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No stopping me (Dollarbies&Hunt).

As you can see from little ole me in the picture this tree is pretty big but I have a confession, I started to deconstruct it and forgot to take a picture of it as it comes with the seating and cushions around the base.  I was just so  curious to see if you could edit it and yup I stripped it right back to….




Since we already have a tree stuffed sim to have been able to strip it back to this excellent large and well-lit foliage is a bonus.  The whole tree is not actually that primmy but stripped back to the foliage only the whole lot comes in at 5prims.  You can even edit the foliage into 3 parts but each part on its own remains at the 5 prim mark so keeping them linked is best for prims.  You can using simple edits spread the 3 sections around and not have them clumped together if you want.  OK I think I’m making it sound complicated but really it’s very simple and if you’ve not tried basic editing and unlinking then this is a perfect time for you to start or of course you can keep the tree whole and that knitted trunk is so cute and I have a feeling it came with poses.

The tree is the “Hello Fall” hunt item from tree  Harambee Charity Shop and what you’re looking for is a little knitted penguin and the link to the hunt is at the end of this post.  Whilst I was at the Harambee shop I did have a read of the boards set up there which tell you all about the charity and where the money raised goes to but I emm forgot about it.  I also had a wander around and tbh there were some things there that definitely had a “blast from the past” feel about them lol but actually I rather enjoyed myself there looking at the items for sale they made me feel a bit nostalgic.


Then I popped over to grab the Hunt item from The Artist Shed but before you go inside the shop check out the small market behind you.  It’s actually finished but a lot of the vendors still have their stalls up and there is also a tent with some Freebies inside still waiting to be snagged.

There are a few hunts going on inside of The Artist Shed and I didn’t find the actual Hello Fall hunt item, it’s a couch in the shape of a leaf, but I did find 2 of the other hunt items.  The lounger is the “Stuff The Bird” hunt item and the Turkey Planters are another hunt item, I think they’re the Dirty Turkey Hunt prize.  Hints are given in the entrance for all hunts and you can also see this lounger and the leaf prizes set out for you to check out.

Hello Fall Hunt

The Artist Shed




Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Yes Sir.

TeacherIn celebration of “back to school” time Apple May Designs have slashed the price of so many items of clothing for men and women. Everything with an apple attached to it is slashed to 25 Lds.  A whole range of clothes for men and women.  Shoe, tops, pants and on and on. The top is called Harvard and the pants are Preppy a total of 50Lds for such a great look. Must mention that you do have a colour chose as well.

BreakBreakfast with a view.  The Jammy bottoms are another Apple May Design offer and there is a ladies version as well. They were the perfect thing to wear with Follow Us  new Fast Dinner Table.  A floating shelf loaded with accessories, tableware, coffee maker etc. As always packed with excellent poses and Animations, I’m using one in this picture because they’re that good.

Break3Multiple choices of food everything from breakfast to desert with the cutlery and Animations to go with them.  The food is so damned realistic I’m hungry just looking at it.

Break4As always everything is linked apart from the stools so you can move your position.   Sorry forgot to get a prim count on this but I did check the prims of the rezzed food as that is extra and they’re so low primmed.  Enough space and 2 stools means you can have company for breakfast/lunch or dinner.  Called Fast Dinner and is to be found in the entrance way as well as the new bathroom sinks specifically designed for men or women.

Make sure to check out Laurent83 Waco’s MP shop (Follow Us) some great bargains and it’s sooo tempting.  All Apple May Design demos are available on their MP but not the discounts.

Apple May Design (AMD)

Apple May Design Marketplace

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace