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Surfers in Space

As soon as I saw the new outfit from AtaMe I knew exactly where I was heading.  The Doomed Ship is a RP sim (can it be called a sim when everything is in the sky?).  This is a stunning, dark and brooding ship floating in the sky.  There is a background story but I’ve deleted the note, silly me, but in all honesty if your not into hard core RP then I’m sure no one minds if you mooch around enjoying the amazing graphics and design that has gone into this place but as a sign of respect to the amazing designers and people who do use this place to RP then dig out a suitable look and as long as you don’t bother anyone in RP mode I’m sure no one will mind.

Space dirt1

When you land you’ve given the choice to wear a hud and I would accept it.  It helps align you camera view so as you wander through the endless corridors or the cramped loading docks etc you’re camera angle is set to a great position.  The hud also is handy if you wish to throw yourself into the RPing aspect which I haven’t tried yet.  Don’t worry nothing dropped off when I wore it.

Space dirt 4

To get to the different levels you have to use a lift.  Click the lit panel on the side and it does take a little while for it to turn up and when it does you “sit” in the lift not walk into it.  Then click the panel to go to which ever level you wish to see.

Space dirt3This is not an “adult” RP but there are crew quarters and some fantasies can be played out in full (privacy not a guarantee though).

Crew loungeHonestly I could spend forever here taking photos and in this case I just sat on one of the stools (just out of camera angle) and admire the atmosphere.  This is the crew lounge and what you can’t see is the vast window overlooking stars and planets.

Space dirtThis is the AtaMe outfit which made me think of the Doomed Ship.  I’m wearing the non latex version because it is Lola Boob compatible and then decided not to wear the lolas for some reason. This is the Xendra Snow. A full leather look from the bikini to the leggings and arms. Chained necklace and belt complete the look. Blakc and white versions in the leather look but check out the other part of the shop and you will find the same design is wet looking shiny latex. I also couldn’t help but notice Milu Laval has now added full body tattoos to her shop.

Doomed Ship


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Freaking MAD

MadPea is as mad as ever in fact I fear for its SANITY!  I’ve used no Photoshop or vaseline to make this picture all grey and moody this is exactly what you see when you get there.

Some of the scenery is vast and awesome.

As far as I know you can walk down that gaping mouth and sit right on the edge.  Freaky and yet awe-inspiring.  MadPea is what Second Life is about.  Yeah Yeah Yeah I know it’s also perfect boobs and hair and sex BUT for a lot of people SL is about using your imagination to take you to places that wouldn’t/couldn’t exist in RL (or if they do then we would never be able to afford to visit).

Me on the “spider”

This is a landscape of vast moody desolation and although there is a fun fair the fun is drained by the moodiness.  A wonderful sim.

MadPea is a serious hunt interactive adventure.  I’ve done one of their hunts before and I’ve been  frustrated and overjoyed at the same time.  The pleasure of working out the clues and finding the prize is well worth the brain cells that you will sacrifice working out the puzzles however just look at the imagination that they use in their sims (yes they have quite a few).  In fact the last post off me was taken on their winter snowy scenes and again I didn’t use any special effect to get that white misty look. Lots of seating with lovely poses and props.  Perfect if you want to snatch a winter snap for your Crimbo cards (thats Christmas cards to anyone outside of the UK). So lots of hunts (brain cell killers) and lots of sims if you just want to walk around staring at the wonderful sights.

Page with all the hunts listed


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