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Don’t be slow like my little pal.(35Ld Offer).

I was rushing my way through the 25Ld Tue list because even though it’s Wed some shops leave them out all week and it’s a weekly event I hate missing so anyhow this is how I ended up at one of the shops I always visit first on the list called Simply Shelby and check out this pretty 35Lds Sunday offer.

I literally unpacked it, threw it down, snapped away and didn’t bother with any faffing with the landscaping.

I raised it up so you can see more clearly what you get for your lindens, the rocky base it comes on and lots of planting around the edges to soften it and of course, the pair of Turtles, that green blob on the log and the other one is on the rock base.

Best of all it’s totally EDITABLE! Which of course means I will RIP IT APART, TEAR IT TO SHREDS and then play with the different plants, make copies of them to blend into my grass etc.  As it comes it’s 17 prims but if need be you could reduce that by editing and maybe the size of it but I haven’t checked that.

This poor little fella is either dead, dead slow or a sculpture of a dead slow turtle but slow enough for all that moss, flowers and even mushrooms to be growing on him.

Don’t go by my pictures alone because they’re not really doing it much justice especially the plants which are quality weeds and wildflowers in style but fortunately there is a complete copy of this rezzed at the sales and discount area of the Simply Shelby shop.

PS The 25Ld Tue offer is an interesting wall and a very pretty set of hanging baubles, didn’t get em.

Simply Shelby

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Pottering about (Free items)

FREE garden water feature (limited stock)

I’ve been pottering around my SL home the last couple of days, my holiday to Spain invigorated me . I’ve been  trawling the shops and the market place to find pretty things for the garden. I was totally surprised to find the water feature above for free ! It’s by Two Moon Gardens and is a limited time offer – so if you like it grab it fast. All mesh and super sweet, it comes on a grassy pedestal to make it easier to blend in with your own land – and has flowers and butterflies attached , plus a water effect sound ball which is a lovely touch.

Hunt gift FREE

I also found this darling little bird in a cage from the I do wedding network in the “Finding the Fairytale” hunt, all prizes are just 1L. Touch the cage to make the birdy sing. It is mesh but isn’t ever-so-low in prims at 14Li but I’m going to make room for it in my home anyway.

Two Moon Garden market place

I do wedding Network

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