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Something to trifle with (group gift)

siss boom Gift Trifle FREE

If you recall the lovely little mesh tee I blogged about from siss boom, you might recognise the pattern that’s stitched right across the front of this group gift dress. I hopped over to the store and collected the latest group gift (group is free to join). It’s this sweet little silvery frock, it really does feel so twinkly ! The pattern is also across your rear, its subtle and delicate and I really like it. Beautifully done shoulder straps that fit very nicely, and two alphas to choose from for that perfect look. If you look closely you might also notice that I’ve gone back to wearing my Curio  skin “Simone”. I’ve been patiently waiting for monthssss for Curio to get some Slink Physique appliers out – no joy so far, but I missed its more grown up appearance so – horror of horrors I’m going without my mesh body *GASP* ! Yes I love my Curio skins THAT much – go try a few demos, bet you do too.

siss boom


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Tom’s Diner

Aphrodite - Coffee Tray NEW!

one of my all time fav songs inspired this blog post (Toms Diner here), when I’m in London there are a few American styled diners I frequent and adore. So here we go, enough rambling about me me me, and onto the gear. I have the Aphrodite special blends coffee tray balanced niftily on my hand. This is a new item and is sooper fancy especially if you’re big into entertaining. You can wear it as it has a waiter animation built inside, and if your friends click the tray they get offered one of nine specially blended coffee’s ! You can also rez the tray on a  table , bar etc, it’s not terribly prim heavily and is ever so pretty. The drinking animation is lovely and for added realism in main chat it even tells you how your chosen blend is made .

Aphrodite - Tea Tray

Another version is also available the “exclusive blends” tea-tray. Who drinks tea in a diner? Well ME ! This has a staggering fifteen blend options ! As with the coffee tray, you can also rez this on a  table if you wish or wear it with the waiter animation (just use ADD). My dress is from the new round of collabor88 from katatOnik. Such a brilliant repro of a waitress retro frock and loads of colours to choose from. My hair is by Truth, also at collabor88 anddddd last but VERY not least, if you’ve always wanted to try a Curio skin by Gala Phoenix, get one in this round. I couldn’t believe the price ! just 388L a pack, which includes ALL skin tones (no appliers), bloody marvellous !

Aphrodite main store

Aphrodite blog

Aphrodite market place store


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Party Girl (welcome back Gala !!!)

PiNK CHERRY Disco Chick Outfit  Pink - Curio Free group gift Party Girl MEGA pack

Oh la la…some days just get better and better and better…not only has Pink Cherry released this glorious “Disco Chick” mesh dress, but but BUT…Curio is back on the grid also *squeee*….To celebrate I’m wearing the new PinkCherry dress in an eyewatering PINK tone, plus the group gift from Curio the “Party girl” skin…which happens to have this purrrfect pink lipped version in the MEGA box you get given *faint*…all in all a VERY pink kinda day!

The Disco chick dress comes in oooodles of colours…so get over there and take a gander…it really wraps around you..and has a very daring low back (with some bum cleavage action going on ) The mega pack of skins is really…well…mega…all skin tones, different makeups…such a treat from Gala Phoenix to celebrate her return to Second Life after what must have been a horrendous time for her. (I wont drift into the story …but…well…Im not the only person who’s dammed relieved she’s back)

Sooooo HooooHahhhhh….hooooray!



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One Voice…is getting louder

Finally..I have a spare few moments to show you all my shopping from One Voice…Steve and I wandered back over there again today, as Swaffette Firefly had placed her donation items out from SF Design…(stock has been building up for a few days, each day something new !) I really wasnt sure if a Tux would suit me? I’m usually all girly twirly, butterflies and pink…but Steve was SO definite about it…sooo I went for it…and gawd..Iam glad I did…its incredibly sexy and feminine…which is traditionally a Tux is a mans domain…as we have come to expect with SF Design’s gear..this shouts quality alllll the way…a choice of items with a resize script, or not…and although I automatically chose the resizable parts…I didnt have to edit ONE single piece of it ! My hair is also from the One Voice event and is by Exile, its called “Break away” and is a classic up- do…it really was a no brainer that Id buy this…Exile very rarely release a new style that I DONT buy anyway…*grins*….

I’m wearin the Tux with another purchase…The Desire ankle boots by GOS…(although there is a mighty fine pair of matching stiletto shoes that comes with the tux also) This is my HAVE to HAVE purchase…no secret I adore all of Gospel Vooms work..and these boots are just to-die-for…you can change the toe caps to the gorjuss vamp red colour…and customise them in other ways to suit your mood…I wont be taking these babies off for a while !

One more purchase….and I just couldn’t walk by it…is this stunning black & white blouse by coldLogic…deeeeep V-neck with dangly ties…slit sleeves too highlight your shoulders…just perfect….looks great with the trousers from the SF Design Tux !

All of these items donate towards the One Voice fund for Gala Phoenix and her legal battle to reclaim her business in Second Life…and YES…the skin I’m wearing in all of these photos is by Gala Phoenix @ Curio… one of many I own and love…get shopping !

One Voice

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One Voice – YOUR chance to make a difference

Please read the following information…and if like enjoy all the wonderful items that creators make in Second Life… consider going to this marvelous event and supporting the cause as outlined below. (copied from the One Voice notecard)

“Curio’s Gala Phoenix is currently in the midst of legal issues which have resulted in her content being removed from the grid, pending the outcome of her legal battle. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) process in Second Life requires that when there is legal action taken against your content, Linden Lab will remove it from the grid until a ruling is made. Gala’s fellow content creators have come together to host a fundraiser to help with the enormous amount of legal fees she will have to bare in order to fight these baseless claims.

The fundraiser will be held from July 9-15 (now apparently extended for another week due to high figures attending yay!)

We’d like to thank all of the talented designers who’ve generously participated and agreed to donate some or all of the proceeds from their sales, and we’d like to thank everyone who comes out for showing their support.

Gos, Belleza, Glam Affair, League, Ingenue, Aura, OneBadPixel, Exile, Luck inc, A.D.D. Andel, Pink Fuel, Laqroki, Solange, N-Core, LouLou & Co, Body Doubles, IKON, Mon Cherie, This is a Fawn, Bare Rose, Wet Cat, Purple Moon, Indyra Originals, E! Apparel & Accessories, elymode, Al Vulo, Lust Shapes, Vanity Hair, Curious Kitties, Manna, Lassitude & Ennui, RC Cluster, Ducknipple, Saviore Fair/Aphrodisiac, *Anymore, DCD, BOOM, Lisp Bazaar, Flowey, La Petite Morte, Contraption, HOD, Divalicious, Ego Co, MINA Hair, RnB Furniture, Kinki Animations, Medley, Faerycat Designs, By Snow, Insationable Designs, Essences, ANNA Shapes, Delusions/Sweet Tart, Sakide, Nzuri, {me} Jewelry, Pulse Skins, CoLLisions, HANDverk, Chop Zuey, AlterEgo, SAX Shepard Designs, Blacklace, Bent, Amarelo Manga, Laura Hurley Skins, The Sea Hole, Toki-Doki, Mela’s, La Galleria, Culprit, Censored, Art Dummy, Zibska/Zibware, Razorblade Jacket,. Chandelle Designs, Ana-Mations, Prodigal, Wasabi Pills, Fri.Day, Holli Pocket, Liquid Honey, Don’t Freak Out, TuttiFruitti, Ever an Angel, cHelle, Shush, Adorkable, Virtual Insanity, Avisage, Blah, A and S Visions, Gorean Rose, Zwicked Textures, Candydoll, Burner Engine Works

A special thank you to Eku Zhong for her generosity in providing not just the venue

This fundraiser is not only to help Gala Phoenix, but to also take a stand for the community of content creators, for many of whom SL is their main source of income. This could happen to any one of us, and it’s necessary that we stand up and fight back to ensure that it doesn’t.”

One Voice Event – please dress down for this ..if you are wearing excessive amounts of scripted items – such as ao’s, boots,scripty wont get in! The event is now on for two weeks…its VERY busy right now…so maybe wait a few days to get in and SPEND!


For more info read here: