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Fun & Free (hunt in a game)


I couldn’t sleep, so decided to log into SL and mooch for a while. Happily I found a way to pass a couple of hours! “Nowhere the last place you want to go” is a game and a hunt all wrapped into one. There is a small $50L fee for the Hud – which amounts to a few real life pennies – but I thought in comparison to some of those other games that charge upwards of $250L, it was great value. The game is fun, and quite easy really, when you land at the starting point information on how to play is readily available. Get your Hud and off you go! I found a LOT of prizes, everything from full outfits (as above) from Sakide, to skins,eyes & decor – SO worth doing!


Im not really one for ghoulish attire but I liked this applier for the skeleton head. Another outfit from Sakide plus a nifty knife leg holster. Took me about 1.5 hours to complete, but as I wasn’t feeling 100% I probably missed a lot of gifts and game play.


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Summer Festival – get fishin!

Popped over to the summer festival to try my luck  on the goldfish game…and I got crazzzzylegs lucky ! You can have 5 tries every five mins…I won this super mesh short sleeve sweater…various cute masks…this bag with food in it (comes with a pose) and theee cutest little decor piggies – only 6 prims ! If you want more pics of the prizes look here Virtual Vagabond  (thanks Space case!)

Summer Festival

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Deal em cowboy !

Ive been a busy bee today..setting up a new little cabin at home…with a deck..and table etc..and I wanted something for the table..browsed the market place and came up with this ! Its by Tartessos Arts and is currently on special offer for just 1L…looks great with the green cloth..ashtray, poker chips & tumbler of whisky huh? Whats really fun…is when you touch it..the card stack falls down…touch it again…and it reassembles…nice !

Tartessos Arts market place

psssst…if youd like to get a free wearable hand of cards…to go with this set..look what I found: cards