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High in the sky.


I did a lovely Dollarbie house from Harmoni (still available) but I had also noticed that xMIKEx Static also has some great looking skydomes in their Marketplace shop and being a sucker for an easy to use backdrop/scene setting/workbox etc I decided to splash some cash and get one.  This is Grass Bubble one but there is a sandy one or still hankering for snow then a snow setting one.  I’m so impressed with this I’m trying to resist getting the others.treee

Sometimes when I see a home on the land and the surrounding area is horrible I always wonder why they don’t rezz themselves a skydome just like this and place their homes in there.  A perfect little setting.  This one comes with a certain amount of plants and rocks but the whole thing is editable so you can add and remove to your heart’s content.  You can even mod the texturing but I’ve not tried that yet however since this is copy then even if, when, I screw it up I’ve still got my original copy.  Comes with 7 (I think because I’ve forgotten) skies textures but no land ones.  This sky setting is by far my fav but it has a couple of night settings, sunset, sunrise, weird etc  I’ve taken all the pictures in the same Nams optimal Skin and Prim settings (Touche eclait for SL).

Costs 249 and although you can’t see it in an in world shop if you want to check it out then pop over to our sim, the LM given will take you to the cafe automatically but you can either TP again or simply fly up to my skyplatform to check it out.


Then I popped over to the Garden Gacha event and won a RARE!!! and a bunnie pose and some handy suitcase.  Will confess I had my fingers crossed when I played the Eternal Dream Cacha (50Lds) because I wanted this pose which comes with the bunny and carrot fishing rod so when I won it (it’s not the rare one) I was very pleased.


Wasn’t bothered winning the rare one of these either because ALL of these cute suitcases look cute, not saying the rare one wouldn’t have been nice but more than happy with this (70Lds a play).


This is the rare item. Comes from the rojo Gacha and at 50Lds a play I played it a few times and won this a lam, coffee table set and curtains all matching to make a lovely outdoor setting.

I zoomed back not even as far as I could to give you a better idea of the sky dome which is  75x75x75 in size.  Perfect for a big or small house but you may want to check out the foot print first.  As I’ve said if you want to check this out inworld then TP to our sim and then fly or tp again.

Harmoni Grass Bubble Sky Dome

Gacha Garden for Easter Event

Sky Dome My Home

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Give in (Freebies).

So many things going on at the moment it’s so hard with limited time to get to see them all and especially not to spend any more Lindens but then I caved in and went to the Chapter 4 Event and was pretty happy that I did.


POUFFES and free ones.  Actually if I had of known that Chapter 4 also has free to join group gifts I would have caved in sooner because if these are an example of their freebies I’ve missed some good stuff.  Just plain lovely, the texturing is so lovely I’ve taken this picture in my Origins Nams skin and prim settings (try it it’s the best windlight setting for all round clarity).  My only moan is WAHH they contain just cuddle poses! What about us cuddless!  Actually I should have checked to see if they are mod because it would be easy to pop in your own poses or use a pose ball if you don’t want a cuddle or because these are just so lovely have them as decor items in your home.

Not free..


There is a small selection of Gachas and for once I am really happy with what I won.  I normally wait for the yardsale to pick up Gacha items but both of these machines were packed with stuff I would have been happy with so I decided to blow caution to the wind and see what I won and I got my lovely lady bunny (from IONIC) for only 30Lds and my cute Robot light (turns off and on from Hideki) and 90Lds.  As always with the Gacha items non copy but trans and lovely pressies for someone you love in SL.

Bought more than these because there is a great mix of items from clothing to garden decor and some brill poses so something for everyone.

Chapter 4

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Last chance for some Summer Lovin



I have one more gift to share with you from the Summer Lovin Hunt…its this bamboo set from [CIRCA]…beautifully textured….and such a fresh shade of green…looks like the bamboo was just chopped and made right up ! In the gifty box is the side table…a tall trio of bamboo poles that hold a plant..and the gorgeous swinging bench seat…both cushions have poses in them…plus the rug….go make your summery garden complete …you’re looking for a beach ball – thanks Cherelle ❤ (The hunt is officially over but this prize is going to be left out until the end of July- dash!)




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I had a lovely group gift from Piddlers Perch the other day (group members do get very spoilt-so join!), and I wanted to show it off…its this deeelightful lovers trees…the trunk is formed into a couple…leaving a heart shape in the centre, surrounded by aged blocks of stone. Dont worry if you’re a single pringle..its also got poses for those alone times. I often sit out here in my garden, and this little beauty is just perfect for this spot… at only five prims (yay!) its staying rigggghhhtt here ! If you aren’t in the group…and didnt receive the gift…no worries, you can still head over and buy it for yourself …make sure you leave a little browsing time, outside and in this store is stufffed with goodies, all very reasonably priced. Piddlers Perch is also in a couple of hunts at the moment..sooo grab your huntin attire and go !

Piddlers Perch

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Monday Mania at SF Design is back for 2012 yay! Today they have this super pack of t-shirts for guys and girls.

They are called ‘plain’ but don’t let that throw you, these are some really good shirts. Personally I think a good t-shirt is worth its weight in gold as you can do so much with them.

These shirts come in five different colours: black, brown, red, purple and blue. They come on all layers so you can play around with them in whatever style you choose and like I said, they look really good, with nice creases and shading. I like the way the hem on the jacket layer is slightly uneven, giving it a cool look.

The female version of these shirts is a little different to the guys with a lovely scooped neck and a hint of cleavage (always good!).

As always, these shirts will only cost you L$25 for today only and you can pick them up at this price from the Monday Mania boards inside the men and women’s casual sections of SF Design.

Haiii its Faithless here ! I just had to mention the Moody Monday item from Addiction that I’m wearing in the pics..its the “wise owl” necklace…owls are SO in at the moment and this little fella is adorbs…for today at only 55L ! I personally love a long chain…its very flattering, especially if you’re a big boobie girly like moi! Also must mention the gorgeous new group gift from Karma…its two items really..a pretty wishing well that would grace any type of garden…plus a rug that you can use with it or elsewhere…the rug has some sweet poses for couples aww…

Get the gear here: SF Design

Wise owl necklace: Addiction Jewelry

Wishing well & rug : Karma

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Yard work

Its that time of year when we turn our thoughts to clearing out the garden, and yard tidying…just in time to set yourself up for the Autumn ahead is this gorgeous greenhouse from Vent Du Sud, and oh-mai-gosh its only three prims! Whats more, brace yourselves..its just 1L *faints*…yesyes a whole bundle of prettiness for your gardening needs is up for grabs…watering can, pots of herbs that change type upon clicking..little clay pots, a trowel..most under 2 prims…also this sooper pretty bench with couples & singles poses..everything just one of your linden dollars…

Inside my greenhouse I set up the benches (the four benches & stool are just 1 prim total yay!) I added a trowel and some herbs in pots, et voila..I really dont have prims left for this type of prettiness but I only used a few to get this it -thanks Vent Du Sud ❤

Greenhouse & bits n bobs : Vent Du Sud

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Moody Monday

Happy Monday everyone ! I’ve got a real treat for you, just the thing to brighten any Monday…Cleo Design has out this summer lounger for Moody Monday and at 55L (justtt for today though!) it’s a steal…you get all thats in this photo…the lounger, table, items on the table and the firefly catcher ! As is usual with Cleo Design…its stuffed with poses and wearables ! You need to touch the brown cushion to get the book,fan & lotion (they all have their own poses to wear them with-isnt that cooool!) Each cushion also has its own set of animations…

Even the pinwheel has a choice of speeds to rotate at…and each item is not you can choose how many prims you use up. It made me feel heaps cooler just lounging under the crisp white drapes….perfect!  Head over today and snap it up…tomorrow this will be full price again…Thanks Cleom xx

Go get cooler: Cleo Design