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Quickie.(Super Bargain & Mention of Freebie).

Rush over to Peaches for this super 50Ld Summer Swing.

This is part of an offer which might be just out for the one day or is kept out till next Sat when the offer is changed.

Great texturing but even better great poses.  Although the poses are the same basic ones they just seemed to have been tweaked so they’re a little bit better.  You get quite a few of them as well as male and cuddle poses…make sure you try them first but even if the poses were crapola I think this is a lovely decor item even at I believe 9prims it’s going somewhere on our sim.

I bought the PG one but the Adult one is only 75Lds.  You buy off the board right next to the chairs they have set out just outside of the shop at the LM.  Once you’ve made your mind up pop inside as there is at least 1 gift, I think it’s decor notebooks but I was in such a rush to get this posted I’ve not checked what it is I grabbed LOL.  Anyhow you don’t have to join the group just slap the sub board.



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Fold me up and show me the way

As you all know..I love gadgets…and furniture…soooo when Cleom Bailey put out a group gift that encompassed both..i was thrillllled!  It looks like a pretty garden chair…and it is…but…when you select the laying or sleeping animations the whole thing unfolds into a sun bed ! How cool is that *grins*…Its a classic blue & white stripe fabric that would fit with most garden or sun deck themes…ohhhh spot my sooper little compass? That’s a group gift from Karma ! Isnt it just a darling?…such a detailed piece and only 7 prims , so you could afford to leave it out as a decor item. Its made to celebrate the owner of Karma’s third anniversary in SL…so congrats to Karma Clarrington & thank you very much! (The I Love you wooden blocks are also from Karma as a free item)

Ahhh its been such a busy day…must be time for a lil catnap….thanks cleom xx

Go find your way: Cleo Designs        Karma