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4th of July – its covered !

Aphrodite 4th July set -NEW!!

If you’re looking for a way to make this 4th of July super special – look no further ! Aphrodite store has everrrrrything you could possible need to make it go with a bang. This is (part of) the “4th July mega party set”, which is enormous and amazing ! I seriously cant list all of the contents of the box but look HERE for all that it includes. The balloon arches even have sparkly lights that look like fireworks, there’s food, lanterns, cold buffet a dessert table, beer buckets and oooodles more. I so love how the food is themed, red, white & blue, flags etc, and as always attention to detail is spot on, there’s even little food-warmers under the hot dogs !

Aphrodite desert table - 4th July set

Close up view of some yummy treats, don’t forget to click food items , you will receive object to wear that animate you ! I especially liked the red, white & blue bowl of spaghetti.

Aphrodite details

Also, don’t be worried about prim counts, although the set is huge, its unlinked – meaning you can decide just how much to place out. Each component is really low prim !  Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite blog

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Garden Party (Free)

SF Design - Group gift Free

If you’re looking for a sweet retro styled frock to celebrate the forthcoming Springtime, look right here! This months group gift from SF Design is a peach.  Floral fabric, and puffy sleeves (in two sizes) for this mesh figure hugging dress. The back is a criss cross affair, which adds a little glamour. For a totally different look a flexi full skirt is also included, makes it all razzle dazzle ! There is a small group join fee , but you are richly rewarded with monthly gifts, definately worth the expenditure !

SF Design.

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The Garden

what next garden cafe - for The Garden

ohmaiiiii lawd…Zan and I really got our knickers in a twist over this new event ! It’s The Garden” bought to us by a new event company called The Liaison Collaborative. (They also do one called The Boutique for clothing) Sooooo last night I braved the crowds and bagged myself the {what next} garden cafe ! Id been eagerly awaiting its release from the flickr preview. Have to say I was totally smitten and SO pleased to see it came with two options for buying. You can get the whole shebang that includes stool, drinks dispensers, table etc…or as I did…buy just the basic van.

what next garden cafe - for The Garden event

When I say “basic”, it’s not at all. The van is kitted out internally with many poses , a sink, stove, it’s really well finished ! It’s also got colour change options for the lower part of the van and the awning ! You”ll adore the poses too…sits up to four I seem to recall (please note some poses only come into play when there’s more than one person using it) I have soooo much in the way of tables & chairs, I furnished the outside with my messy old inventory…love it !

Alouette Garden Party set - 349L complete with decor

Another item I snapped up is this Garden Party set by  Alouette. I had to check several times on the price, I couldn’t believe it was just 349L for the WHOLE thing ! Yes,yes,yes…everything you see is in the box and boy-oh-boy is it ever low in prims…I think 21 for the complete set up, you can also rez a version without the place settings, cake stand etc…but who would wanna miss out on the cuteness !

Alouette  Garden Party decor detail

The dear little box style stools have some lovely poses in, some for the gals , some for the guys…unmissable ! Dont forget to wander outside also, there’s some glorious landscaping items by Barnesworth Anubis (that Zan snatched up pretty fast and should be showing you later yay!)

The Garden

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Garden Party

If you want to grab this gorgeous set from Sanctuaire you’d better hurry…its their gift in The Four Walls Hunt. This Hunt ends on the 15th September…and each gift is valued around 250L , but…youre going to pay only 10L ! I was totally surprised when I unpacked this set…so much ! Six chairs, all with poses, the long table with such a pretty runner along its length…all six place settings that are just adorable and detailed…candlesticks,a bowl of fruit..its just gorgeous.

It also comes with the wooden deck , posts and bunting ! I love that you can use as much or as little of this as you wish…Im always running out of prims ! It’s a visual feast truly..and sooper pretty..I might even have to find homes for the candlesticks around my bedroom…btw…while youre at the store hunting..take a walk outside and check out the homes in the rezzer…I had a quick peek last night…some lovely vintage feel builds and low prim too..Im going back for another gander later today, got a feeling I havent seen it all !