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Understated excellence.(Freebie).

S@bbia is only one of the shops I visit daily but not a week goes by when I don’t pop into the G&D The Italian Style shop at least once as some of my best shoes have come from this shop and finally the Group Gift has changed.

I will admit that at first, it was “Meh!” ok, just simple court style heel shoes and since we all need simple style court shoes I decided to put them on and it was a case of “KEEPERS”.

The front of the shoes goes high up on your foot, most of them just barely cover your toes so that is a very nice design touch but also the hud is a winner.  In the hud, you have everything from this super zingy orange to a classic beige a total of I believe 22 colours and that inc being able to change the soul, heel etc.  I will be going through my old shoes and binning all of the plain, court shoes as these will be more than sufficient for any outfit/occasion.

G&D The Italian Style

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Make mine a G&D.(Freebie).

G&D The Italian Style shop is one of the shops I regularly pop into as it’s just one of those shops that put out regular quality gifts.

Keeping this one sweet and simple, free group gift and main mesh feet fits.  You do get a hud which allows you to change the colour of the hearts, metal etc but not the main body of the shoe.

G&D The Italian Style.


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If only.(Freebies).

First the FAILSAFE freebie from G&D The Italian Style shop.

It’s always the same from this shop just a really excellent shop quality gift in the 3 main feet fits.

Then we have this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pixelate the bits of our body we don’t like?  Obviously, I’ve done this because this gift from Beuno isn’t for my SLink mesh body but it’s such a stunning freebie I’d hate for you to miss it and since I know Faith also has an SLink bod someone had to show it so this is a compromise.  You actually get this all over pink and a pink ombre version and the back of it is lovely and strappy so you may be lucky have the right bod.

I can’t remember the actual fits but it’s FREE for the Beuno group so just grab it.

G&D The Italian Style


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Trust me if I had these in RL I really would hum in happiness. I would never wear them as we all know shoes like these look amazing but as soon as you walk they go flying off your feet or you have to clench your toes so much you end up with toe ache, it’s a real thing.  That’s the joy of SL in that you can dress your AV the way you would love to dress in RL plus you never have bad hair days or chipped nails and if you wanna dress like an inflatable sex doll with trashy clothes I say GO FOR IT…I’ll remain cheap but classy LOL.

G&D again! This shop constantly gives you a great monthly GG and for FREE!  The 3 main mesh sizes and you even get a hud to change the sole, base and even the pearls just not the straps.

G&D The Italian Style


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DOH! (Freebie).

I dropped a note to Faith that I had grabbed the new GG from D&G The Italian Style shop but because the pictures I’d taken were pretty poor I would have to redo them.  It was only when I put them on this morning I realised that the back of these booties are in fact a metallic peachy pink and not just my feet going all weirdie which is what I thought was happening.

As always an excellent gift from this shop.  You get the 3 main mesh feet fits but of course the style of these shoes mean you don’t really need any mesh feet just the right Alpha.

PS.  Although this is a new GG I don’t know how long it’s been out so I would go NOW as this shop does regular new GG’s and I’d hate you to miss these beauties.

G&D The Italian Style