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Fun with photo(freebies).

FithAs I’ve said Faith and I rent our own sim (and I always say it’s not as expensive as you think) which means we can have fun fun fun but we also allow anyone to come to our sim and hang out.  We have a lovely cafe set up high so people can have a great view and all over the sim, you can roam about and check out the iced over pond, picnic area, forest etc etc all we ask is don’t go inside our homes.  Not a lot to see in there and certainly no “foolin around pose balls!”  and since Faith loves to create she’s made everyone who visits a nice giftie.  The LM takes you to the cafe and she’s popped it into the cute pink box at the bottom of the tree.  Whats she’s made is a whole little cute knitted village which is linked but so everyone can pick and chose if they don’t want a whole village then she’s inc everything unlinked and copy and also mod. So in this case she’s made them as big as she is – but they come as teeny weenie little cute things.  Don’t worry the sims Windlight settings is a much softer setting.  OOO almost forgot to mention that one of the tree’s tinkle a pretty little Christmas song and so does one of the houses – a simple touch to turn off or on.

FairyAgain a view of our sim and of course you can see I’ve been having fun with Windlight but what the heck if you can then why not.  Check out the Star, this is the Gold one and above Faiths Christmas tree is one of the silver versions.  They twirl around and drop sparkling stars and only 1 prims each and 4 in the box.  Delightful freebies from KIDD Creations and if I’m not mistaken in the picture is a whole lot of plants from because they make such great shrubs, bushes and ground cover and are so reasonably priced.  The reeds you can see are definitely theirs and I’ve just replaced all my Pampas Grasses with their winter versions because they’re just so affordable.  Lots of their stuff isn’t copy but you generally get so much in the pack in the first place you don’t need it to be copy and if you need more at their prices, cheap enough.

Now I’m back at KIDD Creations to get the LM I’m going to rave a bit more about their stuff.  Just stunning and I just had to  take a picture to show you their quality.


I actually own the lily pads and the Cat Tails but since I’ve packed them up for winter I’ve had to take this picture at dop kidd’s shop.  That fat juicy Lily is only 3 prims and 25 Lds.  Non copy but so cheap and it fills such a large area of water, I know on my sim I just have the one out.

The box with the stars is just at the landing area and so are the easy TPs to their Winter grasses, mowed lawns, wheat fields, etc I’m not sure how many sims this place covers but it means there is something for everyone.  Outdoor structures as well as kits to make you’re own walkways and bridges.

Cafe (our sim)

KIDD Creations

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The Rose Theatre (Bloggers Delight).

I personally rarely use textured background shots not that I haven’t seen some used to stunning effects but mainly because it’s more things to buy and more items to lose in my invent.  So like many Bloggers I’m always on the lookout for great places to take photos and WOW did I find somewhere.

Fine Dining

Angel Manor Estates is a VAST 4 sim build of a house and garden that rivals The Palace of Versailles.  SL miles of corridors and behind all the doors are rooms sumptuously laid out for ALL to enjoy.

TheatreLibrary, conference room, dinning room, indoor pool, indoor stables and on and on but you won’t find bedrooms.  This is a very adult sim but without the naughty adult aspect.  That doesn’t mean to say you couldn’t put on your finest gown and make an assignation with a loved one here in fact this place is screaming out for people to wander around in full-blown French period fashion.  An active sim by the visitors I could see on my mini map but because of its size you will get the peace and quite you want with a loved one or like me time to sit and ponder.

Tulip2The Rose Theatre seems to be the heart of the build and you can see how big it is when you look at how small I am on the stage.

Greenroom use

I took so many photos it was hard to just chose which ones to use.  As much as there is to look at inside Kaya Angel hasn’t missed out on the outside either.  Formal gardens and an informal outdoor pool all surrounded by a sim surround of mountains simply means a great place to visit or hang out.  Check out the rideable horses they are the most realistic I have yet to see in SL sadly for me I had to go check them out and they’re out of my price range (12,000) but it just goes to show that Kaya Angel hasn’t spared any expense to make this other peoples paradise.

Oops I was so busy thinking of how to describe this place I forgot that you can actually own some of it.  There is a shop and also a house rezzer platform.  Sadly this sort of quality doesn’t come with low prims.  You can’t buy ALL of the build but he has smaller versions of opulence for sale.  Sadly “opulence” doesn’t= low prims  but the prices for the workman ship, quality and size is more than reasonable.

If you can’t afford the price or the prims of a full house then you can pick up some period pieces of furniture and I’ve just clicked and picked up a very gold and ornate lamp for only 30Lds and 2 Prims.  What I really like is that although he has a shop with everything in one place if when you’re wandering around you spot a chair you like or a lamp then just click n buy. This makes it much easier than having to TP back to the shop although a visit to the shop will pay off as he has kindly placed out a box packed full of FREE furniture that is not for sale anymore.

The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery

The Rose Theatre Blog

Angel Manor Shop

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I’ll take the Fifth…Home & Garden Expo !

Yes, it’s the fifth Home & Garden Expo…you must go see! Fourteen sims devoted to Homes & gardens…from pools to houses, furniture to landscaping…and more. This year’s Expo opened on May 19th at 6am SLT, and remains open 24 hours each day until it closes on May 28th at 10pm SLT . Not only is it a big fat chance to have a shopping frenzy…theres many activities on, even a breedable pet show this year! I started my journey at The American Cancer Soc. Sim. Beautiful gardens, a remembrance area where you can sit…I loved the garden of Hope, where I found the above words set into a stone plaque.


One thing I noticed this year, is the very distinct lack of the lag monster…easy to navigate around and seconds for even the most intricate of builds to rez, great ! As I flew around my attention was drawn to a heavily wooded area, so I zooomed right on over and found myself in an oasis of calm & tranquility.

This was all part of Silent woods build…totally gorjus…all nooks and crannies to explore..a beautiful wooden bridge that winds around a vast tree and many levels..if youre looking for a quiet spot to reflect or take some pics….this is it.

Barnesworth Anubis…now theres a designer I’ve been aware of for years! My very first home in Second Life was a freebie from this guy..loved it ! Barnes has two items out that donate to the American Cancer Society…this divine cabana…(lowwww prim) and the furniture to complete the look…

as usual…top notch…wont date and you’ll be using it in 2020 prolly ! Thanks Barnes ❤

Find all this and more at the Home & Garden Expo..wander..explore…donate if you can , splurge on a few treats and have fun !

Home & Garden Expo 2012 web site (includes map & directions to designers etc)