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A work of art.(New Mina@New Event? & Mention of Freebies)

This new Mina hair is at an event called “The Final Winter” which is most odd as Summer is here or at least that’s what people say but when I look out of my window it’s hard to tell it’s Summer.

I have obviously had fun with the editing but I know you know I always say try the demo first so you can try it and make sure it suits you.

I’ve just snagged the “The Final Winter” LM and on the notice board at the LM it says FREEBIES which are in the hidden dragon eggs so when I manage to get some more SLing time I’m dragon egg hunting.

I could be totes wrong but is this a “Game of Thrones” theme?  I don’t want to shock anyone but I’ve not only never watched an episode of Game of Thrones but DRUM ROLL…I’ve not even read a Harry Potter book and I am not ashamed to admit it.  I think the only reason it makes me think it is based on this show is that the length, braids etc and the way Mina Nakamura has styled this hair in her pictures suggests it to me but again I could be wrong….I often am.

PS.  Mina is usually so prompt in putting the demo hair in the “New” section and it is there but just not the image.  Go to the boards with all the new hairs and although the board is blank just click and buy the demo for 0Lds.  Chances are by the time you read this she will have put the picture up.

Mina’s Main Shop

The Final Winter

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Have a drink on me

Aphrodite - Daenerys drinks tray- Insipired on Game of Thrones

For any of you that love Game of Thrones, check out this new  Daenerys drinks tray from Aphrodite. Its inspired by the TV series and is a winner for any fans of the show. It dispenses a goblet of wine upon touch and comes in at a very nice 6Li. I’ve set mine out on my dining table but it would be fabulous on a sideboard or bar area too.

FREE bag in various colours ! Dollarbie Oriental inspired mesh dress - with Lola appliers

If you’re wondering about the pretty frock I’m wearing, it’s a dollarbie from the market place. The summer Oriental dress by Naka is truly a lovely item, browns and teal and golds make up the colour palette , simple but sweet (also included are Lola tango appliers – does anyone wear those now?!). My shoulder bag is a free gift form the Tres Chic event, it’s located by the free to join group board and you get a variety of colours.

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Tres Chic event

Naka dress