included to complete the look.  I popped over to the main store to take a peek around…spacious and well laid out, pay a visit and see the pretties for yourself ! Thanks Paris ❤

LUXE Paris mainstore

Eclectica @ Genre

Eclectica mainstore