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Hunt Me (hunt items n stuff).

I managed to do a bit more of the EnMESHed into Spring Hunt and also the Spring Easter Hunt and came across Adorably Strange Wares (yes that is its actual name) a shop I’ve never seen before.  The name matches the furniture and decor items for sure, this is unique stuff not to everyone’s taste but one things for sure you have this in your home people WILL be checking it out just to see where it comes from.

First some non Hunt non Free items but I treated myself.


In RL I can actually not only Cross Stitch but embroider two skills which I’m pretty pleased at and at the moment all the rage is for cute little pieces of work and it’s only when you read the writing do you realise that it’s actually very cheeky.  So at 10-15lds I treated myself to 3 of them and their in my SL craftroom.


These weren’t free either but again at 35Lds and only 2 prims for the whole lot, linked, too good to ignore.


Now for the Hunt items.  This bench comes with everything you see linked which means although it has the flowers at the side, flowerpots, tea set and even the birdie it all comes to just 7Lds.


Actually I’ve been really sneaky because this is editable and so I “deconstructed” it and pinched some bits. I simply couldn’t find a use for the bench but even with my basic editing skills I was able to separate the flower pots and these flowers on the side of the bench. The flower pots work out at just 1prim and the flowers the same, although they do come in 2 bits.  You can actually buy the flower pots in the shop and they come with a colour changing Hud.


The next hunt item is this tiny Dandelion and it rezzes a cute little seed every so often, you can just make out of one them breaking away.

As you will see from the blocks lying around the Twisted Hunt is also here but I clicked on as many boxes as I saw but they all turned out to be dummies but you may have better luck.

As I’ve said a shop that’s not for all but for some thing is just right for you.

Adorably Strange Wares