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Summer Living

Ete Summer Cabin @ collabor88 $88L NEW!

A fresh new round of collabor88 has begun – and yet again I’m knockin on the door and can’t get in ! No worries though because I can share the build from Scarlet Creative with you ! This is the Ete Summer Cabin, it comes in at a tiny 34Li, and has such sweet design details. Snap one up for only $88L, yes that’s right – $88L ! It looks like a summer cabin that has aged, one that’s been loved for many generations and years. As I stood in the doorway and looked at the floorboards, I could almost imagine the laughter and smell of sunshine that must have touched this little space over time. Very nostalgic indeed. Looks like some renovation might be happening with a few boards leaning up at the front.

Scarlet Creative @ collabor88 Ete Summer Cabin

Hanging each side of the opening are antique lace drapes, so delicate and sunworn, the floorboards are worn and soft, the windows and panelling might need a lick of paint at some point, absolutely delightful build. Is a versatile wee thing, stuff it full of old couches and chairs, perhaps set up some candles and make it a romantic space…so many uses. Thanks Charlotte ❤