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Finishing Touches – Free

FREE multi texture Garter Free outfit.

Zan blogged about the gift card for $500L at the Perfect Style store – so of course I had to go and grab it and spend it. Above is one of the items I snapped up, a cute skirt & top. I was scrolling through my alarmingly large inventory for shoes etc and decided a garter would look cool – BAH! Couldn’t find one I liked.

Free multi colour Garter

I did, however, recall one Id seen a few days earlier at Evado, so popped back, joined the free group and grabbed it up. Its a pretty fabric garter with attached flowers, both of which have multiple colours via the Hud – perfect! I utilised just one of the eleven poses I bought at Stardust as part of their Saturday Sale offer for just $75L – sweet poses with wearable hearts (I edited the hearts to make them red for this photo)



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Flower girl

Bubblez NEW!

Bubblez have a beautiful spring release for you this week, it’s called Zily. Such a feminine outfit, covered in big happy checks, a lace hem and ruffled collar. You also get the floral hair piece, a garland of flowers to wear in your hand plus a flowery leg garter ! The floral pieces are all modify, so you can really get a great personal fit. Thanks milo ❤ Ohhh don’t forget, while you’re there milo has been sooper busy redecorating outside and around the store, it’s just incredibly romantic so make sure to wander !


Bubblez Blog

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Treat her like a lady

Reasonable Desires Pink Leah Lucky chair-Lingerie Eclectica 'Gathered Hearts' necklace & earringsSo …its almost Valentines days huh? What to do…what to do….Ive got a couple of things to show you incase you’re struggling for gift ideas. I was looking around for lingerie and Zan suggested I went over to Reasonable Desires…wow blast from the past, havent poked my snout in there for eons ! I headed over and much to my surprise found stacks of really inexpensive lingerie sets plus oooodles of lucky chairs hoooray! I won this “pink Leah” lingerie as soon as I arrived, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s just adorable, sets like this are also on sale inside the store and on the market place for around 50L …great value.

RD Lingerie eclectica jewelry_002

I added in a totally stunning jewelry set by Eclectica called “Gathered hearts”…(thanks Tiffy Vella !) I really love the brushed pearlised effect on the hearts…very sublte and classy. You can also change the textures on most parts, the main hearts, the little hearts , also the chains metal…makes this one super versatile collection. I’m wearing the larger more ornate ear rings…but in the pack is a slightly smaller pair incase that’s not your *thing*…it comes with a gorgeous bracelet also …I’m still wearing this now, with jeans and a blouse…so suitable for casual or glam wear. (If you like this collection, also take a peek at the “vintage hearts” set)

Reasonable Desires Lingerie Tamara 10L Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set

Another set out from Electica is the ” ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set”..if youre looking for w-o-w it is. The stones are surrounded by fern fronds…heaps of them…and despite being ever so eye-catching it remains also delicate…not easy to achieve.

Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set showing earring

You can change the stone colour via a simple menu, plus alter the tone of the metal…there are two sets in this range…the second set is more intricate and “showy”, I preferred the simpler lines of the first collection BUT…if you have both…they are totally interchangeable..brilliant ! This ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set comes complete with the necklace, earrings and also a fantastic dress ring. Check out the market place store for some top-notch photos and explanations of how they are made and work. Ohhhhhh btw…take a look at the tiara’s…to-die-for !

Eclectica main store

Eclectica market place store

Reasonable desires main store

Reasonable Desires market place store

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Sn@tch(ed) Giftie

Sneaking another Sn@tch in, trust me the jokes could be never ending with this one, but I did this photo weeks ago and when I went back to check the offer was still out it had disapeared which was such a shame as this little “swag bag” offer is so retro.  What you get is a beige bra and knickers that have the white control panelling details beloved by our Mums and Grandmas I wonder if they ever thought their undies were as sexy as we think they are now? But alas it was gone,although I did manage to snag the new swag bag offer and scored myself some Capris, and I shoved the photo back in Flickr however much to my pleasure the lovely Sn@tch Lady (ivey.deschanel) was so please with my last blogg and this photo that she’s put the offer BACK OUT! How nice was that?  I’m not sure how long she will have them back out this time so make sure you grab em before they’re gone but then again she always has something thats shop quality on offer so it’s always worth popping in just to see whats there and of course the usual excellent LBs, Riot boards, 7 Seas Fishing, Bargain area and so many other ways to win yourself a snazzy set of new clothes but then again her prices are not only so reasonable but her clothes usually come in Fat Packs as standard!  As it happens I scored myself the Fat Pack of the Maisey Lingerie Undies for only 225lds and you get a total of 8 colours in different layers and as always they’re trans so great pressies for the lady in your life or your BBF. OH NO I went and looked and they have the same sexy undies with Frilly knickers right next to them.  Guess what I’ll be blogging soon.

Sn@tch inworld

Sn@tch Marketpace

No 9 Nylons

Special mention to No 9 Nyons as this is the best shop for stocking afficanados in SL and RL. They’re sheer, sexy, well fitting, abundant choices and so reasonably priced.  As it happens at this very moment they have 3 free gift bags placed around the shop with goodies inside of them.  I selected this garter and used a pair of their stockings I already had and that cost a mere 39lds just to make this outfit look so complete.

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April Showers….us with gifts !

We have certainly had enough showers this month ! Had a little package from Ally at Awear to let me know that there was a newwww Lingerie set out as a gift…its deeelish…lovely shade of blue, with a choice of garters or not.(lingerie is upstairs)..thanks Ally ❤ Also hot-offa-the-press news…the ever lovely Kesseret Steeplechase of MIAO fame…is branching out in a collaboration with House of London & London Dailey ! Mmmhmm…so I’m expecting more pretties that’s always a grand thing yay! The new line is going by the name of [cherry]…and Im wearing the beaded bracelet in black..with feather earings. (other shades available) Have to say the earrings are SO going to be a warm weather fav of mine..great casual style…easy to wear… I visited the store and wowser…some fantastique bags & totes…shoes…plusss the new jewelry line *squeee*…pop over and snoop ! thanks Kess ❤

Awear April gift

{cherry} @ House of London


Hello Cocolita

Bubblez Cocolita Outfit 199L

Even in my Secondlife I do like to undress seductively..Im not a one-click-and-its-off kinda gal. I like to peel off layers, wear lingerie under my clothes…and wear heels to bed *winks*…So milo Bubble has come up with a way to help me ! The new Cocolita outfit is a dress…and lingerie..worn with the ckeeky little skirt its a sweet butter wouldn’t melt dress..peel awayyyyy the skirt and you’ve got some seriously smexy..lingerie..

Bubblez Cocolita Outfit 199L

Isnt that clever girlies? It also comes with some strappy bound gloves and a lacy headband…as always..its all in the details ! (choker by Ganked, it’s not part of the outfit!) Thank you milo *squidges*

Go get Bubbly: Bubblez