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Lazy Sunday, busy Monday, finally Tuesday.

There are 3 weekly offers I really enjoy FLF, The Neighbourhood and Lazy Sunday oh wait there is also Hello Tuesday, 30 Linden Saturday and 60 Linden Weekends, I just seem to go from special offer to special offer but usually because they’re only on for such limited time it’s hard to post about anything so you need to check out these groups and see if you can pick up as many goodies as I do.

In any case I popped over to Shutter Field and although I didn’t grab her Lazy Sunday offer I did even better as there are Freebies for ALL (can’t remember if you have to join the group but I know it’s free to join in any case).  Since I already own a few items from Shutter Field I thought it’s time to show them off as well so a mix of Freebies and tbh cheapies as her shops is so reasonably priced.

Window1Sorry the window/platform isn’t a freebie but since it only cost 89Lds it’s a brill bargain.  I had mine rezzed on the land for a while but I’ve just rezzed a copy on my platform for you to see.  A linked deck and window which can make a great staging for furniture (check out the beach area at Shutter Field for an example of that) or a simple tree platform.  At 4prims you can afford to rezz a few wherever you like..


Adorable pale packed suitcases, all linked and freeeeee.


Check out the amazing texture on the fabric! Just like most things in this shop great texturing and quality and FREE.


Another Freebie, an industrial stool with a streaming cup of coffee and a book on it.  There is 1 other freebie which I haven’t shown it is a white wall with plants draped over it and a shelf.  Sorry almost forgot the lantern in the window is also a freebie but comes with either the stool or the box can’t remember which.


I rummaged this out of my invent as I don’t believe I’ve shown you it before.  A little wagon with the hay bale and fork and OMG only 30Lds.  I can’t believe I actually put this back in my invent and forgot about it because I remember I had it out with a cushion on it and it makes a lovely sitting place.


Whilst I was there I noticed a small collection of boxes, a beach box, cube box etc some with items in them already but in this case empty.  A single prim and 35Lds I had to have it.  For some reason this is the only item where I’m not happy with the picture as the texturing looks a bit flat but I can tell you it’s not, a lovely and only a single primed item for your home.

Make sure to have a wander inside and outside as she has a discounted area and a beach area and you don’t want to miss them I’m sure.

 Shutter Field





Don’t Turn Around!

Urbaine FSorry I can’t turn around because on the front of this top is a very rude word (F*ck).  normal go for clothing in SL or RL that have slogans on them but since this comes from Vita’s Boudoir I of course TPed as soon as I got the notice of a Group Gift on offer.  Check out the skirt. A very wet leather look but it’s it’s wind lifted look that is the attention grabber. Fortunately comes with a pair of panties or if you dare to bare!

Both items are mesh and Group Gifts and that is still FREE to join.

A short post, for once, but RL is shouting at me I just wanted to get this lovely GG up.  So I will not wax lyrical about Vita’s Boudoir and her amazing dramatic clothes and costumes, over blown hair and statement pieces I will save all that for my next Vita’s Boudoir post.

Vita’s Boudoir

Vita’s Boudoir Marketplace

Vita’s Flickr

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I’m being eaten! Ok not really.  Picked up this giant human eating pumpkin! MMGraffiti is the shop I seem to have spent so much at over the past 2 years.  Not that they’re expensive but they make amazing homes, furnishings, garden items etc.  LOW LOW PRIMMED and so well textured.  You will probably recognise some of their items because you come across them being used as deccorations in many a shop in SL.  The big ugly pumpkin that is eating me cost 31Lds  and is only 3 prims you get a mix of poses as well and a choice of 4 pumpkins in the pack, enough for anyones garden.  The other 2 smaller pumpkin patches are only 1Lds.  Mesh so mesh viewer.