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Spring Festival (Hunt & Cart sale)

Gardening trolley hunt gift (has poses) Chickens 1 prim 60L each !

Ahhhh Spring has sprung and little treats abound for you at The Cookie Jar. I didn’t really have too much time to do the hunt, BUT I knew if I were lucky enough to find the one from Finishing Touches Id be a happy girly. Thankfully I did (phew pressure pressure) and the gorgeous little trolley above was my reward. It’s so sweet and sits happily in my SL garden right now. Not only good lookin but it has poses too – for fiddling about gardening and one relaxing, nice touch ! Uhm well…onto the chickens – so I was wandering about looking for Finishing Touches (my internal navigation is always SO bad) and I stumble bumbled across Zinnias store. Saw these darlin chickens and HAD to have them ! Only 60L a pop (choice of colours) and just 1 prim, whats not to love huh?. Participating stores have a hunt prize for you to find plus a cart outside with some brilliant bargains all under 100L – if you’ve got some time it’s really worth the trip.

The Cookie Jar Spring Festival & hunt

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Pottering about (Free items)

FREE garden water feature (limited stock)

I’ve been pottering around my SL home the last couple of days, my holiday to Spain invigorated me . I’ve been  trawling the shops and the market place to find pretty things for the garden. I was totally surprised to find the water feature above for free ! It’s by Two Moon Gardens and is a limited time offer – so if you like it grab it fast. All mesh and super sweet, it comes on a grassy pedestal to make it easier to blend in with your own land – and has flowers and butterflies attached , plus a water effect sound ball which is a lovely touch.

Hunt gift FREE

I also found this darling little bird in a cage from the I do wedding network in the “Finding the Fairytale” hunt, all prizes are just 1L. Touch the cage to make the birdy sing. It is mesh but isn’t ever-so-low in prims at 14Li but I’m going to make room for it in my home anyway.

Two Moon Garden market place

I do wedding Network

Finding the fairytale blog for all URL’s and info

Gift previews


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Spring Garden

Hunt Gift - gardening shed - animated

I was overjoyed to find this gift in the Birthday Hunt, it’s totally fab ! This is the prize from Pillows & Things, a sweet little store that I mooched about in for quite some time. The gift comprises of everything you can see (apart from my sky dome of course!) The shed itself is fairly low prim, nothing is hard linked, meaning you can take away some of the decor items as your prim budget allows.

Hunt gift - Garden furnished shed !

The patch of soil is actually animated, and if you touch the little tool box it will give you all the tools to perform the chores. You can also touch the watering can that’s perched on the wheelbarrow to get your own can to wear, perfect huh?! Inside is just as a real garden shed should be, natural wood and ready to hold all your bits and pieces. I had a lot of fun with this and will try to find a place for it in my SL home. This hunt does end on the 30th, so dash !

Pillows & Things

The Birthday Hunt blog

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Springtime Smiles

Dress FREE! (womanstuff hunt) Basket (old freebie poche) Scarf old 1mm gift

One extreme to another here in the UK. Today it feels so springy ! SO my thoughts turn to gardening and planting and generally mooching about outside. I found this sweet little frock in the megastuff hunt at Butterfly Effectz. Halter neck with such a darling retro inspired print all over. I simply adore green and pink when used together, makes me feel all nostalgic somehow. Its got a nifty thin belt that slips around your hips, overall a winner for me. My scarf is a verrry old gift from 1mm as is my basket (You can get a very similar scarf from IZUMIYA in a gacha for just 20L , if that helps) Behind me you can just see peeking out a new release from Zinnias.

Zinnias Spring Chicken Gardening Set

Zinnia always comes up with something right on the trend button and quirky, so I fell in love with this spring chicken table set ! Can anyone not fall in love with this chicken? It’s so realistic and ever so adorable. She sits atop the table which in itself is beautiful, lovely wood grain and paint effect that settles so nicely in a garden environment.

Zinnias NEW!

You also get a shovel, and poster, oh look ! Another chickenlicken on the ground ! Overall its a fabulous addition to your springtime space – thanks Zinnia ❤

Megastuff hunt - forgotten flowers FREE

One last little treat, something I found that I didn’t know I needed, but now do. This is the “forgotten flowers” from Persnickety. Its their prize in the megastuff hunt and its JUST what I wanted for a spot in my garden between two borders. A forgotten pile of dirt that you left in the corner, suddenly sprouts a pretty growth of flowers, know what I mean? The pile of dirt is shaped so you can push it up against most things, totally lovely.


Butterfly Effectz



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“Persnickety=Fussy about small details” is what one dictionary translates it as which as it happens suits this shop “Persnickity” completely because close up or from a distance these items look great.

Now I have a confession because I’ve had so much stuff from Persnickity in my invent just waiting to be blogged but I’ve not known where to start because basically for garden and home there is everything you need and it’s got everything I like such as attention to details, low prims and low price.  I’ve got everything from a Victorian love sofa, blender, plastic laundry basket that’s so realistic it’s a shock and the best ever sim stuffers.

To me “sim Stuffers” are those plants that have amazing depth to them even though they’re seriously low primmed. When trying to work out how to show you this I decided just to do a few close-ups so you can see the amazing texturing.

HasselA 2 primmed rose bush.  Close up and the next one is in full.

Hassel14Not only is it one of the best low primmed plants I’ve found but it’s only 35Lds! 2 Prims and copy! Lots of her items are copy but not all.  Hassel 8Vivid colours, great depth and so pretty.

Hassel 7All of these photos were taken with the same settings (nams) which is very similar to midday if you don’t use Windlight.

Snapshot_058Plenty of grasses, bushes, trees from the more realistic to the vivid. A thick wall climbing ivy for only 3 Prims.

Hassel6Bubble hearts so cute and still only a single prim.


I’ve not even started on the home furnishings but the lovely dressing table and chair are a prime example. Shabby Chicness galore.  Kitchen wares, beds, baskets, Cabbage rose textiles,  living room sets all with that Shabby Chic charmingness.

Tor Scifi Rezzable

Sorry last photo I promise but this is 2 of the 6 prim beech woods together and nestled in the middle is Faiths tent inc her washing line.  I also had a fiddle with Windlight but it was mainly to show how even if you have the smallest of plots or the biggest of sims you can use her excellent low primmed garden items to pack it out.  Every time I pop back here I find new stuff.  She has the best fat leaves Hosta plants out and now I’ve noticed in the back area she has a Rezzer so now if you need a home to place all your items in and in keeping the with Cottagy theme you can find it all here.

She has so much up on the Marketplace but make sure to pop inworld as well because you can hop on an egg and go for her Egg Hunt.  Hidden are 5 Big Fat Gold covered eggs with fun free stuff.

Persnickity Marketplace


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Easter is happening…soon !

Zinnias - NEW Releases !

Easter always creeps up on me…and its almost arrived…guess what I’ve got to share with you? Eggs yay! These darlings are new from Zinnias…and only 7 prims unusual with some lovely ethnic designs around the broken shell. Sat inside is  a plump spiky cactus ! There are four designs…and happily they are on special offer this coming weekend for just 75L…Im also showing just one of the new collection of  3 different hand-painted chiminea’s…I adore these and already own an older version , it’s on my porch for those chilly spring evenings. They have a soft crackle as the logs burn and give off a gentle glow…also low prim.

Zinnias - The Nest Egg Hunt prizes!

More news ! Zinnias has expanded and opened a satellite store on The Nest (one of my favourite places to lurk) Starting on the 15th March there is an Egg hunt…little eggies will be hidden around the whole sim, and YOU have to search them out to get your paws on the prizes ..Zinnias has four eggs hidden…and if your hunting goggles are all clean & shiney, you’ll be able to grab up this collection of pieces. The gardeners bench (with a beautiful pose that looks as if you’re having a well-earned break), the bowl with eggs, and pots of Eastery flowers…perfect ! Ohhhh almost forgot to mention, if you pop over to Zinnias new location there is a little gift out for you to celebrate ! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Zinnias mainstore

Zinnias at The Nest (Hunt location 15th March)


Sowing Seeds

Karma have a wonderful group gift out for July…its called “sowing seeds”, pretty animated pillow to kneel upon and a tray of seedlings that you’re tending…very well done and a perfect addition for your SL garden..

I popped outside to see more and stumblebumbled across another gift..the Hobo chic box room..the tv turns on & off…even the tiny candle extinguishes when you touch it…stufffed with heaps-o-poses, just sit and click! Thanks Karma !!

Go get gardening: Karma